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  1. B Card Translation

    Hasp on filler cap, so it can be padlocked.
  2. Operation Jericho

    Lost a great man on this raid, not to mention all the others who were also lost. RIP P.C Pickard and his nav Alan Broadley.
  3. Wanted Militant Wiper Switch

    Rob, one wiper valve and also found cap for your distribution box.
  4. Wanted Militant Wiper Switch

    Same as Martian and possibly Scammell Explorer. FV159964. Sure I've got a spare somewhere.
  5. Mk1 Militant wipers

    I did a couple donkeys years ago. Quite easy to strip and clean, spot of fresh lube on seals, make sure that the rack and pinion are located correctly.
  6. bedford MWD side board conflict

    Looking at this bottom pic, you have used the wrong type carriage bolt. The top two appear to be a countersunk bolt that sinks into the wood, the lower is a normal round headed bolt, thus sitting proud and causing the problem.
  7. Wanted: B60 and Humber 1 ton truck parts

    Switchboard lenses available from Banisters.
  8. ferret headlamp surround wanted

    Found one.
  9. ferret headlamp surround wanted

    Will have a look in shed later, sure I have one or two in there
  10. Post 1997 Licence

    Ferret isn't a goods vehicle. I think that you will need to upgrade your licence to include C1 category which will allow you to drive up to 7500kg vehicles, then you should be ok.
  11. Post 1997 Licence

    I'd say not, believe max weight for post 97 licence is 3500kg, so pre 1960 or not makes no difference.
  12. Loose battery clamps

    The problem lies with the split in the clamp. As it's been tightened over time when the top bolt is tight, both halves butt upto each other, but the clamp is still slack. Remove the clamp bolt and run a slitting disc through the groove to make it wider, reassemble and tighten up.
  13. Identification please.

    Thought that too, but then why would it need multiple grooves.
  14. Identification please.

    Does anyone know what this tool would've been used for. Cheers Simon
  15. Martian p/s filter and quick release fitting from tank

    Looking in a different ISPL we get more part numbers. For the filter 2530-99-800-3707, the element 2940-99-842-5926. Coupling top half 4730-99-411-0821, bottom part 2530-99-800-0439, complete unit 4730-99-411-0856. Alsoo gives the top part as AVA56E. And as Richard says also fits Saracen.