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  1. Hi Tom, First, welcome to the friendliest MV forum on the internet. Hope you enjoy all the posts on here. It is a great gesture that you are planning for your Dad, the T is one of the most beautiful trucks ever made. Perhaps you could tell the forum members where you are in the country as it could make a big difference to one of the many DT owners helping you out on this request. There are quite a few experts, both in the north and the south of the country. To make the post even more interesting, perhaps you can let us know where and when your Dad served with the TA and does he remember a particular DT that he used to drive. Regards, Mike.
  2. ...and there were large signs on every gate prohibiting all photography. My calculator was a piece of paper and a pencil...still is! Bw, Mike.
  3. Lucky chap, new engine, new cab, wow. Can't tell you any more than just guesswork, if there is yellow paint, probably used as a snowplough, then pensioned-off due to it being too slow or the winter-work went out to sub- contractors with faster more modern kit. Bought up by travellers who were often very skilled mechanics and would do an engine /gearbox swop outside in the forest in the middle of winter if necessary. The picture you launched of it carrying Q520 AFG from a Ken Rimell article in CVC many years ago and your other traveller shots would strengthen that argument. You would have enjoyed a Ruddington auction. At that one, sadly the last, before private auctions took over, there was 2,302 very interesting vehicles of all shapes and sizes.
  4. Hey, Andy, I have a good memory, but it was 36 years ago. However the Militant before that one 33 BM 80, I marked as a swb, so would guess yours was a standard lwb, only comment I made was an asterisk denoting it was in great condition and "open back, no tilt" and it was described as ditto against the main heading AEC truck (Diesel) 10 tons 6 x 4 which was printed against its sister 25 BR 75, the vehicles were lying on Parks 2 and 3 at Ruddington. Pretty sure it wasn't yellow on that day. Bw, Mike..
  5. Hi Andy, I think the vote would be 99% green as generally you tend to find yellow paint over the green when they have been used as Council snowplough/gritters as many were. Bw, Mike.
  6. Yes Andy, Probably climbed in the cab, but didn't write the mileage down. However a note against it said it didn't have a top on it, whether that was just no canvas or hoops too, not sure. Best wishes, go for it, Mike
  7. Hi Andy, I have had a quick look through the posts, but don't think you have the disposal details of your great Militant. It was sold at Ruddington at their last sale. 26 BR 34 was sold as Lot 1925, sale 179 on the 17th of June 1983, probably just before lunch! It was one of a host of Militants sold on the day, most appeared to have between 33 and 40,000 miles registered according to notes I made on the day. Good luck with the restoration. Mike.
  8. Welcome too from another Northumbrian ex-pat. Yes, Richard, I think the initials DT might just fit as there aren't many people in Northumbria with two (or more) Matadors and then there was that fine Diamond T . Good luck with the Bedford QL tipper, a great choice of project. Numbers and pictures when you have time, please. Best wishes, Mike.
  9. If you buy Heritage Commercials magazine, this month, you can read all about Garry's UPJ92F.
  10. Hi all, The Albions, WD/HD/23s were all numbered usually in the BD, BL or BK sequence. The cargos usually 85 BL/55 BK, the long wheelbase workshops 98 BD/99 BD and the short wheelbase three-way tippers in the 84 BL series. For further reading; five page article in Heritage Commercials Magazine last month’s issue April 2015 along with a good piece on Graham Booth’s Rotinoff by Bob Tuck. Bw, Mike
  11. Hi Peakrec, PM sent regarding your Humber body requirement. BW,Mike.
  12. For those of you who love this wonderful truck, it may be judicious to buy a copy of the February edition of ‘Truck and Driver’ magazine for a six-page article with all-new images.
  13. Hi Winchman, Two great trucks, have owned both, but I would have thought the RL was better from the spares aspect than the K9, but someone may know different.They are also quite different vehicles in terms of size. Storage always being a problem. You may get away with parking a K9 "on the drive", but I doubt an RL will please the neighbours. Good luck anyway, hope you find something. Bw, Mike.
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