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  1. Yes, thanks again for your help. I had asked many 'knowledgeable' people about the problem over the last two years to no avail. I posted the original question more as a last resort. I hope our paths cross one day. Jeff
  2. Hello Pete, I expect you thought I'd fallen off the radar! sorry about that. I did as you suggested ie jacking it up and giving the splines a gentle shot of WD 40. It stayed like that for about a fortnight until I could let it down again having not been at all well with chest problems. Anyway, today it was pleasant enough to get out to the garage and try the jeep up and down the drive. Sir, I owe you a drink as said jeep was silent when letting the clutch up (several times) You can't know how good this made me feel as I'd resigned myself to taking the engine out to remedy the fault. I hope it solves the problem, but if it does it again at least I'll know a cure even if temporary. Thank you again. I hope others can benefit from this knowledge.
  3. Thank you Pete for explaining that to me. I definitely believe by your descriptions that you've hit the nail on the head. I shall get this looked at using this knowledge as soon as possible and will report back my findings on here. Here's hoping for a good result. Thank you again. Best regards, Jeff'.
  4. Pete, thanks for that, I have my suspicions that it might be that as I'd never heard a thrust bearing make the noise in question. Is what you refer to called a 'spigot' bearing? I assume that to do as you suggest access is gained via the bell housing inspection plate? I apologise for my lack of knowledge on these matters but I spent most of my working life repairing and painting motor vehicles, clever people did the mechanical stuff! 😊 Thanks again.
  5. It's a relatively new problem Pete, probably caused by lack of use. Restored a few years ago but only done a very low mileage. The sound is similar to a U Boat Klaxon!! (Stop laughing at the back there) Jeff
  6. Help! When the clutch pedal is let almost up after engaging first gear with engine running there is an loud 'graunching' noise. It goes as soon as you move off. It doesn't do it after you've driven on, nor does it do it when warm. I've heard thrust bearings make a screeching sound when dry, but that is usual when the clutch pedal is pushed down. There is no sound when pushing the clutch pedal down or letting it up if it's not in gear. Anyone had this problem?
  7. OZITIM, could I copy the photos' of the Hunters to re post them in the Hawker Hunter Appreciation society group on FB? Jeff
  8. Yes gas 44, and you only need two of them! Jeff
  9. For that money I think I'd want a set of correct wheels etc. Jeff
  10. Thanks to those who helped with my question, much appreciated. I have no desire to sell my own jeep but was having a bit of trouble getting my insurers to believe that jeeps have been sold for more than £20,000. I couldn't believe that someone paid that much for a jeep that appears to have the wrong wheels and a strange paint job! Thanks again. Jeff
  11. Can anybody help with a copy of the page from 'Classic Military Vehicles' mag from sometime last year (2013) that had a report on a restored jeep that was sold at auction for over £30,000? I believe it was finished in Navy grey but was marked up 'Marines' It was also wearing Hotchkiss wheels. It was on the page that reports on sales and asking prices of vehicles.(before the 'for sale/wanted pages) Thanks for any assistance with this. Jeff
  12. Looking fantastic Howard, love both pictures (old and new) Jeff
  13. Welcome mate, I have a close friend who has moved out to N.Z. taking his jeep with him, and he loves it there. He says there's quite a large military vehicle following where he is. (Takanini) Jeff
  14. Have'nt spoken for a while Howard, but I just have to compliment you on the quality of your workmanship, inside and out. Wonderful stuff. Jeff
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