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  1. Andy244

    southport airshow 26/27 sept

    I may be there on the Sunday.
  2. Andy244

    GS244 Ready for test

    Well chaps, Monday was test day at Kirkham HGV test station and it sailed through! :yay:
  3. Andy244

    GS244 Ready for test

    In standard trim mine weighs 6100 kg, the only item not present when weighed was the bench seat from the rear, all the drop sides and the canvas were still present. I would imagine that the manufacturers plate weight of 6600 kg refers to the variants fitted with a winch and or tail lift. SV Tech told me of another GS they recently down rated that was presented for test with a weigh bridge ticket of approx 5500 kg, apparently it had been raped beforehand! :-D OK, I'm still under 2000 kg, but I have gained permission by making a statement of intended use, this statement coupled with the vehicles special historic nature gained the approval of VOSA to down rate and run without tacho. I shall be taxing it and using it as a private heavy goods vehicle. The minimum 2000 kg payload is not actually a legal requirement, it is only a VOSA imposed recommendation, therefore if you provide 'good reason' and make a written statement of intended use, permission will be granted. :drive: Andy
  4. Andy244

    GS244 Ready for test

    My 244 is finally ready for test. I have spent the last few weeks getting it prepared. I have down rated to 7.5 tonnes with the help of SV Tech. I have fitted side rails, rear under run bar and later spec rear marker boards. Apart from these modifications the only maintenance items have been a couple of bulbs and a replacement air brake valve. I am confident of a first time pass. Then, hopefully within a few days or so I will have the necessary paperwork to enable me to register and tax it, :-D just in time for it's first show at the 'Festival of Transport' on August 9th at the 'Leisure Lakes' in Tarleton near Preston. Wish me Luck! Regards Andy
  5. Andy244

    Hello! from West Lancashire

    I can't believe it's 17 yrs since the last one.:shocked: Mind you, it was a good do, I've only just cured the hangover! :sweat::-D Tarleton born and bred by the way. Regards Andy
  6. Andy244

    Hello! from West Lancashire

    You only 'get it' every ten years? :shocked::nono:. May I respectfully suggest that you trade her in for a younger and livelier model! :-D
  7. Hi everyone, just a quick introduction. I'm currently in the process of registering and downrating a Leyland Daf 244. I have found a few snippets of info on here and decided it was time to join in, so here I am.:-D My name is Andy by the way, if you hadn't already guessed! :cool2: