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  1. True, the two are still corroding under the bright cypriot sun :-( :-(
  2. Tony B and Nk Thanks for the info and the pics. I will look for it ASAP and reply back
  3. Hey Nik I am living in Cyprus and i know some places where some old vehicles are layed around. Unfortunately, i dont know the type you are refering. If you post a picture, maybe i can locate one for you.
  4. How about this winch? Its a Ford and the papers say it was manufactured back in 1900 (i dont know if this is true) Anyway when i went by to ask for a price, the whole cloudy sky fell on me. Way way way overprised. anyway i thought a photo might be interesting.
  5. So true, but not just two but a lot more. Especially, TOYOTA had received a shipment some days before the invasion. These cars where in the showroom and in the bonded of the company and there they stayed until now. An effort was done by the company some years ago for retreiving those cars but they failed. Buffer zone - nothing gets in - nothing goes out.
  6. I would love to but I must get the permission from the man who took them. i will get in touch with him and ask....
  7. Well.. I contacted the editor, who gave me the info of the writter of the article. I contacted him and asked some more information and maybe some more pictures. He was kind enough to sent me the complete set of the pictures taken and also explain the exact position of the place refered. After some digging and searching, i found some more information about the place. Fortunately, before any action was taken, the place was preserved (the fence was placed back and the road was not widened at that position) because it belongs to a big oil company in Cyprus. Big thank you to gregg havler for his love in historic vehicles. Keep the cameras rolling Gregg!!!
  8. greetings from cyprus do you happen to know anybody here dealing with old vehicles or motorcycles? any info would be appreciated I am kind of new to this. Regards Demetris
  9. Lucky you Ewok. Your bike is great!!! Does anyone here knows anybode who owns a bsa in Cyprus? How about you borderlord? Regards Demetris
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