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  1. The gearbox is a standard Ford V8 flathead one, so probably original part of your Fordson. There should be a an air compressor mounted on the right side.
  2. Good job on the cab. Following this thread with great interest as I will be going through that all on my WOT8 project. My cab virtually collapsed and lots of panels will need to be replicated. https://rotanazdar.cz/?p=7815 Keep going your good work!
  3. It seems your truck still keeps its original gearbox. It is a standard type Ford gearbox as below I think parts and bearings can be obtained at Macs for instance: https://www.macsautoparts.com/ford_mercury_early/transmission-and-driveline.html/?location=home_featured&crosssell=Homepage_Featured_Category_Transmission+%26+Clutch Just for your interest the WOT8 has the same gearbox with so called "remote control" - a tower like extension for the gear stick.
  4. Better visible here without the plate on my friends WOT8
  5. This the the bracket on my WOT8. It is a screw going through the rectangular plate to the round base.
  6. One thing that puzzles me a lot is this bracket. What is it for? Have not found the answer in any of my manuals. Anybody?
  7. Hi Seamus, great project you have there. On my WOT8 there is the cab number on a plate riveted to the cab rear crossmember behind the seats. It may have been changed on WOT6s though. I also have a little plate with Chassis contract number in front of the passenger. Look for the manual below (mine issued in 1945) as it is very detailed and contents a short section on Machinery equipment. Good luck with your project and looking foward to seeing any progress. P.S. this thread shows some engine conversion on WOT6
  8. Hi Ian, I have had other working comitments so have not done much more on it than fixing the chassis. Iam building a new workshop this year so planning to come back to it when I have enough space for the resto. But I like what you do on yours, very inspiring.
  9. A bit cheaper here Ian: https://www.vintagecarparts.co.uk/products/842-container-ignition-indicator-lamp I have recently done the dash on my Standard Flying 12
  10. Well done Simon, fantastic restoration. I wonder where you got he dash two-pin socket from, is it a replica?
  11. Hi, I had the same set and got a barrel replica made. An original almost impossible to find. I have all the dimensions. If you are interested PM me.
  12. Wow, fantastic example of craftmanship with a great sense for detail. No wonder he will not make any spare, so much work, all in brass, that would cost fortune to make these extra for sale. Would be great if he could provide some basic dimensions for anyone to make their own though, I am surely capable to make a couple for myself 😉 How has he done the lid?
  13. I will also follow this post with great interest, same as Alan I am also planning to make a couple of filters for my 180 gallon water bowser project. There seemed to be few attempts by various people to replicate this but I have never seen any output. Richard are you also plannig to make the cast iron plate with Stellar company logo etc? This would be worth making in more examples as I am sure there would be many people interested. That would require borrowing the original filter from someone though. Dusan
  14. Very nice kit Ian. Pitty that not affordable for me. Shall you have any other leftovers like the hose-pans or genuine taps, I might be interested. Cheers, Dusan
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