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  1. Is there any news about these plates? One my trailer were triangle refelctor, but I think that te reflectors can be removed and be placed on a repro T-plate.
  2. great to see another one rescued. I was thinking there were only two left in the world. One in the American National Electronics Museum and the other one at my brothers.
  3. In 1939 the Austin 10 saloon was produced in a new model. This model had some other features like another engine and grill. http://www.classiccarportraits.co.uk/images/Austin_10%20GRQsaloon.jpg Source: http://www.classiccarportraits.co.uk/pages/Austin10_GRQsaloon.htm Wartime produced Austin 10 saloon should be like this. It was also produced after the war, but these chassisnumber begin with GRQ instead of the prewar (and war?) GSI.
  4. I've got this British tent. Made in India in 1945. It had steel poles for frame and 2 steels poles to hold the sides down. Those last poles are secured with pegs through two holes. The shape of the groundsheet is like a house.
  5. A excellent example of restoration... a real Phoenix Tilly. Do let us know how the roadtest went....maybe with a vid, so we can hear how the Phoenix sounds Cheers Arjan
  6. Hi Tom, Love how your Tilly is coming together. It's hard to find Tilly doors. I think your solution is superb. I've made the interior of the doors from some "woodboard". It's the kind used between metalsheets. Do you have the winding mechanism for the windows?
  7. Maybe this thread on MLU is some use? http://www.mapleleafup.net/forums/showthread.php?t=5570&highlight=motley
  8. She keeps getting better.... can't hardly wait to see your Tilly finished... Amazing system for the trafficator.
  9. The two plates on the picture are from the same trailer. 80ZA54 is connected to contract S2490. But my second trailer had a plate with only 82ZA70 on it. The original plates are lost. I was hoping someone had a simular plate with the same number on it.
  10. My other GS trailer has two contractplates. I never understood why there was a plate with 80ZA54. But I was hoping that it was somehow connected to the contract system.
  11. the restoration of our second 10cwt GS trailer is going well. It's hard to find out what make it is. It does have several differences with our other trailer. Can anyone confirm that 82ZA70 can be part of contract S4198 or S5363? I think the trailer is from Orme Evans, but I'm not sure yet.
  12. You never forget that first ride out of the garage... :-) Looks very good! Can't wait to see the bonnet etc on the Tilly.
  13. The shape of the Tilly is definitely there. The first sight of such vehicle is motivating..... It always gives a smile on you face, when progress is visible. Keep up the good work!
  14. My brother has one, but is not able to restore it.
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