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  1. Toner: Wow, the stallion is pretty impressive, I found it when you first mentioned the Jordanian Ferret, but it is hard to believe that it was originally a ferret, it looks like they removed all of the hull but the base, and completely re-worked the whole thing. Now as for the Jordanian Ferret with the recoiless rifle, I wish it said more than "four cylinder diesel" in the engine description, but that would be too easy.
  2. fadedsun: First off, thank you! Second, well I'm from the Tampa Bay area (Pasco county if you recognize that). But I wont be there to stay for another 2 years (when I get out of the army). Although if you could PM me the contact details, I would be very happy to look into it. As of right now, I will be living in Tennessee until I get out. Deuce: Thank you for the info, that does make me a little more hopeful than I was before. Maybe ordering from the UK won't be so bad after all?
  3. Thanks Chris, I understand the challenges and hurtles involved, and I certainly would be interested in upgrading the breaks as well. I understand that BHP isn't everything, I was just saying that was all any one else mentions on information sites about the vehicle, so thank you, I have a better picture of the B60 now. Honestly I would prefer to start with a gutted rolling chassy (ok, I would want the drive train parts installed as well) if I could find one for the right price, or if I could find any at all! I don't want to destroy a historic piece, I want to revive a dead hulk that would otherwise rust away, and breath new life into it. Consider my wife and I signing up to design the Ferret 2000. Same great design, same great look, but revived in a way that would make it relevent on the battle field once again... I don't mean to step on any ones toes here, I don't clame to be a historical restorer, then ignore the history, I am what I am, and I can never leave well enough alone (for better or worse). Thank you all, I do appreciate the imput.
  4. Hello again, sorry about taking so long, we have been swamped with phase maintenance (they're flying the hell out of the birds). Deuce: So if the vehicle runs, the seller hands the keys to the guys on the dock, they drive it onto the ship for its ride to America, then they drive it off and put it into a yard until I (or some one else) picks it up? Joris:Thanks for the welcome, and as for your screaming ducks, my screaming chicken is highly offended :rofl:
  5. Wow, thank you for the prompt responses! Topdog: I am looking into this for a real one (if I can find what I'm looking for in the US). The measurements that I am looking for are the dimensions of the engine bay, as well as the measurements for the bolt pattern for where the engine bolts to the transmission. Thanks for the offer for the CD, if you find it, send me a PM (and sorry about your, ummm, fingers?). sirhc: I know, you don't like the idea I have in mind, but right now that's all it is, just an idea... How much Torque does that engine put out any way? I keep seeing the horse power (which is dismal) so maybe seeing the other half of the picture might put things into perspective for me?
  6. I am rather new here, and considering a ferret project. Does any one here have any detailed pictures of the bolt pattern on the engine bell housing, or the transmission, as well as pictures of an empty engine bay (measurements would make you a god among men)? Also, does any one have information on the gear ratios for the vehicle? I am still hunting for a place to get them in the States, we'll see how that one goes. :cool2:
  7. Well I've been emailing around like crazy (places in the UK as well), and I've only gotten a reply from one place in the US: Virginia Museum of Military Vehicles. They asked when I would be getting back, and they'd see what they could come up with... Then no reply to my answer. I guess I'm just a little antsy, I don't like planning a project without a good idea of price. I don't even know if I want to find out how much shipping from the UK would be on a Ferret... Although apparently the wife was supporting this idea without even knowing that it can be registered and driven on the road... So she's even more excited now thinking about picking up groceries in a tank. I'm just a little flustered I guess.:computerrage:
  8. Well, let me clarify then, to help narrow things down. I am working on a tight budget (under $10,000). I want a wheeled vehicle so I can drive it on the road. I am not concerned with availability of accessories like original coms. or shovels. I am interested in ease of engine conversion -if this hasn't been done yet, than I'll be the pioneer then (and the main concern becomes space in the engine bay). I would like for the vehicle to have fairly decent off road capability -rules out the pig, unless I'm mistaken. I am able to do a variety of mechanical work as well as fabrication, but I'm not looking for a project that will take over a year to have it running and in good shape (I know these projects are never finished). Thanks for the warm wishes every one!
  9. I am serving in the US army, and am currently deployed to Afghanistan. I am a 15B (helicopter power turbine engine mechanic), with a background in fabrication before the army, and a penchant for modifying anything mechanical that I sit next to for too long (and I married a physicist/mechanical engineer). I am interested in buying my first wheeled armored vehicle when I return. Since this will be my first, I am looking for some advice on what would be good to start with (I would like an APC, although I am partial to the Ferret).The good news is that my Wife is supporting me in this, and rather likes the idea (she suggested a tank in all seriousness just to keep me from buying more firearms). The bad news is that while I am over here, I don't have much time to do research. :sweat:Now here's your excuse to hate me: historical accuracy is not my primary concern, I am not a stickler for every fire extinguisher and every shovel being included; for example, I am looking into weather there is an easy(ish) engine swap for the Ferret to increase its speed/power. My main concern is functionality, which is why I admire these vehicles as much as I do. I am also amazed at how easily these vehicles are upgraded to fit in among vehicles less than half their age. I also don't mind a fixer-upper that isn't too far gone, if the price is right. Is there any place that any one can recommend in the USA to do business with? Are there any tank bone yards like they have for the aircraft? Thank you very much for your help (and for even reading all of this), :coffee: SPC Davis, Nathan Dco 4/101 TF Wings
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