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  1. Duson

    Wanted Crossley parts

    Well at least you know now Simon. Something will turn up eventually. Good luck.
  2. Duson

    Wanted Crossley parts

    Hi Simon, welcome. Have you seen this? : http://milweb.net/classifieds/view_large.php?ad=94795&cat=8
  3. Duson

    K2 Ambulance parts for sale.

    PM sent regarding door pins....
  4. Looking for a Bedford QLR wireless truck in good running condition to extend the collection of vehicles used by the Czechoslovak Armoured Brigade Group 1943-45. Any offers welcome, price accepted.
  5. I know Ian how badly rotten your chassis was, much worse than mine. Athough not up-to-date picture, here is mine after replacing few sections, the front A frame had to be also replaced. As for the spares, I am looking for the hose-tray, at least one for a pattern. I will be replicating all the other missing parts such as fenders, the rear filter frame, front crate frame, pump holders etc. When the time comes I will appreciate some help with dimmensions...
  6. Well done Ian! I got made mine too. First made a mistake on the centre hole diameter so had to weld in an insertion ring. But it is fixed now. Still a bit strugling with the chassis replacing all the rotten sections one by one, nearly there though :-) All the best to The New Year!
  7. Thats great Ian, thanks. I will think something up. Several of my friends are going to the UK for Artillery training with The Garrison group during the Easter time so maybe I could ask someone to collect. Anyway, will be in touch in advance. Nice buckets you have there. Cant wait to see your bowser finished with all the stuff on :-)
  8. Looking good Ian. Cant wait to see your bowser finished, it is just so good inspiration to finish mine. Have you managed to find the wheel? Cheers, Dusan
  9. Hello Ian, excellent find again. Yes please, interested in some spares. I will email you. Thanks. Dusan
  10. Duson

    Humber heavy utility

    Nice project. We have one in the club, I could put you through to the owner. Here is his Humber. And here is an inspiration, recent start up of the engine: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=vb.385137518234297&type=2#!/photo.php?v=535434109871303&set=vb.385137518234297&type=3&theater
  11. If only they have come earlier Ian, the cost of transport to CZ is more than the price of the bowser so after paying for two trips I need to think a lot about another adventure. If you had spares to sell I would surely be interested, but I understand that you want to sell as complete as possible. Or is there a chance you split one for spares?
  12. Nice items found, Ian. Please keep posting, you are the only source for the restoration of my bowser. If you find the manual I would be interested in a scan copy please
  13. Wow Ian, what an amazing find again. A bit jealous now. If you have any spares you want to sell let me know. I need the tow hitch, pump and filter as a pattern, taps, hand brake parts etc. Dismantling mine and getting all sandblasted but the drums are stuck, cant take them off the axle without cutting the brake linings.
  14. I have not seen these stands in close. Could anybody who has one post some pictures of it here. Some dimensions would also be great. We use this cooker for our events and it works well. Would be easier to use these stands though. Cheers