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  1. Hi, Lots of more knowledgable people on here who I am sure can give you more accurate info then I can, but I believe this is 1950/60's era mount, used on Saladin (commanders MG mount) and early Mk1 Ferrets. Not many around that I have seen, don't really know what price to put on it these days, would guess around the £200 mark? Cheers
  2. Hi Laurence Sounds like a good place to B&B! Beware of taking bookings from Ferret owners with mechanical (and associated emotional) problems! Do you off road the Ferrets? would be interesting to hear how you think they perform.... Cheers.
  3. Thanks for all your replies, I am still confused that it seems this 1/2 had a 30 cal, especially as it was DIS 1966, so quite a late model - would have thought GPMG would have been the weapon of choice, but I suspose thats the military for you! Pass the WD40 and a cup of tea, I'm off to the garage..... Cheers
  4. Thanks for the encouragement - although I might need to come back for some more........ it was registered as 00EC94 and spent its life with BAOR - got sold off through Withams in '93 and was used by a guy to bang into things and collect rain water on a farm. After I took these pictures I sat in it and made brumm brumm noises and felt it was money well spent........ ps. Just out of interest, anybody know what a vehicle asset code change from 0120.4120 to 0122.4120 in 1979 on the registration card means? probably not very exciting, but I like to know these things!
  5. Well, you asked for it. Here are some pictures of my Ferret to hopefully make you all feel better about the state of your vehicles, new front wings anybody? (at least it makes it easier to work on the suspension.......) Scott
  6. Thanks for your reply - interesting! I always liked the idea of modifing the standard browning 30 cal mount with the extended firing handle to fix a 1/2 ferret pintle mount but though it might me a 'field modification' too far!
  7. Hummm, posting a picture would give me a reason to take all the tarpaulins off.... if it stops raining long enough I'll see what I can do - I could always post a picture of the bottom of the offside rear bin that fell off last time I uncovered it :cry: Cheers
  8. Hi, To my knowledge early Ferret 1/2's were fitted with Bren's on thin post pintle mounts, and later ones had the bigger post GPMG's. However my vehicle reg card states '.30in MG' in the NATO designation box - is this just another way of saying GPMG (7.62mm = .30inch)? Anyone ever seen browning 30 cal mounted on a 1/2 in service? Cheers
  9. Just a note to say Hi to everyone, and thanks for all the information and laughs I have had from these forums before finally getting around to joining! I am the proud owner of the sadest looking rust bucket Ferret 1/2 you have ever seen..... I'll restore it one day just you see!
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