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  1. Very nice! Hope they add more 360's of inside the tanks.. seems they have a great collection..
  2. Lovely! Where are the mudguards though
  3. Could it be one of these? http://www.russianmilitary.co.uk/news-story.php?id=1
  4. And then we have a video featuring Neil's OT-90. Sadly my camera really really did not like the vibrations so video wise it is a bit blurry. (In technical terms, CMOS sensor rolling shutter does not like fast movement..)
  5. 2 more videos Both 1080p25, so might be worth it to watch on youtube for full resolution.
  6. I guess this is the vehicle: http://www.visitestonia.com/en/multimedia/hiiumaa-military-museum So I guess we are right, another site also lists the museums inventory as having a BTR-70 and BRDM-2 Now all we need to do is buy one of these!
  7. Here is our Red-Alliance video, of the Soviet Afghanistan display on saturday/sunday:
  8. Is that an IS-3.. niiiiice! :-D
  9. FW200

    Top Gear

    I watch Top Gear because it's a lot of fun, it has some nice cars but isn't all about cars and most importantly to me, it's shot beautifully! The camera work and attention to detail is just superb! You can easily see that they have budget to do things properly instead of most programmes these days..
  10. RPG-7 bag IMP-1 mine detector Dragon 1:35 T-72 kit T-72 book by Steven Zaloga Some inert 5.45x39 rounds which I left at a friends place in the UK (for next year's show :-D) Also got an AKM safety firearm course for the Arena display :-D
  11. Leaving tomorrow for Belgium, from there on we'll leave on saturday and go on the ferry to the show Then a few frantic days of building the display ahead!
  12. That was a prototype with the 122mm that the SU-122 had basicly. This was what the normal T-44 looked like: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/28/T-44.jpg/800px-T-44.jpg And this was what the first production T-54's looked like: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/2c/Tank_T-54_in_Verkhnyaya_Pyshma.jpg/800px-Tank_T-54_in_Verkhnyaya_Pyshma.jpg
  13. Our group is going to W&P on saturday.. the only downside is that we'll miss out on Top Gear on sunday :cry:
  14. BTW, interesting to know that the Soviets were working on new tanks during world war 2 as well, since they were not happy with the T-34.. This is the prototype of the T-44-122 alongside a captured Panther, during trials in 1944: 965 T-44A tanks got built during world war 2 (25 during 1944 and 950 in 1945), The T-44A being similar to the one above but with the ZiS-S-5, the same 85mm cannon the T-34/85 got. The first T-54 prototype also was designed in later '44, with the first prototype built in february of '45... So like all countries the Soviets steamed ahead as well
  15. Our group is going again this year and atleast on the reenactor area they made a layout now. So every group has his/her plot and if you have anything left it will go to a smaller group. Which is a big improvement over last few years "well is this spot ok for you guys?, I'm sorry the rest is allready taken".
  16. FW200

    What to buy

    Well from that list I'd vote for the T-72.. (Though if someone would restore the ZSU-23-4 from Duxford that would be nice too) The one at W&P this year: http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a345/FW200/T72edit.jpg
  17. FW200

    What to buy

    T-72M1 or ZSU-23-4.. The 2nd is hard to find, but would be an unique piece..
  18. ZPU-2.. Twin 14.5mm KPVT's http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZPU
  19. I will be shooting footage as well, so if you need some of that just let me know.
  20. So far our group has about 16-18 people.. Bit more than last year! With people from the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, France, Sweden and the USA
  21. These are some video's from a youtube user, which seem to show these armoured vehicles before being put on a train and driven away to be shredded/sold. The last muscle flexing of a once powerfull army I suppose. This one is called "The last round", BMP being driven around at the trainyard. This one is T-72 on the road, and shows what it says on the tin Then 2 about T-55 and starting it: Racing around, BMP, BTR This one is called "Recovering scrap at Prora", and it shows them removing T-34 targets using a T-55 recovery variant. This one is "Last day of the BMP-2 at Prora" and shows around the workshop and one of the few BMP-2's the NVA had. This one is called "We also had something on wheels" and shows a BTR being driven hard And the last is T-72 in Prora, shows T-72 being moved and the workshop. Definatly worth watching them
  22. These posts were 4 years old :shocked:
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