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  1. I posted some of these before but now I have most of them done (just one I'm still editing).. T-72 moving around, one of the first days we were there. US Halftracks moving in the arena Variety of vehicles moving around in the arena and elsewhere: And then the main one I was doing it for.. sadly I had some audio issues so no audio from the actual clips. This is a video showing the displays our team did from Neil's great OT-90: I can recommend watching this at 720p.. Even though the footage is not HD.
  2. Various vehicles.. that was it from me so far, need to edit the team stuff now Sorry about the music, I had some dire straits under it but youtube went whining..
  3. Video on youtube (not mine): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DKMMBjrUos
  4. FW200

    W&P purchases

    Soviet APS Stechkin stock/holster with sling Soviet camelwool sweater Soviet AKM/Ak-74 bakelite bayonet Soviet Bayonet hangers Russian backpack to take all of my stuff back home Some cheap mattress, since the soil wasn't that nice for my back Gasmask I got for someone else
  5. Part of our team is arriving on saturday, hopefully in time to get in at the evening =)
  6. We're going with a small group from around Europe (6 ish), all dressed in Soviet VDV Afghanistan era kit.. no vehicles sadly
  7. Wooooooooops! http://fishki.net/comment.php?id=69437 There goes your SU-100
  8. Russian newsreport: http://www.1tv.ru/news/social/153849 More to come
  9. Pictures of the ones in a line are the ones used in "Lord of War"
  10. There are loads of pictures of practices for the parade out now.. They're going to throw a great show
  11. Here's a nice picture of T-34/85's prepping for the May 9th parade, should be lots of nice vehicles again this year! Link to bigger: http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a345/FW200/s1280x960.jpg
  12. Found this Russian sight for sale on a Dutch site: http://militaria4you.com/index.php?content=http%3A//militaria4you.com/artikelen.details.php%3Fid%3D2317 Translation: Anyone know what this is? If anyone wants it I can go pick it up offcourse..
  13. Yeah we were thinking about talking to Digby.. We've invited him to our team forum on RA (secret area), we also want to invite you but our admin is currently on holiday so access can't be granted at this moment.. One of us emailed with tanksforsale last year.. we were supposed to get the BTR60 or a BRDM, in the end we got neither. So I'm not sure if we want to go down that road again, I'm hoping for some private people who can help us out.:-D
  14. We had a discussion in the team, we think that the OT-90 might be a bit too big for the display. Making sure you can easily drive away with such a large beast is a bit hard as well =) Thanks for the suggestion though! Appreciate it very much :-D
  15. Hello all, last year our group went to W&P for the first time, with a display showing Russian Naval Infantry in Chechnya. We liked it very much and met some great people there! We also did an improvised display with Neil's OT-90 in the arena. This year we are going again and our display this year is VDV (Airborne) in Afghanistan in 1986. However we are looking at display options.. one thing that would help very much would be to have a vehicle on site with our combat stations around it. Does anyone know who to contact for such a thing or have any ideas?
  16. Probably won't have the cash for a tripod, but no worries, since it's shoulder it should be good enough. It's an oldy (1998) but the form factor means a lot to me. I also intend to do most shooting while cruising along in the vehicle if that's ok with you, what other way to show just how awesome such a vehicle is
  17. This year I'm bringing a camera.. big old broadcast shoulder one.. should lead to some good vids about the OT90
  18. Or dissolved the pilots when there was combat damage..
  19. Video of the OT-90: Excuse the horrible quality.. all taken with pocket camera's sadly. I wish we would have had a proper shouldercamera.. ah well.. got to bring that next year
  20. Very nice video, can go very fast indeed.. I was wondering.. what are the basic laws regarding tracked vehicles such as the sherman in The Netherlands?
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