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    Royal Enfield war production description

    Ooops - the link got truncated and I didn't check it after I'd posted it.... Try: http://gpoclocksystems.byethost22.com/misc/proud.pdf I had referenced it in a separate posting about generators on the Trailers, Plant & Equipment section, and it was correct there, but got messed up in the meantime. Not sure why the WWII war diary of Royal Enfield is on a website about GPO clock systems, but it's there, so don't knock it! Not a lot of detail there, but some interesting photos. Chris
  2. I was looking for info on the 80W lightweight charging set via Google with Enfield Cycle Company as part of the search term and came across the following link: http://gpoclocksystems.byethost22.com Not sure if this is widely known about, but it has limited details and photos of Royal Enfield war production, with some details of Flying Flea and WD/CO bike production. Thought it might be of interest if you haven't seen it before. Chris
  3. By 'google accident' I came across the following description of what Royal Enfield had produced during WWII - motorbikes obviously, but also aiming equipment and generating sets - there is a page relating to the 80W Lightweight Charging Set, of which I have a couple, including one marked ECC. At least this confirms that the ECC stands for Enfield Cycle Company... http://gpoclocksystems.byethost22.com/misc/proud.pdf Not sure why the site has it included, but thought someone would be interested. I will post the link in the motorcycles section as well Chris
  4. Hi from Belfast - I don't have any vehicles, alas, but have a reasonable WWII British Signals collection. Have been lurking particularly on the British Wireless forum, but thought it was time I contributed. I'm an electronics designer in my day job, working on automotive electronics. As an aside, my dad was in the Royal Engineers from 1944 to1948, most of which he spent at Tel-El-Kebir garrison in Egypt - I have his photo album, so must post some pics from it in due course. Best regards Chris
  5. ChrisC

    WANTED - Tannoy Transformer Socket

    Tim - PM sent Chris