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  1. I see what you're saying there Richard, however it's evident that the 'new' track has better bushings than previously, I only say 'flat' as I suspect in a rush to put them on we may have got the pin one flat out in the hex, causing a 'bump' if that makes sense. I think our next course of action will be to measure lengths of ten links and try to swap them around to get exactly the same length either side. Bearing in mind it ran fine with the old track that was truly knackered I find it very strange that suddenly we should have problems now.
  2. Hello all, Thought I'd put a few questions to the collective knowledge of HMVF as we've been having some problems with our Spartan since replacing the tracks. The tracks we put on were not new but had far less wear than the ones taken off. With the old tracks the vehicle drove fine, no horrible knocks or bangs etc. Since having the 'new' track on the vehicle makes horrible bangs and jolts that physically shake the vehicle, particularly when taken over 30mph. The transmission feels as if it is under stress, and generally the vehicle doesn't feel safe to be driving along the road in! So far I have checked the usual, I have laid the track out on the ground and any suspect links that weren't sitting 'flat' were replaced. It has 83 track links per side, the idler arms etc. aren't bent, the idler hub bearings are okay, the alignment of all roadwheels/idlers/sprockets is fine, so surely all should be well? Regards, Mick
  3. i intend to sell my spartan shortly and collection of spares. i have a good take out gearbox to sell regards mick
  4. there are enthusiasts and dealers here in the uk who can sell you the parts you require. most parts are available if you know who to ask. good luck with the project mick
  5. we had same problem, caused by the little hole in the bottom of the master cylinder blocked with rust and debris. suck out most of the brake fluid to reveal the hole and clean it out. it then allows the fluid to return. an idea to tell you if the system is remaining pressurized and subsequently the brake lights are on is to open a bleed screw and release pressure and lights may go off. as you've identified the swith is pressure operated regards mick
  6. the range is the best place for the samaritans and any sultans they may have. the ugliest and most unloved of the cvrt range!!!!
  7. keep us up to speed with your progress mike, we are running the armstrongs and discounted the idea of changing to messiers because i thought it would be too complex. vehicles with the messiers certainly have far superior off road capabilities and better road manners and with the greater availabilty make it an ideal conversion regards mick
  8. we had the same problem with our ferret when we bought it, the engine oil in the gearbox looked like salad cream, where moisture emulsifies with the oil and the EP90 in the final drive was a rusty foamy liquid. we changed both and 3 years later both still look clean. I know the ferret had spent many years idle. It pays to check everything on a newpurchase regards mick
  9. i did mine with terry brooks, he is indeed near manston airfield near ramsgate. the course you follow at terry's is forgiving because only a third of it is proper highway, a third is old runway and the last third is quiet factory estate. dont worry yourself about the test, you just have to show you can drive a tracked vehicle with awareness. just swot up on the new highway code and current legislation and ask members on here what questions you may expect to be asked. as for maintenance on cvrt or 432, there is a wealth of material in the hobby
  10. try one of the specialist landy insurance firms via the off road magazines or NFU, to be fair, my mv insurance hasnt really rose much in ten years but my car and commercial insurance has gone up many fold regards mick
  11. get a cvrt, we seem to be having a flood of spares at the moment, im sure we will be saying the same thing however in ten years time regards mick
  12. this is my problem now- the transport thing, we had a local guy who had made a fortune but just liked to get out of the house and would transport our spartan for pocket money. sadly he has lost his hgv licience because of deteriating health so were stuffed to get to any shows that bit further away. I cap myself at shows maximum 40 mile round trip, to run a CVRT on the road probably costs all in £4 per road mile in fuel, tracks. oils, maintanence etc. wish i could find an enthusiast in the bedfordshire area who could help out on the transport side
  13. hi jack, we're up in mid beds, right on the A1, if you wanted to come over, I would be delighted to go over our spartan with you and give you a drive on the farmland near our unit. best regard mick
  14. we couldnt work out why our sprocket was chewing one side until we put a flat bar across our new style 2 piece idler and realised it was 30mm out indicating a severely bent idler crank. They do indeed take a lot of stress. We replaced the entire assembly with a good take off, everything now runs in line and perceptibly quieter regards mick
  15. we will be there with our sand and green ferret if the weather looks reasonable. we got soaked last year on the return journey, what an abysmal experience. Im never going to take the rise out of my mate simon with his girly ferret windscreen again
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