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    Collecting formation signs, AFBsand TRFs, also Qual badges.
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  1. Right, I will dig some out. Most of them will be MP related. Martin.
  2. Thanks for the correction folks:-D
  3. Hello all lovers of The Pig, Here is my contribution to the photos. Lots of MPs but nevertheless there is a Pig of sorts there in the background. Sorry the VRN is obscured. This particular model was the 1(BR) Corps Provost Company, Royal Military Police, Bielefeld, Command Post c 1968. I am the Sgt in the centre of the picture. I was told by my boss to stand next to it and look important. I told him that I knew nothing about the damn thing. He said that should I be asked a question about the CP just bul.sh.t my way through and cough a lot! As it happened the Brigadier was not in the slightest bit interested, just wanted to get away for a G and T. Happy days. Martin.
  4. Mark, Thanks for that but no :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay: in my shed:nono: Thank you for the welcome, looking forward to joining in from time to time. Martin.
  5. Greetings to all Forum members. I am not a proud owner of any type of Military vehicle, worst luck. I just do not have a place to keep one except perhaps for the Padre's push bike! I do however have an interest in things military. I am a collector of cloth badges worn by members of the British Army from WW2 forward to the Tactical Recognition Flashes worn by The Army of today. I look forward to seeing some great posts on the Forum. Glad I found the site which looks very interesting from a old soldier's point of view. Martin (aka ORISKANY)
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