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  1. Thanks for that...they will be too small for me I'm afraid,as I say I'm 6ft3...much appreciated anyway.
  2. That's a nice workshop tent Nick....can I ask where you had it from please?
  3. Please has anyone got a 49 pattern blouse/Jacket in good condition.Not sure what size I need....6'3" tall with a 44 chest,38 Waist (Or both trousers and Jacket)....thanks in advance.
  4. Please has anyone got a Battledress Blouse 1949 pattern in good condition...not sure which size I need but I'm 6'3 with 38 inch waist and 44 " chest. Thanks in advance....not sure if there is a wanted section this should be in .
  5. Thanks very much for that...will have a look.
  6. Looking for an M16 replica please...or a current de act if not silly money. Thanks in advance.
  7. Ok thank s very much....when you decide let me know what you would want with the post.I'm mainland Uk. Barry.
  8. Please can anyone point me in the direction of an Indian made Solex carb for the Hotchkiss. Were always some on e bay,but as usual,when you' want one it's not there. Thanks in advance.
  9. Yes I know ...that's why I said "latest spec"
  10. Well more interested in WW2 really Chris ,and depends on what's missing.Thanks for the reply. Barry.
  11. WANTED....De Act in rough condition for refurbishment.Must be cheap,and latest spec with cert of course. Thanks in advance. Barry.
  12. Please has anyone got a deact that's not too much money...don't mind something rough/poor cond. Obviously must have de act cert. Many thanks in advance.
  13. Wondered if anyone had experience of Hotchkiss 24 volt not charging.Tried everything ....brushes all good and free....but still no luck.I have a feeling it may be regulator but not sure.In 15 years of owning it I've not known of a fuse related to charging ?? Would appreciate anything that may be useful.Thanks in advance.
  14. There is only one Dads Army Movie...it is the actual one,I restored it several years ago from an absolute basket case.It took me over 2 years.They are extremely rare now with under 20 surviving.There are C8's and C4's in more numbers. Hollywood purchased thousands of WW2 vehicles for films and wrote them of after filming,there were so many around at the time.
  15. Rifle bolt wanted for Steyr Mannlicher 1886 rifle please,or anything that I could adapt for show.If you have anything damaged or lying around in any condition,I would be very grateful. Also interested in any de- act if it's cheap !! Many thanks Barry
  16. Rifle Bolt wanted please for a Steyr Mannlicher 1886 rifle....or anything that I could adapt for display purpose. Would consider anything that you may have lying around,spare or damaged. Also interested in a de act ,if it's cheap !! Thanks in advance.
  17. Look on e bay,they are the same carbs...made in Hong Kong/China and superb quality.
  18. Hi Clive...should I fit any specific condenser on my Hotchkiss 24 volt please....can't seem to get her running right.Many thanks.
  19. Hi all....on a Hotchkiss 24 volt system,does it make a difference what condenser is used ?....thanks in advance.
  20. For my MJ,I bought a digital temp gauge off e bay for £3.99 (actually an aquarium temp gauge) it goes up to 120 deg C Drilled a tiny hole in a hose and pushed the probe in.It was Araldite'd and left in....was absolutely brill. I always had piece of mind on the temp.
  21. Is there any reason that a Landrover 24 volt elec ignition kit can't be adapted to fit a Hotchkiss ?....or anyone had a kit from somewhere other than Jolley (ie somewhere cheaper??) Thanks in adavance
  22. Can't seem to get to the bottom of poor running problem on my Hotchkiss.Un earthed her after a few years in the shed and decided to get the poor running problem sorted. Changed points,condenser,coil,fuel lift pump.....still won't rev smoothly...like as if it's running too lean.Will try and get her timed ,although no difference when I move the dissy about. Just hoping someone can hit on something I've missed maybe?....fuel is fresh and carb bowl full to right level. It's the Solex carb with the waterproof distributor.Have got good spark at plugs....gapped points and plugs 30 thou and tried them at 20. Thanks in advance for any help
  23. Thanks guys....have realised there is no vacuum advance.
  24. Thanks Nick Johns.....yes it's a vent pipe,just realised.
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