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  1. 44GPW

    GPW Workshop

    Please join my Facebook group for regular updates and examples of the work i carry out. Thank you.
  2. 44GPW

    GPW Workshop

    Hi all, I just want to make you aware of my new venture GPW Workshop. I Repair / Restore / Service most mechanical and electrical parts for Willys MB, Ford GPW and Hotchkiss Jeeps. Complete Engine rebuilds, Transmissions, Axles, Generators, Starters, Steering Boxes etc. Complete Servicing. Friendly and reliable service at competitive prices. Coming soon vehicle door to door collection and delivery service. Please join my Facebook Group GPW Workshop for regular updates and examples of my work.
  3. 44GPW

    Mystery Object

    Thanks all. So £5 well spent then?
  4. 44GPW

    Mystery Object

    Bought this today and have no idea what it is other than its an electric motor of Military origin. Somebody has gone to the trouble of mounting it on a bit of Oak!! Any ideas anyone?
  5. 44GPW

    Jeep Speedo restoration

    Hi Dave, yes I did, I used Speedy Cables as suggested. Took about 6 weeks but very impressed with their work and fairly reasonable prices.
  6. 44GPW

    Dennison Smock repro wanted please!

    Thanks but only really need it for my trip to Arnhem next month.
  7. Full Zip version size 3 or 4. Anyone got one they want to sell? Thanks Richard
  8. 44GPW

    Mike Parsons from Milton Keynes

  9. Anyone on here know Mike? I need to contact him but the email address and mobile seem to be out of date. Thanks Richard
  10. Hi all, I need some info on likely details that would be found on a wartime British oil barrel? I have a 40 gal, painted black for my REME display and want to add some stencils. Appreciate any help. Thanks Richard
  11. 44GPW

    Jeep Speedo restoration

    Thanks Diana, exactly what I was looking for. I've contacted them and will be sending my Speedo's for evaluation. Thanks again. Richard
  12. 44GPW

    Jeep Speedo restoration

    Anyone know who does these in the UK please? Thanks Richard
  13. Looking for an original pair of British 3rd division sleeve patches. Thanks.
  14. 44GPW

    Jeep Distributor

    Any Jeep distributors out there available for sale please? Thanks Richard