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  1. Fellas A big thanks for all your help. Seems there isn't agreement on whether the proof house will just approve the Euro deactivation OR weld it up to bring in line with UK deact standards. Does anyone know for sure what they will do? Ferretfixer - can you give me the details of the guy who imports deacts, as there is another MP40 I'm looking at that's in Germany. Probably best to do it the RIGHT way next time...:nono: Thanks Max
  2. For future reference, what is the accepted method of importing deactivated firearms from Europe? So, in the meantime, I need to call an RFD who will arrange for the weapon to be submitted to a proof house, checked and certed. And, if the deactivation has been done correctly, they won't carry out any further work on it? Will I be prosecuted retrospectively for importing it without a licence? Any idea of how much the RFD and proofing house would charge for this? Appreciate your help. Max
  3. Thanks for the replies. It was de-activated in Germany recently (past 12 months) and can be stripped and dry fired. This, am I right in saying, is consistent with a pre-95 UK deactivation? When I get the proofing house to approve it, will they insist on carrying out the newer UK deactivation type and start welding things? Also, does turning up there with a non-UK approved deact put me the wrong side of the law? Max
  4. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and have a quick question. I own a WW2 Germany-deactivated MP40 and need to get it proofed. I understand there are two UK proofing houses - one in Birmingham, the other in London. Can anyone tell me how I go about doing that? And if I turn up there with a deactivated (but not UK-proofed firearm) will I get arrested (or something) for having what the law may regard as an illegal firearm? Thanks for your help. Max
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