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  1. FREE if collected from Reading. Handley Page crew ladder in 'average' condition. Free if collected from Reading, Berks. PM me if interested. Robert Davey
  2. woa2

    Wheel clamp for sale

    Still available if anyone is interested.
  3. woa2

    Wheel clamp for sale

    The clamp will take a tyre up to 22 inches in diameter (I measured it top to bottom), so will take a normal 13 inch car wheel comfortably. The next Dallas Digout is tomorrow, Sunday 8th July.
  4. woa2

    Wheel clamp for sale

    Wheel Clamp for sale. Bought it for my car trailer but now surplus to requirements. Useful to secure your MV or trailer/caravan at shows. Has 2 keys and complete. £25. Collect from Reading, Berks or I can meet at Dallas Digout.
  5. woa2

    Fowler Traction Engines WW1

    I have found records of Fowler supplying steam engines 1890/1900 to the War Office.
  6. woa2

    Fowler Traction Engines WW1

    I only have access to the record books I am processing, but if you have an engine number, write in to MERL (Museum of English Rural Life) in Reading and they can search the drawings. I know they have some drawings but I have not seen any. I will get you contact details for MERL as soon as I can, but might be a few days.
  7. I have been Volunteering at MERL in Reading, processing the records for Fowler Traction Engines. One detail that cropped up today was a Traction Engine supplied to the Ministry of Munitions during WW1. It was requested 21st Aug 1916 and issued 9th March 1918. What was interesting was the colour scheme - Black, picked out in Amber and lined in Red and Yellow. It had WD painted on the tank back and each motion cover. I have noticed other Fowler traction engines supplied to the Army and they are All painted Black, mostly with Red lining. Not one was painted Khaki.
  8. woa2

    Nigel Watson

    I would like to contact Nigel Watson of Carrier fame. Just need some help from him about a question I have been asked. Does anyone know an Email address or is he a member here? Many thanks. Robert Davey
  9. woa2

    T16 tool list needed

    Does anyone here have an illustrated Tool List for an American made T16 carrier? I volunteer at the Museum of English Rural Life (MERL) and they need details of the folding saw that went in the tool kit, and they asked me for help. Ideally a scanned copy of the tool list would be ideal. If you can help, please contact me. Many thanks. Robert Davey
  10. woa2

    Rear Lights

    That is a wartime lamp. It is shown in my 1943 spares book for my WOT2. If it had a cut-out at the side, then it is post-war.
  11. I remember going to the first Shottesbrook show with my Austin Champ. The start of my interest in Military vehicles.
  12. If it's any help, I am going to Dallas Dig-out on April 8th and can meet up or Coleford vehicle show on Easter Monday to save postage.
  13. These are 19 copies of 'Three on the Floor' magazine from the 1970s. It was published by John Carter and the articles are mainly about Vintage Military Vehicles, Ford cars, Fairground rides and show reports. John Carter is well known for starting Military Vehicle shows at Shottesbrooke in the early 1970s and he also published this magazine. The adverts in the magazines are very interesting, with Jeeps for sale at £450 in 1974. I have 19 magazines and the price is £20 for all, with postage at cost. Selling these for a friend who is having a clear-out. Robert Davey
  14. woa2


    Last time I needed a water pump repaired, I used 'Collectors Car Parts' at Heathrow. They did a double pulley water pump for my Ford WOA2.
  15. woa2

    carb gasket set / engine swop

    Have you tried Carburettor Exchange yet? They have been helpful to me in the past with the Solex carbs on my Ford V8.