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  1. Cheers for replies. We have a good relationship with MAN from our commercial side of life so i have a type of Certificate of Conformity from them. As this will be a prototype vehicle we have trade plates if needed but we want to get it registered just to make it easier.
  2. Im in a US base so im afraid they would all be US MRAPs and some SF type lightweight vehicles which go no further than around camp. MRAP's out here are either International Maxx-Pro or Oshkosh M-ATV. Nearly all have RWS fitted but unlike ours that had GPMG, the US go for .50cal or even ive seen Gatling type. But they tend to be the same ones that use the lightweight vehicles. Other than that its armoured Landcruisers. Truck wise its M1083 5 ton, M1096 and HEMTT. No one uses Humvees apart from around camp and they are rare. Most been given to Afghans.
  3. Seeing as i contributed to this thread back in 2008/9 i thought i would pipe up. Left the mil in 2013 and went straight out to Afghanistan to work for NATO is a NATO Tech Officer where i still am. Not looked at this site for a bit then remembered it. Funny how those SV's that back then everyone was waiting to come through the camp gates are now being sold. Those Recovery variants though have been on sale for a bit. The ones in the first link are certainly those trial ones. The SV buy had a 20 year "shelf life" but i heard Afghanistan ones were pretty much hammered.
  4. The red slider was something to do with stopping you operating the heater controls with the aircon on if i remember rightly.
  5. No no no! The Bedford although suitable in its day is wholly not suited to what we need in todays Army. For a start it was underpowered. It carries 4t, the smallest SV carries 6t and if you asked those in the know, we should of just bought more 9t SV due to what we now carry. You cannot bolt on the same level of armour that SV can in Afghanistan and you would fry the electrics putting into a 4 tonner the amount of radio and ECM kit SV carries not to mention air con. Yes its easier to fix and is robust in a sense but its also not compliant in respect of a lot of regulations such as emissions and safety. You now cant even have wooden flooring on the load bed. There is no storage space in the cab, not that SV is massive in that respect but at least its bigger. Its like the SLR, its good to have a go now and then but ask anyone who has been to Afghanistan recently, they would prefer the SA80A2........had to get the A2 in!
  6. I was involved the trails of the Multidrive Foden/MWD tankers. The one on Ebay is the MK1 Multidrive configuration with drawbar type steering mechanism. The original mil buy was used in the first Gulf war to carry fuel and if i remember water as well. There were 2 tank and single tank ones. The 2 tank version used the tanks that were actually earmarked to be sold to Saddam Hussein for aircraft refuelling but this obviously fell through so were bolted on the back of the Multidrive chassis. But the MK1 Multidrives actually used a Bedford TM type tractor units with a very big loud Caterpillar engine in it. These were used later in Bosnia but were soon replaced with the Foden version with an improved Mulitdrive chassis, doing away without the drawbar method of steering. Of course they had a powered rear bogi and as previously mentioned were very good cross-country but were limited to amount of payload. The final version again, with Foden tractor units and more strengthened chassis on the back end were the last time employed in mil service and were sold off at Withams i think not so long ago. Funny thing was i trialled the original ones back in 1991 or so then whilst i was in Bosnia around 2003/4 the last ones were being sent back to UK of which i was repsonsible for getting them prepared. I suspect the S26 version on Ebay was what Multidrive used to sell to Quarry Companies of which a few bought.
  7. Point of info, the Scammell Commander that was the gate guardian at Buller Bks which left a few months ago returned today on low loader looking all very shiny! Brought on a low-loader with a Foden tractor unit that looked suspiciously like a ex mil one. I think it was a 4000 series unit.
  8. petop

    Prototype MV's

    The writing on the bottom relates to a Deutz BF4L....this is quite an old NA diesel engine that the UK mil have used in the past. In fact i think it memory serves me right they were used in the old M2 rigs.
  9. Noticed the link to the CH1 whereabouts doesnt include the CH1 at Aldershot military museum. As far as i know its the real deal and occasionaly we used to hear it start up with a bit of a drive every now and then.
  10. Having spoken to a few who know about this i would take the story with a pinch of salt. Ashchurch itself is pretty awesome to look around, which i have a fair few times. Every in-service vehicle is there, some still unissued or some returned for Whole Fleet Management storage. Vehicles returned from Afghanistan IED damaged, awaiting repair and some sheds that even i couldnt get into holding the "Gucci" ones.
  11. Its because SVR and the Danish EPLS are based on the SX chassis which has a larger cross section chassis and independent coil suspension. They also have auto gearbox but some may say that doesnt always mean better cross-country. As i think i have said on here before, UK EPLS and now by look of the pics of the NZ EPLS, they are based on the HX chassis which are indeed more road focussed. UK EPLS are "spare" 15t cargo chassis moved to have EPLS mechanics bolted on. If UK EPLS, and in fact all the other SV fleet variations had the Michelin tyres, x-country performance would be improved 10-fold. I went out to Canada when SV first deployed out there and admittedly BATUS had just had the worst rain in years and ALL wheeled vehicles were getting stuck, the first thing me and the trial team said was "tyres, tyres, tyres!" but then it was too late into the program to change anything.
  12. At least those in New Zealand have the proper tyres on and not the piss poor ones we have to suffer!!!
  13. That, im sure, looks like the one that was at Aldershot as gate guardian.
  14. KM VRN's are also given to Trial vehicles. My UST SV, which i was responsible trialling had the VRN 48 KM 07
  15. I wasnt trialling the vehicle itself, actually i took part in those trials a few yrs ago. No, it wasl the stuff on the front of the truck. It is a hooklift vehicle. Can pick up general purpose flatracks with what ever is strapped on (!!), and ISO containers using the ISO frame that you see standing up behind the vehicle cab. If you look on the Multilift website it will give you some details.Its not towing a trailer, what you see is the rear of the load system that makes the guide rails for lifting ISO containers on.
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