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  1. My brother and I will be visiting the show.. while going to shuttleworth and RAF museum the days before.. After that I am going on to War & Peace :-D
  2. I hope you won't mind me asking, but do you know how much a BRDM-2 weighs empty and how much loaded (fuel etc)? Seeing as you had yours shipped I'm sure they've weighed it or so Wikipedia says 7700kg but not if that's combat weight or empty weight..
  3. If you check the location and the nickname, that is infact his vehicle
  4. I will be attending next year, same with the group I'm in, just as we have last year and a couple of years before that.. We will come if it rains, if it snows (that'd be a first I suppose) if it's dry and hot.. We see it as a week with friends from across the globe, running around in gear that we collect, seeing cool vehicles you only see in museums and buying stuff from the trading area.. The new site means less mileage for us, but even if it had moved in the other direction and added miles we would come, it's just a lot of fun :-D I do hope we get some Arena information in the following months so we can start planning our arena battle and hope it gets approved!
  5. Do you have any idea what's up with the ZSU-23-4 at duxford btw?
  6. Found these on milphoto: Some more here: http://shushpanzer-ru.livejournal.com/1345665.html Pretty interesting to see, after all the pics of VISMOD's to western vehicles to look eastbloc..
  7. 67 is a different beast than the 69 though.. Which is the one handler 69 is asking about
  8. Looked on wiki, seems it has the UK59 and a KPV.. UK59 is a slightly odd 7.62x54R machinegun the czechs used...
  9. 12.7mm.. Oldschool.. since replaced by the NSV.. which in Russian service is getting replaced by the Kord... KPV is the 14.5mm
  10. Our official video from the arena battle, the Soviet-Afghanistan battle Watch on youtube at 1080p for maximum quality!
  11. Thought those pictures looked familiar Had seen them on another gunrelated forum as well Nice toy!
  12. I'm sure Neil will be over soon but he said it was running a lot better now.. And the times he went out with it after that the marshalls in the arena had to keep telling him to slow down :-D The arena at W&P needs to be a bit bigger.. maybe a mud oval? :-D
  13. This is our first little teamvideo, not that much vehicles (though it has a bit of Neil's OT ) Something went wrong... For maximum quality please watch on Youtube at 1080p. Next video (Arena battle) is being edited now.. Mod Edit: Youtube tags added. Please use YouTube Tags when posting vids. Thank You.
  14. As our group is doing Afghanistan again a lot of sun is preferred
  15. Welcome I see on your site you have some very nice exhibits.. I should visit sometimes.. especially interested in the IS-3.. very good looking piece of kit
  16. They did however never field them in Afghanistan, maybe that's where the confusion came from.. They mostly used T-62's in Afghanistan
  17. Bad video quality but a nice piece of cold war information, definatly worth a watch :
  18. Looks like a PT-76 to me.. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PT-76 ) Compare the rear: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/90/PT-76-latrun-3.jpg/800px-PT-76-latrun-3.jpg What's the story behind it?
  19. Looks like someones fantasy to me..
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