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  1. Hello Tyler Changed my phone so please text /pm me and let me know when you want to meet up to pick up the roll cage The MMI (Merlin Management Information) form i have for my 1993 Range Rover says ERM asset code 51KL07 CES Number NB11544101 Supplied on contract number LV2A/183 IV Date 03/03/1994 22 SAS Cheers Steve MACCDT
  2. Hello Steve I bid on that one but my offer was not accepted. I believe Its one of 4 that were supplied that year, I have one of the others. The VIN number looks good compared to mine and the military reg seems correct, in line with my numbers. I will try to help you with questions, what is the registration number? Cheers Steve (MACCDT)
  3. Evening Lee I have a tired hard top cab that might help you get closer to your goal, call me on 07860 824608 Cheers Steve MaccDT
  4. Hi I have a log book which advises the vehicle is a crown vehicle, does this mean it is Tax & MOT exempt? Any good advice welcomed Regards Steve MaccDT
  5. Hello Terry Thanks for that, I'm now looking at a complete engine replacement so might be back in touch as soon as i sort this out Cheers Steve MACCDT
  6. Hello , Looking for Rolls Royce C6 NFL engine parts Piston rings Big end Shells Pistons Sump gasket new old stock parts always welcome Steve 07860-824608
  7. Hello Jeff had chance at the weekend to get to my trailer, attached is the Italian rebuilt plate and with your help, i uncovered the number stamped into the front dolly. FW 1245 Is there a register or serial number list for these trailers that have the FW numbers in?? cheers Steve MACC DT
  8. Hi The trailer i have is ex Italian i believe, back to the UK via Army Cars with the extra side extensions cut off. The only data plate is a small bronze on with the name of the overhaul firm from Italy on it in 1963, so I to, am very interested if there is a serial number stamped on the chassis and where to look. Picture attached, if anyone can assist, that would be great (ignore the body, not dead, just looking for a serial number) Steve MACCDT
  9. Afternoon Andy welcome and dont worry, doing a rebuild on a 981 at the moment as well, still plenty of parts around, lots of help on Facebook Diamond T 980/981 site as well. If in doubt, always ask, you will be amazed whats around Cheers Steve MaccDT
  10. Hello Adrian Please book me in and let me know if i can help as well, it will be great to get the "Heavies" together, lets hope we can get support from ALL owners regards Steve MACCDT
  11. Hi Guys took the Diamond T for its second visit to Normandy staying in Port En Bessin this time, hope pictures are ok, overlooking Arromanches and at the Battery at Azeville Steve, MACCDT
  12. Hello Paul I have just acquired one of the 1993 batch with Merlin paperwork and original Special vehicle plate with Military reg on the slam panel. will post a picture or two shortly, do you have the list of registrations? regards Steve MaccDT
  13. Hello I am taking my Diamond T 981 from South Manchester to Normandy for two weeks in May/June and I am looking for assistance / possible storage for the 6 weeks between arriving back in Portsmouth and War and Peace Revival show as I don't really want to bring it all the way back to Macclesfield. if you have any suggestions or contacts to move the vehicle or a possible storage area where I can drive to I would welcome any assistance as this matter as it may be the only opportunity I can get to go to a show in Kent with my vehicle. Thanks in advance Steve MaccDT:drive:
  14. Hello Harper did you buy one of you DT's from Manchester?? it was fitted with a 205 ltr steel drum as a fuel tank on top of the standard tank? if so, I met the man who originally restored this Diamond T whilst at the Victory Show at Cosby in 2013. he showed me his pictures of the DT from finding the lorry in a field without a cab to pictures attached. it was then sold down to a gent near Bristol and then to the Helicopter museum at Weston super Mare I believe before it came up to Manchester. Hope of interest, always nice to know a little history Steve MaccDT
  15. Hello Jack, i have a pair of headlights in excellent condition with the cast mounting brackets, pm me if you are interested, cheers Steve. MACCDT
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