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  1. Great Job Jeremy , The trucks looking great ! Well done ! Looking at your Jack extension block - Do you know anyone who has a spare as I need one and also a cranking handle and Petrol Dip Stick for an Early MWD? Cheers Glynn
  2. Hi , Very Nice Guy Quad Ant and very complete and original by the looks of it - There are generally two positions for the Speedometer on the Guy Ant Trucks - One is on the main central flat panel where other gauges exist or another is to the left of the steering wheel in a small box as per Tobins picture - Didn't understand totally why they did this as you can barely see it whilst driving really ? I love the truck as it doesn't look as if anyone has messed with it since the war which is a rare find these days !! Restore or preserve The truck is great !! Rgds Glynn
  3. Cracking footage of a rare truck indeed as there's not much info out there about them to be fair so it's always good when new pics or footage emerge esp when there is only one truck left out of the 401 made by commer over 70 years ago !
  4. Hi Mate Just to put your mind at rest my 1940 Cs8 A/T is painted Service Brown and I have a very original 1939 Morris CS8 GS which is still in its original service brown too So not all CS8's are shiny green Hope this helps
  5. Hi does anyone know or can anyone point me in the right direction to finding at least one Lucas Type L206 sidelight unit complete but preferably a pair they are of all brass construction with a frosted glass lens approx. 3" o.d and 21/2" deep - They are smaller than the later rc330 types used on Morris Commercials etc . I am also looking for parts for Lucas Model 135 headlights = Any help would be much appreciated Thanks Rgds Glynn
  6. Hi Ian , I don't think I have a spare drum at the moment - I know I did have some spare bits for the trolley but will have a look around - They do come up every so often so I will keep you informed cheers Glynn
  7. Hi Tim , These were produced in quite large numbers during the war I believe - I have restored a couple of these for folk in the past and have so far seen three different versions . Two of which are literally only different in the design of the lifting handles - One set are solid flat bar in construction while the other set are of a wire construction . The third variant is a very early version which had solid metal spoke wheels with no tyres on them . All look as if they may have been based around Austin 7 hubs and wheels (Although as yet I have never tried the wheels on my Austin , so don't hold me to that!). They all take the standard large Cable Drum , complete with the cotton braided D10 cable and are supposed to have been used for laying lines of communication out between positions etc . One set of handles fold to allow a more stable position when winding in or reeling out and each barrow was equipped with its' own box key in a holder and was supposed to carry a spare spindle shaft . I have the early steel wheeled version and one rubber tyred version in my collection - I am not sure of dates of production but seem to think the steel sheeled version is dated 1940 . I will try and think on the get a pic of that one and post it up. Hope this helps - Rgds Glynn
  8. Hi Tom , Yes instantly recognise the picture as being from the now sadly defunct Grange Caverns Museum in Holywell , North Wales - A place of significant interest as it is where they stored the Bouncing bombs prior to the Dambusters raid on the Dams in Germany . The truck is the 15cwt Guy Quad Ant 4x4 G.S. Truck and I am glad to say it was saved following the closure of the museum and subsequent disposal Sale and didn't go too far finding a new home in the Llandudno area . Unfortunately the years of storage in the dank wet conditions of the caverns hadn't been kind and I believe the truck broke its' back but there was talk of the chap coming across some chassis parts from Pete Gaine. I haven't spoke to the chap who owned it for sometime now but hope it is still safe etc and may one day see it in its' former glory back in one piece ! Cheers Glynn
  9. Hi Rob , Love the pictures ! - I have the Appropriate Bedford , can make the ramps but just missing the gun !! , Lol Is this another project or a new addition ? Rgds Glynn
  10. Hi , I can concur with the above as I bought some engines for spares - Most of these were black and the only one in the greeny duck egg type colour had a post war rebuild plate on the block , so presumed that is why it was painted in this colour the same as series landrovers and ferrets etc . The engine in my early MW is body coloured , but presume it should be black Hope this helps , cheers Glynn
  11. Hi Mate , Great photo's of the Morris Commercials - I have not seen these before - Are copies of the original photo's obtainable ? Does anyone have any further info on the Lewis Gun mounts in the rear of the trucks?? I would love to have copies of any diagrams or pictures anyone has which would allow me to make an accurate replica ?? any info would be gratefully welcomed , cheers Glynn
  12. Hi Tim , I believe they are this seasons "must have" accessory !!:cheesy: I have a very nice 1914 Bsa one which looks the part in the early trucks so to speak as most of these were re-issued in the run up and at the start of ww2 - Hows the hunting going for the carry handle ? Any luck ? cheers Glynn
  13. Hi Mate , I believe that the 2" mortars with the turn knobs are also a bit different in the tube and are more "bellied" and these types are generally the earlier ones . Later ones went onto the more common lever type triggers that often had a lanyard with them (these also come in at least two types and can differ in tube length as they did a standard one and a version for Airborne forces which had a shorter barrel length . Mk8* i think) May I ask where you have seen these early mortars for sale and how much they were asking ?? If you ever come across a stokes 3" British ww2 mortar please let me know as I may be interested Thanks . Hope this helps , Cheers Glynn
  14. Hi Tim , All the ones I have ever seen are painted at least externally in service brown with a metal catch in the middle , leather strap type handle and white stencilled lettering underneath the handle to tell you what it is . On the subject of Lewis Guns - Do you know where I can get a transport box and a Gun carry handle from ?? - I would also be interested in getting hold of one of the convertor blocks to allow the Lewis Gun to be mounted to the Vickers tripod but know these are rare ! . Hope you are keeping well mate ... speak soon rgds Glynn
  15. Hi Tim , I will deliver it to you in a carrier bag at W&P Ha ha ! On a more serious note If you let me have your engine for my cs8 then I could always bring you a Morris Minor engine in exchange !! converted for unleaded of course and painted Morris Engine Green ready to fit ! lol You are right in thinking they are not easy to get hold of and do cost a small fortune when you find one - probably because of the Jaguar connection !? Cheers See you soon , Glynn
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