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  1. The grass has been mowed again this week. Looks good.
  2. My daughter is still wearing hers. A couple of years ago it lasted nearly two months.
  3. Thank you Peter. We chose to go in Kitchener's Field because we had caravans for the wives and children's comfort. Nethertheless, we were disappointed to end up with public camping right opposite us, despite us having friends with MV's who arrived the previous day, who started to set up, then were moved on by the marshals. Our group travelled a maximum of ten miles to put on the display. We really felt for the couple who travelled from Germany to spend three days putting up the East German border display that nobody really saw. Perhaps this is something that needs addressing for future shows. We have twice as many Suez era vehicles in various stages of resoration for next year. Glyn
  4. Hi Bill, Thanks for posting the photos of our K9, Champ and Ferret in Suez livery. Glyn
  5. I had a Datsun 120Y van once that smoked (slightly) less than this.:-)
  6. Sat half a mile from the show in my best 'drinking pants' with all of the windows and doors open because of the heat, wishing I didn't have to work tomorrow. Roll on Wednesday morning.
  7. Airport Café - Top food, friendly staff. Use it most weeks.
  8. If I stand on my workshop roof I can see the racecourse. The vehicles should just be getting up to temperature as I arrive. :cheesy:
  9. Does that mean that I have to get to the venue via Clacketts then Richard? Glyn
  10. Cracking idea. They do something similar at Dover Castle with a land train which consists of a Landy with multiple carriages behind. This works well because the site (Dover) is so large, albeit much smaller than Beltring. Perhaps the insurance costs could be reduced by operating the tug vehicle at 5mph, which is supposed to be the site speed limit, which would give the general public time to view the displays.
  11. Hello Matey, have added another album to my profile, why you not got any????? You have such a wonderfull Ferrt!! He He!

  12. Whist attending a local show. We took the Ferret for a blast around Canterbury ring road on a Saturday Evening a few weeks back. We got followed by a police ARV with 4 up for about a mile before they stopped us. After checking that the ferret was insured ('cos I had forgotten to refit the civvy reg plates) The nice policeman asked if he could have his photo taken with the vehicle. One copper taking photos, one in the turret and two hyenas in the back of the police car..... Traffic backed up in both directions.:-D Then my commander askes for directions to the nearest bank. He waits for the copper to start giving directions before replying "These make terrific ram raiders, you know"! Cops told us to bugger off, never mentioned that we had the 30 cal uncovered too.
  13. Interesting link. Thanks
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