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  1. Well there were battles with pyro, however, there was only one battle each day this year.. Previously there was a morning battle and an afternoon one Our group usually did 2, this year we only had one slot.
  2. Welcome There are many owners of Soviet and Russian vehicles here.. myself, I have a 1985/1986 BRDM-2..
  3. On mine, there isn't one.. So I determined the year from the dated parts.. Such as the fuel tanks, light bulbs, electrics etc.. That only works if you know that the vehicle is pretty much original..
  4. How is your German? NVA manuals can be found relatively easily..
  5. I bought my BRDM-2 there a year ago and they were indeed selling all post-war vehicles that weren't in Dutch use.. Quite a shame, especially since the new military museum in soesterberg has become quite boring as well..
  6. So in an ideal world you wouldn't use tires older than 7-10 years on a normal roadcar.. What if that's fairly hard to do because of the tires your MV uses? My current (Soviet era) tires are due for a replacement , the current set is in pretty much ok condition, new even.. but the vehicle has been standing for 15 years so there is a major flat spot which causes vibrations at 40-50 kph... I've found NOS ones, which are obviously still fairly old.. Is there a way to freshen up these tires before putting them on? I would not be doing any major mileage with the vehicle (~500km a year max to start with).. Very interested to hear some thoughts about it
  7. Probably because I don't have that much of a interest in WW2 (more in post WW2) I was not very impressed by the choice of Overloon to sell a lot of their post WW2 exhibits.. It means that there are no real museums with cold war stuff from both sides of the wall.. But if you are into WW2, sure they have some nice stuff..
  8. Another interesting auction on troostwijk is this one: https://www.troostwijkauctions.com/uk/ex-us-army-material/01-20904/ Some of the vehicles came from Overloon museum (they got rid of most non-Dutch postwar stuff).. Bridge layer, ZIL and UAZ are from there atleast, the rest I'm not sure yet.
  9. The ignition on the BRDM is actually 12v I think.. Why are you changing the block btw?
  10. Since the last post we got it going, headed to the testing station and blew up the headgasket while going there. Apparently there was a leak and all coolant dissapeared. So we've since replaced headgasket, replaced points, replaced fuel pump, cleaned fuel tank, replaced various oil and water lines, added cameras and multiviewer on HDMI screen, recored a radiator,replaced mechanical fans with electric ones.. Hopefully in a month we can see about getting it road registered again!
  11. Will be going, sadly without BRDM-2.. That will have to wait until 2016 Preferably if I can share a lowloader with someone
  12. Basicly, any Soviet vehicle meant for non-eastbloc export had English on pretty much everything. Including the radios etc.. So all arabic nations got English writing on Soviet vehicles..
  13. The red stuff you see is actually the original coating on the side of the tank.. It's not rust.. I have 2 original tanks that I removed from the BRDM-2 that had the coating in it as well.. (but no black goo). It seems likely they may have resealed the tank then? The two original tanks I had had surface rust and gasoline residue in them, so I decided to get another one and this one arrived from the czech republic. I did cut open one of the originals (rinsed it with water and put it on it's side full of water while cutting), to see how bad it actually was..
  14. Right, I got a used fuel tank (which was supposed to be ready to use..) a while ago, and it's filled with black goo.. I've tried various things to get rid of it, such as gasoline, diesel and terpentine.. Anyone know what would work? The fuel tank is from a gasoline vehicle
  15. I'm 27 and I've bought my first military vehicle (and only second car in total) this year.. a BRDM-2 from 1986 which predates me by a year.. It might not be as historic as some of the vehicles owned here but for me it definatly is.. It was built in a country that no longer exists (Soviet Union) , it served in a country that no longer exists (East Germany) and was meant for a conflict that never happened..
  16. Type 97 Shinhoto Chi-Ha? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Type_97_ShinHoTo_Chi-Ha Looks like the one in the picture.. Might also be another variant, I'm not fully up to speed on world war 2 stuff..
  17. Made some pictures but they came out crappy.. will make some new ones tomorrow..
  18. I have the NVA manuals And 17 training posters for it.. Will make a picture tomorrow.. It's currently not attached to the louvers anymore since they were not moving.. Got the rear ones and one of the 3 main ones moving.. just 2 left!..
  19. That's why I said most practical ... :-D I always want to be with 2 people when I drive it... with the other standing in the commanders seat to watch out for any danger.. Hope I can get it registered without problems though..
  20. I had the IR glass on there as well, but on that picture I only have the normal glasses, with the IR glass removed. I want to use the IR headlights as my high beam option with normal glass instead of the IR ones For driving around at events I can install the IR glasses back and remove the registration plate with lights.. It will also get sideindicators and cameras which can easily be removed.. The idea is to have the most practical and safe vehicle as I can on the road to events and restore it back to original once I get there..
  21. This is a video of us starting it... Choke was a bit stuck so some help to move it back was needed..
  22. Recently got a SPW-40P2 from a Dutch museum.. It was built in the Soviet Union in ~1986 as a BRDM-2 and then sent to East Germany.. It hadn't run in about 13 years
  23. Yeah the show definitely needs to come up with a solution for that.. Either close the show earlier and make the sunday show cheaper or something.. We had almost no visitors on the sunday to our Living History pitch..
  24. I was there for work, we provided the facilities for Canadian TV's remembrance at the Juno Beach Centre.. Sadly I didn't have time to look around much
  25. I would recommend getting the German (DDR) manuals as well for that reason.. They are a bit tricky to read because it's offcourse technical German as opposed to normal, but you could more easily translate that or have a native speaker translate it for you. Crosscheck it with an English one and you should be golden :-D A bonus is that the DDR ones are very easy to find and come with diagrams etc..
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