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  1. no problem just type in welbike on ebay and a lot of what we offer is there we also do british airborne jeep mod's if you what any more pic's or info drop me a line or call 07989557758 many thanks carl
  2. yes i make them from scratch but we also have a good stock of original parts and we spend a lot of time on restoraition prodjects for customers. thanks for your comments many thanks carl
  3. just finished soakin up a gallon dont worry the chain round the bikes got a bell on it if anyone goes near it the commander will bite them good night to all and god bless many thanks carl
  4. hi thanks for the welcome ive visited before via the commander but this is the first time on my own so please be gentle. about me well i work full time building welbikes for people and doing british airborne jeep conversions i didnt think it would but its gone mad ive created a monster the missus has me tied to the work bench 12 hrs a day 7 days a week. we have stuff going all over the world its great and then to any one reading this that have placed orders with me at stoneliegh and look foward to seeing you all again at malvern. roll on normandy im not working that week:) many thanks again carl
  5. thanks for the mention commander.ive come to join you on the forum now as he says ive a lot of welbike parts repro and original so if you need parts or a complete bike drop me a line or just ring 07989557758 see you all in normandy
  6. hi how many do you want i have original drawing we make them to these they are £60 a track if its any help carl
  7. hi have a full rig that size shirt tie jump suit boots helmet webbing leg knife used ones to go to a dance 07989557758 if you want a chat about it
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