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  1. What kind of cameras are we talking about? Motion, still, video?
  2. I think it's in the reenactment field is it not?
  3. FW200

    East meets West

    Lovely :-D How do you like the MT-LB so far?
  4. The Russians drop their BMD's with crew in them:
  5. As a fellow video guy I'm always interested what equipment others use So what's your preference?
  6. FW200

    I won

    We need pics of your MT-LB :-D
  7. Try to use the macro setting on your camera, it will help focus on small nearby objects
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arVVNiiSCrE use the [video [/video tag. (offcourse ending like usual)
  9. Finish school, get a job, go to W&P and have fun!
  10. FW200

    Fantasy Barn

    ZSU-23-4 BMP2 BMD2 BRDM-2 BTR-60 T-72 T-62 IS3 PT76 T-26 Something tells me I live in the wrong country to find such things.. ZSU-23-4 is definatly ahead on my wishlist
  11. Embedded Nice bumping at 1:00 Warsaw pact armour is so nice :-D Small, fast, nimble, reliable, noisy, cramped.. Great!
  12. Seems like a standard chicom chest rig. As the name says probably chinese but they have been made locally in quite a few countries.
  13. Something like that? Sorry I went a bit fast on the photoshop, took the doors with me (And I can't find hires pics of the version in the 2nd picture...)
  14. Real shame but should be weldable I suppose... What are you going to use as a new paintjob?
  15. Only 1000e for a UAZ van?.. Why oh why must I be out of a job atm :shocked:
  16. How about an UAZ 452 or similar? The prices for them seems to be pretty decent but what about the vehicles, are they any good?
  17. I'll rig up something for next year, some kind of attachment for a point of view camera. Hard part is that the OT vibrates a lot. That makes it hard for the types of sensors these small camera's use Allready got my new camera btw Just need some nice lenses for it.
  18. Good that you like it That was my plan for this year as well.. but didn't manage it.. Next year will be in Full HD (1080p), camera is here allready for that.. Will hopefully get a small point of view camera too that I can attach to random parts for the special "Top Gear" shots. We have another video up, of our team's general nonsense, not much in way of vehicles in this video but there are some:
  19. I'll take the shilka! :-D (If only..) They had some nice stuff, sadly rusting outside..
  20. Thanks! I hope next year I can do a better job.. looking for a new camera and tripod allready
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