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  1. Thanks so much for the detailed photos, its a great help, Ill pass them on Hopefully he will post some photos of resto as it happens
  2. Hey there, a friend of mine is restoring a commer Q4 with workshop body (see photo of type) We would like some photos or details of the mounting between body and chassis. As the bodies of these Commers were transferred to RL Bedfords here in NZ in the sixties and the commers put out to pasture we have no intact survivors to check against. Other details such as spare tyre location and any other facts about stowage beneath the body would be good and photos are always great. I am hoping this beast still lives somewhere in the UK as it is exactly like the one we have here. Ours is an electrical repair wagon from what we can make of it. Any detail or help is appreciated Regards Steve
  3. Hi All, I'm in need of a set of handlebars for a James ML, as well as the gearchange mechanism for the side of the fuel tank, carburettor and mudguards. Any leads appreciated. Cheers, Alex
  4. The carrier is an Aussie built LP 2pdr Attack carrier. It's driven in the normal manner as with any LP Carrier. They moved the engine to beside the driver to make room for the 2pdr. The gearchange is a bit different, being behind your left shoulder, meaning you had to reach across your self with your right arm and change gears above your shoulder. Cheers, Alex
  5. Aussie and Kiwi track is wider between the horns than English/ Canadian Carrier track. Aussie/kiwi track is similar to Vickers Light Tank I believe. Not all Local Pattern track was lead plug, it can be rivetted too. There's a bloke here in NZ who is casting new Local Pattern track, in the early stages of testing it I'm told. I dont know why someone hasn't done the same with English/Canadian track?
  6. I have a 1967 S2a LWB Landrover, it was built as a Military Plant repair vehicle and contained a Tooley welder run off the centre PTO and sat between the front seats. It also had a 400 cycle diesel generator sitting in the bed of the vehicle which could be unloaded using a small davit mounted by the RH rear bumper, tools operated by the generator consisted of a grindstone type grinder, rock breaker, 1/4 inch drill, 1/2inch drill, knibblers, sheet metal shears, circular saw and rattle gun, stowage was set up on the wheel wells for the tool boxes. Does anyone have any information on these particular landrovers? There were three in service in New Zealand until the 1980s when the Stage One V8 landrovers came into service. Two are under restoration with the third in a fire engine museum in the South Island. Does anyone have any information on the Tooley Welder or Engineering Company?
  7. Were vals not silver inside like other British AFVs? I thought only American armour was white (apart from a short period when Britain was low on silver pigments so used white?) Or have I just answered my own question...
  8. Isn't this the one that got made for the movie "White Tiger" (or something like that) a while back?
  9. They're still bloody hard to turn when the brakes are hot! No matter how hard you yank on the lever
  10. The vehicle has been saved by a friend of mine and will be restored to it's former glory.
  11. 20 carriers were at the Year of the Carrier event, however only 17 carriers completed the 3.2km drive.
  12. The Carrier WorldRecord has stood for nigh on a decade now since2005 in Corowa, Australia. We Kiwis think it's time to take the trophy from the Aussies and place it onour mantelpiece next to the Webb Ellis Cup andBledisloe Cup. On January 16-18, 2015, the New Zealand Military Vehicle CollectorsClub are hosting an attempt to break the record at the Wings Over WairarapaAirshow. The record attempt will be part of a Warhorses display at the show, which willalso feature rides, section of WW1trench, and themed displays of soft-skinand other armoured vehicles. We aim to not only beat the record with numbers of carriers, but also with variety of models. Attending so far are 2 original Bren Carriers, Loyds, English andCanadian Universals and variants, andan example of each LP model and their post war militarymodifications (3" mortar, Flame thrower, MMG, 6pdr tractor) and others. We hope to see a few forum members hop over the ditch, or head down under, for a look! We will post more updates later. Keep Calm andCarrier On!
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