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  1. Hi mate, check out the underuns on my Bedford MJ pictures. They look like they are an original feature of the truck & are bolted on so they can be removed without any trouble. Your truck looks lovely, where did you get her?
  2. Your welcome - sorry i didn't see ya post earlier. Checked ya profile & still no pictures, would love to see the old girl. I bet she purrs like a kitten now! Where did you get her from & do ya know anything about her service history?
  3. Hi Mark, Lovely vehicles - I would like to buy the lot but unfortunately its all i can do to keep my old girl going. Regards Daniel
  4. Hi mate, if she is running OK I would leave well alone, she will keep on running for years! If you are determined, well here you go: Valve clearences (hot) inlet: 0.3mm (0.012in.) Exhaust: same as. Torque settings Rocker shaft bolts 58Nm (43 lbf ft) Cylinder head bolts 260 Nm (192 lbf ft) with lightly oiled threads. Have you got a picture of her - I will have a look now. Have fun Regards Daniel
  5. After having a word with my local tyre centre I have all my tyres at 80psi. Two years now & no problem with wear etc, 5000 miles & they still look as good as the spare. I think the higher pressure lowers fuel consumption. If I was to do some serious off roading I would probably half this. she weighs in just under 6000kg and has just breezed through the MOT. Have fun Regards Daniel
  6. It,s gonna happen lads, any way they can they can get another couple of bob out of us. I think every vehicle that uses the road should be MOT'd & though it cost me more money I thought it only right that I was made to place side and rear underuns on the truck. This is an important safety feature. It is the money they charge for the test that has me reeling. I just had my Bedford MJ/Camper MOT'd today in Ireland and was outraged at the price they charged me. It cost me 145 Euro's at the test centre who gave me a cert which I then had to take to the tax office, they took that cert & gave me another & had the front to charge me another 13 Euro's for the privilege. What kind of crap is this we must have MUG stamped on our foreheads? I'm waiting for them to slap a load more on the road tax now & me & my love (MJ) will have to part company. I just could no longer justify spending the money for the amount of use we get out of her in these increasingly hard times.
  7. Hi, I own a Bedford MJ & want to get some spares put away so as to be able to keep her running long term. I have been keeping an eye on the Witham’s website & there are a lot of good spares sold in batches that makes the individual Items very cheap, but nine times out of ten it's not worth me bidding as to buy the quantity would work out as much or more than buying the Item from the Bedford boys. (There is also a lot of spares we would have trouble laying our hands on and if we did need them and managed to source them we would end up paying through the nose for). I was thinking it would be great if we could get together and put money in the pot once a month to purchase spares. This way we are not bidding against each other & we can guarantee our vehicles future at a fraction of the cost.
  8. The proof is in the pudding! I have had an MJP For over 2 years now done 10,000k not a bother. She looks beutiful, lots of shows & lots of fun for all the family. Only outlay is fuel, oil & antifreeze. She is not fast, but if I wanted speed I would have gone for a classic sports car.
  9. Everybody makes such a big thing about the side bars on these vehicles, truth be told there is plenty o ground clearence as they are higher than the axels and around the same hieght as other gear fitted spare tyre, fuel tanks, generator & boxes for stowing gear - gas bottles, tools etc. You can fit removable side bars either by pin or bolts are no problem as you could remove them in double quick time as you have a connection for an air hose! If this is no good I suppose you could always extend the wheelbase and fit some monster truck wheels. You could reach the parts no bedford truck has gon before - I would rather take it easy sit back and watch that one and let the beers reach the parts. CHEERS!!
  10. Hi guys, in Ireland the rear under run & side bars is Jan '85. I was thinking that if you took off the flatbed and made your own fixings for a fiber glass box you could easily come under 7.5ton and the vehicle would perform better at the lower weight either off road and on sand or on the road and up hills! IT'S BETTER TO BURN OUT THAN FADE AWAY!
  12. Loggydriver, He let it go as an educational vehicle - shows etc. I have a com box on the back and I am fitting it out as a camper. This will not need one and will save me a pretty penny on road tax as well as being great for the family (trips/shows etc).
  13. Thanks Loggydriver - that clears that up for me! when ya man said Tacho I asumed it was a tacho - grath, I call a rev counter a rev counter so the manual was confusing the hell out of me! When the vehicle was tested as HGV it needed a tacho but managed to find an exemption that the tester excepted. Did anyone else have this hurdle or have some of the trucks got them fitted?
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