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  1. Yeah thought it sounded too good to be true A 1955. m38a1 hurricane engine
  2. I've seen for sale on the internet a "thing" that you put in your fuel tank that works as a fuel catalyst that reacts with the petrol and allows you to safely use unleaded fuel on your engine that was designed for leaded fuel it looks like several metal pebbles In a cage and is described as fuel catalyst made from tin amalgam I currently use redex lead replacement but this is costly any one know the truth about these catalysts - do they work ? are they safe for the engine? thanks
  3. Any one know if there is goingto be a bunker bash this year ? 2014? Thanks
  4. Not gonna argue but i was walking and the quad overtook me at at least 4 times my walking speed of 3-4mph so no optical illusion there plus no matter how quickly a vehicle can stop its all about drivers reaction is still affected by speed
  5. Makes a change - numerous times (6+) we saw supposed hi vis marshalls on quad bikes doing 15-20mph with the tracked armour doing the same speed - against the rules but ultimalty dangerous and potentially lethal (pedestrians especially kids wouldnt have stood achance) (yes we did inform marshalls but after the fact as unable to locate one at the time ) still on the positive a great new venue much easier to navigate and much improved toilets and showers
  6. I camped all weekend with jnr and the jeep and have to say it was a cracking show. Several freinds popped down on the saturday and all had a fantastic day thoroughly reccomened Definetly has the potential to get even better and grow in popularity a big thanks to the organisers who helped keep it a fun family and freindly show We will be back next year!
  7. pockers


    Not sure on its conpatability but Screwfix s own no nonsense brand worked a treat on my 9x9 and on the canvas seats of my jeep ( they still in one piece) - the water just sits on the surface of the seats and doesnt soak in Plus its only like 18£ for 5 litres
  8. pockers


    Got this advice from a guy i met at a show who apparently re waterproofed tents, re my 9x9 that was leaking at the time To clean use a very mild solution of warm/hot water bleach and detergens and use a scrubbing brush, this cleans it and removes oil n grease etc next to water proof it , use thompsons water seal ( or screwfix no nonsense own brand as is cheaper) brush it on Worked a treat on my tent so cant see why not on canvas roof
  9. A fantastic show again this year - well done to all those involved in the organising! See you again next year
  10. Anyone see the new show on cable tv ( nat geo i think) called car sos - they take a privately owned "classic" barn case and "restore" it withiut owners knowledge - cheesy i know But one the other day was called phoenix jeep and tells the story of a willys mb owned by an 83 yr old gent whose had it since the 50s but it was near destroyed by fire in an arson attack - his sons recruit the tv show to save the jeep Now i cant comment on the restoration job itself ( not my forte) but an enjoyable programme and a heart warming story well worth a look
  11. Anyone know the legality if importing replica grenades? Ie plastic / hollow bodies with metal spoon n pin? - sent in pieces in one package? I know the VCR act prevents replica firearms being imported but any one know if this or any other legislation includes grenades ? Thanks
  12. Thanks Paul - I will give them a try was hoping for a uk company to save on shipping
  13. Hi am also looking for some Douglas connectors for my m38a1 - I have pm d Brian, did you have any luck getting any?
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