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  1. Worth noting that Reo multifuels are also only supposed to run petrol in an emergency. Just cos it will doesn't make it a good idea long term.
  2. CAA have declared that XH558`s display is not aerobatic and can continue with existing routine.
  3. Thanks Paul, cute aint it ! might have a word with santa.
  4. My cousin in the states sent me this photo and I thought I would share it here (if I get it right) apparently it was designed to fit in the Osprey.
  5. I just spoke to Autohome, vehicles up to 16 ton £109 per year on their classic commercial policy :laugh:
  6. Can anyone here recommend a company that carries out a chemical dip process to an engine block in order to eradicate rust/deposits, preferably in the Suffolk area? many thanks.
  7. `Space` bars are so yesterday, try changing the theme to `Discount Jaigerbomb` bar and see if that helps
  8. Thanks Shaun, had a really good time, top marks to yourself, Steve, Scott, Matt and all. I will certainly bring my Reo back again next year Kev.
  9. Oi stinky if you are going to call it old then have the decency to spell it correctly (REO) :pfrt:
  10. Looking good Clive, fitted woodburner yet :laugh:
  11. Try carb/fuel injector cleaner, i havent found anything it wont shift yet
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