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  1. ArtistsRifles

    New project - Mk 1 Knocker 6x6

    Beginning to think I am jinxed right now. Couple of days after picking up the replacement the "check engine" light came on the dash. Plugging a code reader in comes back with a P1260 error which on a Saab is the throttle body. So now I have to fix that - which is about £300......... Got the jerry can carriers here all ready to go back on and need to get the tool box on the other side off for the same treatment. Also need to get air in the drivers side front tyre. But until this issue is sorted I ain't going anywhere. Can't even use the FFR or UAZ as nether of them are running either. Only consolation is the weather has been too crappy to work outdoors.....
  2. ArtistsRifles

    BMP-1 track type and dimensions

    Yes - OT90 track is identical as it is, to all intents, a BMP-1 hull.
  3. ArtistsRifles

    Wanted Militant Wiper Switch

    Good find Now - if some one could find a cab roof somewhere that's not full of holes.....
  4. ArtistsRifles

    Wanted Militant Wiper Switch

    Just a thought - is it the same as used on the Stalwart's air-operated wipers? If so try a call to Bannisters to see if he has one in his stocks or Nick Mead who had half a dozen being cannibalized for spares last I was there.
  5. ArtistsRifles

    Photobucket issues

    Looks like the bean counters at PhotoBucket have done the math - belatedly - and worked out they are losing far more than they are going to gouge on the new rates. So I got an e-mail from them yesterday with a "special offer" - their Premium service at $99 a year that allows for: Store up to 300,000 Photos Unlimited 3rd Party Hosting (Non-commercial)* Unlimited Forum Embedding Unlimited Sharing Link is at http://photobucket.com/p500/?hotlinkfix=1516928810657 - apparently it expires in 7 days from 26th January 2018....
  6. ArtistsRifles


    If anyone is having issues getting libraries downloaded prior to closing accounts ( I see the "Download Library" option has been removed from the options on the main website) I found this way of doing it. It's time consuming but does work. First off you need a mobile phone with enough room to store at least the largest the library and a USB cable that will connect the phone to a PC. Having WiFi will save you a fortune on data charges too.. * Fully charge the phone and hook it up to the PC via a USB cable. *Open up Explorer or File manager and connect to the phone as a drive. Navigate to the pictures folder on your phone. * Open up the Photobucket app on the phone. * Go into your Libraries, open a Library and at top right you see three vertical dots. Tap on that and "Download Library" is an option. * Tap on that menu item and the system will down load the library to your phone in a folder named "photobucket_<library_name>". * Check the number of files in the library on Photobucket and make sure it matches the number of downloaded files. I found anything over 200 files in a library might need the download function run more than once to get them all. * Using file manger or Explorer move that directory onto your preferred storage space. * Repeat for every single library you have. You can stack up to half a dozen to download in succession. Note that if you have any sub-libraries these need to be down loaded as separate libraries - the system will not bring them down with the top level library.. And that is it!! Its taken me most of the day to get all mine down and I had to pause between libraries at one point to recharge the phone.
  7. ArtistsRifles

    24v Landie refusing to start

    Many thanks Clive - I hoped you would pick up on this one.
  8. ArtistsRifles

    24v Landie refusing to start

    On to of all the other rap right now - the Landrover is refusing to start!! I had to replace the head gasket after the Peterborough show and, in the process of reassembly, lost one of the domed nuts that holds the rocker cover on. Couldn't find it anywhere till I started rotating the engine by hand to do the tappets. It had dropped into #3 cylinder exhaust port. So took the manifolds off again and hooked it out. Re-ran the compression tests again - 150 psi on all 4 cylinders - just to make sure all was well then continued reassembly. Had a bit of a hiatus after the events of Oct 15th so its only the last couple of days that I've got the will to go back and finish. Completed reassembly on Sat morning, went to start it - and nothing. Zilch. Nada. It just spun over with no sign of firing. I checked and made sure all was connected up as it should be - it was - then checked I had 24 volts going into the filter/dropper unit. There was - but still nothing. Hooked out #1 plug - earthed it, spun her over and - no spark!! At this point I gave up as it was one short step from picking up a large hammer and going berserk.... Yesterday I got the lead out of the coil and checked the voltage there - 24v... Not right, should only be 12v so obviously an issue with the filter/dropper box. Refitted the coil lead and spun it over again - and it tried to catch Just the once and then just kept spinning again. I found that if I removed and refitted the lead from the dropper to the coil then tried to start it would do the same. So possibly more than one problem has surfaced at the same time. First step is to get 12v coming out of the filter/dropper. Does anyone know if they can be rebuilt using components from somewhere like Maplins - and if so - which is the most likely component to have failed to give 24v straight through rather than dropping it down to 12v?? Once this is sorted I can look at the coil and condenser.
  9. ArtistsRifles

    New project - Mk 1 Knocker 6x6

    Alas the deal is now done - although I am STILL waiting for the cheque!! Think I will be changing insurers as soon as this mess is sorted out. Can't do a thing until they send it as things to date have wiped me financially. And although they say they are pressing for 100% libility from the other party I do not think that will be a quick resolution. The other moron is saying I drove onto the roundabout without topping and straight into him and even though the photographic evidence of the damage plus my route home proves him a liar we all know what lawyers are like for wrangling over details.
  10. ArtistsRifles

    New project - Mk 1 Knocker 6x6

    I know we are waaay off-topic here - but.... latest status is they offered £2130 for the Range Rover based on current available prices for a '98 HSE. The fact the interior had been upgraded to a Vogue spec was not relevant - or allowed to be relevant - so after they dock the £400 excess I am left with £1730. I need transport so had to accept the offer - I found an '07 Saab 9-5 Aero estate with a similar size load carrying capacity and put a deposit on it. Another story involved there for another time - but one thus far in my favour. . I've had Saab's in the past and they are extremely reliable so as soon as they issue the settlement payment I will at least be able to get back over the Militant and get on with the work. Good news is they have told me they are pressing for 100% responsibility from the other party based on the statement, sketches of the incident scene and photographs provided. Once that settles, hopefully in my favour I get the £400 excess back.
  11. ArtistsRifles

    New project - Mk 1 Knocker 6x6

    Got legal protection on the policy so that's covered. Insurers have said they "most likely" will go 50/50 on the blame as there were no witnesses and its his word vs. mine. My reply to that was if they do then they both render the Highway Code not worth the paper its printed on but also the laws of physics as the front of my car is manifestly ripped off. if I had hit the other driver as he is claiming then the front of my vehicle would be crushed in - so would the side of his vehicle and its unlikely his front seat passenger would have escaped without serious and life changing injuries. I was doing maybe 20 mph at the time and he overtook me before trying to cut across in front of me to get to his exit so he had to be doing in excess of 30 mph and either was too stupid to work out he couldn't do it or too arrogant. Take your pick. I also distinctly heard one of his passengers complaining the other one would miss his train so the reason for the speed and the stupidity is pretty obvious. Just got to sit back and wait now. sent the form back the other day together with the signed statement that I am full prepared to stand up in court and recite the same series of events. I will just be glad when all this shit is sorted and I can get back to talking about how the Militant is getting on.
  12. ArtistsRifles

    New project - Mk 1 Knocker 6x6

    Yep - Sankey on the back of a Ka is a non starter :-) Seriously though - used to work for the blue oval and vehicles in the Ka (Sub-B) class do not mix well with tow bars. We do have a standard car trailer here but a lot of stuff gets left in the boot of the car - left in a trailer it would be gone within 24 hours. Only yesterday I walked a pair of Est European types out of the drive at the point of a Nagant + bayonet because they were trying to nick the remains of a Landrover 2.25 lump sat beside the garage. And yes - we are actively now looking at moving out of the London zone.
  13. ArtistsRifles

    New project - Mk 1 Knocker 6x6

    Well - all work on the Militant is now on indefinite hold as I have no way of getting there with all the tools etc. Insurers want to go 50/50 on blame and I am refusing, sticking to my guns that in no way was I to blame. Other party is now claiming for injuries - which hopefully means he's shot himself in the foot as I positively heard him tell the police on the phone immediately after the event that no one was hurt. Now got to sit back and wait until the insurers and lawyers finish fighting. Appreciate the offer on the Ka sir - but what I lug up to the Militant every week would fill a Ka with some left over. I have specific needs, capacity wise at least, for a vehicle which includes being able to get either a Soviet tent or a 9x9 in the back together with all necessary kit for Living History.
  14. ArtistsRifles

    Range Rover advice please

    If jacking up - don't forget to open the tailgate and put the hazards on - stops the height sensors getting screwed up apparently.
  15. ArtistsRifles

    New project - Mk 1 Knocker 6x6

    You should see what done underneath as regards the supporting bracketry. Insurers are picking it up tomorrow.