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  1. Out of curiosity, how much would a BRDM1 like pictured go for? Very nice pics btw, thank you for posting them
  2. Oh btw, maybe something people are interested in.. A picture of my dad in Dutch military service, early 70s: He used to do tank recovery, and told us tales about turning over tanks in Seedorf etc.. He disliked working on the Centurion, but loved working on the other stuff :-D Dutch military was famous for it's lack of hair discipline.. as witnessed here:
  3. Showers in the main building were incredibly hot as well.. First time was doable but the times I went after that I just stood to the side a bit..
  4. Pics sent.. Yeah we have evaluated this year, found some stuff to do better next year.. so we will do that Bigger and better. It will most probably be Afghanistan next time.
  5. No problem.. we have more.. would you like it if I PMed you the URL's to them?
  6. Some of the pics I made: View from the top of the Arena hill towards the living history field. Some pics from within the Arena: Neil's OT-90: View through the gunner's sight: On the inside: PKM at the display. After the crowd was gone:
  7. Thanks for the welcome. Next time will probably be next W&P, our team consisted of people from 5 nations who used W&P as a get together We are allready planning a lot for next year and learned a lot from this edition, next year will be bigger and better. We got a whole year of planning ahead of us so it should be good
  8. Hiya, My real name is Sander Vreuls and I'm a 22 year old student. I collect Soviet and Russian military gear in my spare time and I have an interest in vehicles and weapons of the eastbloc. I was at W&P 2009 as part of a Russian Naval Infantry display where I met Neil. Our group had the chance to ride along with his OT-90 and do a display as well. He also gave us the chance to drive a bit ourselves. I'm hope to one day own a military vehicle as well, though my current status as student makes that a bit hard. I also hope I can learn quite a bit from this forum and maybe dispense some knowledge about Russian stuff
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