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  1. Thanks Richard. I didn't know about Britcom base workshop.
  2. For Sale 19 set mark 3 with power supply, dog bone connector, aerial lead and vehicle mounting tray. Set has 1944 on the dial and it was inspected in 1955. The set has the B set in place, which is usually missing as it was usually deleted in post-war overhauled sets. I have never tried the set so I don't know if it works or not. Price is £700 and must be collected from Reading, Berkshire. PRICE NOW £600. Now £500 for the lot
  3. Can anyone help with some information, please? I read sometime that the post war Little Grey Ferguson tractor used the engine block from the wartime Standard Tilly, as it was Standard who made the tractor and they used the existing mould. However I can't find the info to confirm this. Can anyone help with confirming this and where the info might be? I have to get some details for the Museum of English Rural Life for an upcoming exhibition. Many thanks.
  4. Thank you all for the information.
  5. I have seen adverts for 'Daks over Duxford' and noticed they fly over Kent on their way to Normandy. Does anyone know the exact route they are taking and when exactly they will be over North Kent? Just wanted to be in the right place to see them.
  6. All I am being dragged off to St. Ives in Cornwall on June 15th for a weeks holiday with my youngest Daughter and family. Can anyone suggest any Military vehicle events or museums in the area that I could go to, please? Many thanks. Robert Davey
  7. I think these are for a Morris. The label in the advert has MM for Morris Motors.
  8. Barry I have an old 900x13 Trac grip tyre you can have for a pattern. It's not usable on a vehicle, but OK for a pattern. If you want it, please let me know.
  9. I've had these trousers for years and nobody was interested. I just wanted to get rid of them and do someone a favour, hence the price.
  10. I have a grey pair of trousers like the ones above. label says 22C/1156 and they are size 4. Also a number 23185 on the label. Anyone want them for £20 plus carriage at cost or collection from Reading?
  11. What model gearbox is it, please? 3 speed or 4 speed?
  12. When I was at the REME Museum, I did find a wartime EMER that stated the engine could be painted the same colour as the vehicle if REME overhauled the engine and vehicle.
  13. Hello Are you the chap I spoke to at Weymouth Veterans Parade this year? If so, I would like to confirm I need 3 900x16 Trak Grip tyres. Many thanks. Robert Davey
  14. Thank you all for the help in identifying the object. As I do not want the item, if anyone wants it, please PM me and I will send it to you. I would be grateful if you could forward a donation to this Forum (suggest £20).
  15. I have been given this item by a neighbour but I have no idea what it is. It has a NATO part number 6220-12-151-4418 and is made by Hella. It is also made of Rubber. Can anyone tell me what it is and what vehicle it might fit, please? Many thanks.
  16. Is that sand paint or Dust? Rome was liberated in June 1944, a dry time of year.
  17. Try the REME Museum. They do have some of these stores books as I saw some while I was there, but I can't remember a bridging one. I strongly suggest you request a visit and search yourself and not just ask for help.
  18. That's ideal. Many thanks. Robert
  19. email is robert.davey6@btinternet.com Reason they want the info is to add details to their records of a saw they have in their collection. Many thanks
  20. Still looking for the information. Anyone here have an illustrated tool list for a T16 carrier?
  21. FREE if collected from Reading. Handley Page crew ladder in 'average' condition. Free if collected from Reading, Berks. PM me if interested. Robert Davey
  22. Still available if anyone is interested.
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