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  1. horsa

    T16 tool list needed

    The kit is virtually the same as the WWI-WWII British folding saw kits which came in both leather and webbing pouches. Only difference here is the board the rolled blade is strapped to and the pouch being rectangular instead of square. The pouch is USA made and will have G166 / GAU specific nomenclature on the outside.
  2. horsa

    4.2" mortar base plate

    British WWII 4.2-Inch mortar accessories on the link below including launching cartridge extractors with webbing frog, firing pins, both patterns of muzzle covers and various other goodies. All original but located in the USA. http://www.visualcollector.com/Tommy/TommyStuff/TommyStuff.htm
  3. horsa

    Sten Mounting Kit for AFV

    There were bolts with the kit which are in the small cloth sack shown in the intro photo. All are one of the older British pattern threads. Four of the bolts are actually threaded studs that are tapered at one end for welding to a hull. The others are normal hex head bolts and all nuts are hex as opposed to square heads. The magazine bracket backing plate is approximately 10 x 16 inches. The actual part that holds the magazines is 10.5 x 6.5 x 2 inches and each of the two pockets can hold five magazines loosely. The pockets are lined with the same white felt as found in the DSC Bren magazine storage rack. The over sized plate would seem to be made to take advantage of existing bolts in a vehicle and likely something else already in the vehicle would overlap the plate on the opposite side from the magazine pockets. Maybe a fire extinguisher or other wall mounted kit that could be bolted back on after the plate had been placed in position. I really hadn't considered tanks but its a possibility. But having individual magazines in a pocket as opposed to something holding a grab-bag would mean it was intended that they retrieve and fire the weapon from wherever it was mounted similar again to the Bren mag rack in the DSC. Certainly an oddity....
  4. horsa

    Sten Mounting Kit for AFV

    I'd never seen anything like this in the DSCs so figured either another vehicle or possibly a postwar transitional kit prior to the Sterlings coming into full issue. Might account for it's never having been issued. I've seen a bracket in the wartime Humber for Sten magazines but it doesn't have the oversize mounting plate this one has. The plate with holes located like they are would seem to indicate it would readily bolt up without major vehicle modifications, in the correct vehicle of course.
  5. Anyone know what vehicle this Sten gun mounting kit would have originally gone with? Assumed either a late service Daimler Scout Car or an early production Ferret since they would have transitioned over to Sterling SMGs and the 10-magazine holder is clearly marked for Sten mags. I've had it unissued in the original cardboard package padded with cotton waste for at least 12 years. No description on the carton and no installation documents or other reference as to how it all goes. Almost all of the parts have an "AF" prefixed part number if that helps to date it.