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  1. I have been tasked by a friend here in Germany to find any information I can about the Ferret 00 EC 26 that he recently purchased. Can anybody help?

  2. LOL, that's my Xmas present sorted then EDIT - I've already got that book but had forgotten it covers Fox as well - it sits in my Scorpion "library"
  3. The Fox turret has a smaller ring than a CVRT one and is not as high. The adapter ring therefore addressed both problems when fitting Fox to CVRT hulls as far as I know I have never seen any written reference to the Scorpion turrets being functional when fitted to Fox. I'm not even sure they were anything other than a way to get a turret back on a hull so that the dealers could then sell a "turreted" vehicle, bearing in mind most Foxes that initially came out were hulls only without engines and so hard to sell. Those Foxes still with Scorpion turrets are, I believe, either dropped on and loose, or fixed bolted in place and non functional film props (there was at least one such used in the Evita film "starring" Madonna) IMHO the book on Fox remains the contemporary AFV Profile series of which No 44 neatly covers both Ferret and Fox . Obviously without the benefit of a historical perspective looking back at them now. (AFV Profile books are sought after and can be expensive, I won't post a link to those on sale in case you think I'm touting my own, which I'm not as I'll never sell it ) this is a generic non sales link: https://www.librarything.com/work/2093915
  4. agreed, spent this afternoon trawling the net and have identified 32 so far, plus the 2 hulks shown on FB, but I suspect there must be more than the 5 I've got so far in the USA and is there really only 1 in Aus/NZ . Don't suppose you still have your list to compare notes to? I need to fill in a few VRN on those I know exist but not their numbers (eg museum ones)
  5. The Facebook group is more to do with ex crew reminiscences, there are very few current owners who post on it. Good for in service pics though and some excellent tales. if you include those in museums/gate guards there must be many more than 20 survivors
  6. not easy to find, can you provide a link please
  7. thank you, was not aware of him. Let's see if he replies...
  8. there are 2 ways to find your own content First way (after you log in) on the main screen on the left hand side beneath the HMVF logo there are 2 menu bars. The top one has 4 tabs: browse,. ACTIVITY, store, support. Click activity and the rest should be self evident. Second way - hover your mouse over your own name on the left hand side of the post I have quoted. So hover it over Kufra Kiwi - a pop up window will open and on the very bottom row of that window there will be 3 options: message, ignore user, and FIND CONTENT - click on find content and that will take you to a list of every post you ever made on here (ie as at the time I posted this you have 59 posts). - on the left hand side of that screen is a menu. Note that one of the options is called "Forum" and under that are 2 options: "Topics" and "Posts". Topics obviously being threads you started yourself and posts being all 59 of your individual posts
  9. yes I had already sent an enquiry to Past Parts before starting this thread on here, sadly no reply as yet.
  10. spoke to them today. very friendly chap, he remembered "the tank" from a long time ago but sadly is unable to help as he says the company that bought out Lockheed's parts and with whom they still deal no longer has such old ones
  11. yes, but small problem - that is the kit I have already purchased and is from the con artist who is supplying the wrong part in that kit. The only thing "correct" about the seal he supplied is it is rubber and is 1 1/2 inches in diameter. It is an entirely different shape and given the application is in the brake master cylinder, I do not trust it to work correctly as the piston in the cylinder engages with the raised "pip" on the Lockheed seal - the one he supplied is completely flat and there is nothing for the piston to engage on, let alone the absence of the raised central "dome" impacting the distance of travel for the piston which "dome" presumably having been designed for such reason ?
  12. yes i am aware that my Fox runs on oil not brake fluid
  13. yes Richard, that is where I got the part number from, but they don't stock that one, hence my reference to having searched on google first
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