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  1. hi Doug thank you,this helped me. once i have her on,ill post some pictures. thanks all.
  2. hi Doug,i need to know where the side curtain rods fit in regards to the top bow bracket. do i just remove the middle bolt and swing it out of the way, and bolt the side curtain rod to the body? also how do i attach the two y bars to the windshield frame,i see how the y end fits over the front bow and is secured in the canvas/side curtain rod....but how do i use those s shaped things with the windshield:cool2:? thank you for any advice.
  3. hi everyone,i just got a new US Winter canvas top kit for my GPW from Worthing Canvas. it is great,excellent quality. i was wondering if anyone has this kit and a copy of the instructions. my kit was delivered without instructions. any help would be great. thank you. Rob
  4. the brake master cylinder on my 44 WC51 is leaking and needs to be replaced.my question is how the hell do you get to that one bolt,the other two can be easily removed,but that third one up near the frame is in one tight location. how does one remove that? thanks for any advice.
  5. that was fun to watch,thank you. now if we can only get civvy mechanics to work that fast lol.
  6. dumb question lol. is it possible to replace the entire wiring harness without taking apart the truck ?
  7. i think it is time for a new wiring harness. Tony when you say check the wiring,do you mean the whole truck or just the brake light wiring? thank you.
  8. i checked the brake pedal arm,it does not hit the engine support when released and the return spring seems to be ok. i did however find one of the two wires coming out of the switch above the brake line tee was frayed. could this be the cause of the brake lights turning on by themselves? sorry the pic is not the best.
  9. my WC51 has a post war Norweigan brake light mod just above the tail light. i noticed today when i was behind the truck unloading kit all the while with the engine and service lights on,that the brake light went on by itself. i went back to the cab and depressed the brake pedal and when i removed pressure the brake light went off. what could cause the light to go on without pressure on the brake pedal?:wow:
  10. just yesterday i got an invite to bring my MV,s to some local reenactor event and a car show. one of them is the Military Muster 2010. looking forward to it all.
  11. hi Tony sounds like you have had a lot of fun. thats the great thing about living in and around where so much history has happened. a dream of mine is to perhaps one day bring my GPW and WC51 overseas for a rally,i would love to take part at one in Normandy or Belgium.
  12. lol yes trees usually win, this truck made it through the War and 40 or more years in the Danish Army,so i will show a little more sense from now on.:-D
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