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  1. Thank you for the information Adrian. Tim
  2. Good Evening, Would anyone know what this periscope would fit. Thank you for any help. TG
  3. Hi Adrian, Yes it is. Message sent to you. Tim Gillies
  4. I came across this artillery sight. On the rear side is a C and arrow. I believe it reads RI-5-43. The stampings are very hard to read. There is no glass in the top tube. It read 300yds, 600yds 900yds. Traverse was 2 Degrees left and right. It searching for this online its possible its for a 17pdr. A friend thinks it maybe for an 18pdr. There is a retangle wire site at the end as well. The pictures aren't the greatest. Any ideas gentlemen? Thanks for your time. Tim Gillies
  5. Thank you both for the responses. Gustaf if your interested in getting an FWD project going, send me a PM and I can suggest a couple projects for sale. They are out there. All of the ones I know are without an engine. It took the better part of 4 years plus finding mine. My information for FWDs are ones found in the USA. Captain Rlangham, thank you very much for the tip on the book. I just ordered one from ABE Books after reading your email. That's the exact truck I would like to rebuild mine as. Tim Gosling has been very helpful with pictures on British used FWDs. The book might shed light on tools the trucks carried such as artillery tools, camouflage netting and more. The HMVF Forum is a great exchange of information and contacts. Its really an amazing slice of the internet. TG
  6. More Pictures. These parts were cleaned with molasses. It’s something learnt off the internet and seems to be an Australian method of de-rusting parts. It works great and has its purposes. The radiator fan for example with its sheet metal blades would have warped with sandblasting. The pulley in the assembly was dipped in molasses to get the interior cleaned. I did not want to harm any machine surfaces. The engine components are going to be painted with black engine paint engine.A new shaft was made by my friend for the pulley assembly as the original one was worn.
  7. Thank you guys for the encouraging words. This is a bit random but I thought I’d add some pictures of parts from the paint shop. The first batch of paint I had made up came out greener and lighter than I had hoped for. The sample I use to get my sample for was from an original Brodie helmet dated 1917. The auto paint supply shop used a section of the inside of the helmet that had not been dulled over time. A 2nd batch of paint was corrected and mixed and was spot on for my tastes. All of these pieces were sandblasted and painted with epoxy primer and paint. The leafs in the picture are from the centre rear leaf spring.
  8. Good Evening, I have posted a little on here but not too much. Myself with the immense help of some good friends are restoring an FWD Model B from the remnants of over 2 trucks here in London, ON, Canada. I have assembled a fair amount of parts but still looking for a few items. Awhile ago there was an FWD posted on Ebay out of Flint Michigan USA. This FWD we were told had sat in the wrecking yard since 1929. I eventually purchased the remains of that truck as a starting point. The engine had been removed. I purchased a very good frame and package of parts from Don Chew out of Colorado, USA. Don has been a great help in figuring out the FWD and tips on restoring them. Don has restored a 1918 FWD ammunition truck along with about 30 other trucks. The next major purchase was a Wisconsin T Head engine from truck collector, Leo Franks in Wisconsin this past March. Now we are starting in earnest to clean parts and work towards a rolling chassis. A local shop is helping me with that. I have met some very good people along the path of the project. Don Chew has been a great help and so was John Vanden Eyn who recently passed away and restored the FWD Model B in New Mexico. Over the internet I met Tim Gosling who has help me tremendous along with his brother Steve and father Tony. With Tim I went to the Land Warfare Hall at Duxford and crawled all over their FWD and measured their FWD. This particular FWD is a great example of a British/ Commonwealth used FWD. It seems one of their main tasks was to pull the howitzers. It is one of these trucks I am restoring my truck to represent. This forum has been a great assets not only in restoring & repairing parts but the contacts. Its been great learning about these trucks and vehicles in general used during the great War. I’ll post pictures as best I can of before and after along with the trucks progress. Hope its of interest to some folks. TG
  9. This link might be of interest. Its a digital copy of a Ford Times Booklet on Model T ambulances in the Great War. There is a variety of rear body styles. http://www.mtfca.com/books/ford_times.htm
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