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  1. On a slightly similar theme has anyone else has the problem that if you search for anything on Google you just end up with pages of "companies" selling anti-virus packages ? The links all look like the genuine site I'm looking for but as soon as I click on them I get loads of messages flash up warning of a virus and then it goes to a site that can sell something to fix it. Luckily nothing bad has happened and I don't bother using Google at the minute. Richard
  2. I use a Pro-Nav now http://www.pronav.co.uk/ It's quite good, you can put in the sizes of your vehicle and it will route accordingly and as I write this it has never sent me down a winding dead end lane with an artic....yet, it can also be used as a normal car prat-nav if you wish. Price is good too I thought, especially compared to other HGV models. Regards Richard
  3. Looks nice ! There's a few times I wish I hadn't sold mine :-( With reference to the brakes, I had a similar problems with mine a couple of years ago after it had stood over the winter. In my case it was linkages on the service brakes that was the problem. After lots duck oil and hard work it all freed off lovely and plenty of regular greasing stopped it happening again. Would jacking it up show the problem wheel? I'm sure mine had limited slip diffs. Richard
  4. I thought it was brilliant! I loved the way it was filmed and edited to make the Inspectors look like a load of prats. The one in his kitchen demonstrating how to dry the floor !!! :-) I liked it when the women couldn't do a damn thing about that blokes workshop because he didn't employ anybody. She doesn't like loosing does she. And could you imagine being stuck in a room with any of them. Richard
  5. it's always nice to be right every now and then :-). Unfortunately the same can't be said for one of the batteries on our ex-MOD generator. One of them is perfect but the other is completely dead so they'll both have to be replaced :-(. Luckily it has a hydraulic starter motor so we can still start it. Why haven't more engines got these? Regards Richard
  6. The best memory I will always have of a Blackbird was at Mildenhall Air-Fete years ago. It did a very slow fly past, and you could see how unstable she was at low speed, the pilot then did a very tight turn over the crowd which cut the fuel off to the engines and they shut down. As he fired them back up gallons of unburnt fuel ignited in a fire ball all over the plane. Luckily it didn't crash but it could have been very nasty. Someone a few feet from us was listening into the tower at the time, you really should have heard that! I've only ever seen one picture of the incident, my uncle had it all lined up and his finger was on the shutter but in the shock of what was happening he just stood there watching it. Regards Richard
  7. I can't see it could cost that much..... can it? The trick would be to find someone to back load your stuff to shows. Mind you looking at your location this may be a bit of a problem. Richard
  8. The Driver Certificate of Professional Competency (CPC ) the new tax on holders of vocational licences. From 2014 you have to take 35 hours of training every 5 years, this can be broken down into 5 annual sessions of 7 hours if you prefer. At the minute there isn't any exact prices for this training but it's rumoured to be around £170-£200 per 7 hours. Apparently to gain your CPC you have to find a seat on a course, pay for the seat and sit on it! There is no test, if you sit the course, you pass. So yes, it is just another TAX by another name. There is no sense to the CPC, the "teacher" doesn't need to hold a CPC, you can take a bus drivers course and drive a lorry and vice-a-versa. There will be no training on safe trailer coupling ( which an artic driver does everyday) but they might train you how to tilt a cab ! Can you imagine what some of these professional drivers of 30 years think to having to take training from some little squit who's never sat in a lorry!? Regards Richard
  9. I would seriously look in to the cost involved before rushing out and buying a low loader. I've been there, done that and got the t-shirt. Unless you are using it every weekend it is cheaper to hire someone to move your pride and joy. I have a Renault Magnum and while it is cheap to tax as a Private HGV ( only £165 a year regardless of plated weight ) and insurance with someone like Footman James is only £122 every thing else mounts up. Plating ( MOT ) is much stricter than with a car and the VOSA man won't give a damn that you only use it every now and then, it will still have to comply to the same standards as a working truck. Tyres are expensive, you're unlikely to wear them out but they will deteriorate and VOSA don't like that. And have you seen the size of a trucks brake discs!? Then you've got the trailer. That needs to be Plated too. Most will have 12 tyres, 6 air bags and 6 brake cambers, all sitting there rotting or seizing up. I'm lucky with a trailer as a friend has 3 I can borrow if i need to. And you've got to buy them in the first place, about £3500 for a unit and possibly a bit more for a descent step frame low loader. The high price a scrap and a strong export market for basic units as put pay to finding a really cheap out fit. So realistically you're looking at 7-8 grand which would pay for a lot of haulier miles and their truck is up and down the road everyday so should be very reliable ( HGV's don't like standing about ) and if it does brake down it's not your problem. Regards Richard
  10. I use them on most of my vehicle's, certainly over winter when they're not used much. They charge the battery, then let it go down a little, then charge it again. Basically the same as if the vehicle was in regular use. I have noticed though if a battery is weak it will either build it back up again or finish it off completely. They're easy enough to get, just have a look on Ebay, I sold quite a few there a couple of years ago Regards Richard
  11. How long have the batteries been on charge? I remember reading somewhere that modern "Maintenance Free" batteries if flat, need to be charged at around 15vts for at least 3 days to bring them back up. Just a thought Richard
  12. Now not wanting to go off topic anymore but why? As I understand it White diesel is for road use and red is clearly marked NOT for road use. Rivers ain't roads are they! I could go on about how it's time we got more like the French and started standing up for ourselves but I'm not going there! Richard
  13. Why? Subject very close to his heart? I don't blame him, I used to have a boat many years ago. I'll have another one someday but as they say a gentleman should have a boat 1ft long for year old he is I'm going to have to get cracking! Regards Richard
  14. They're banning Red Diesel for boats now!?? Why?? Oh yer, forgot, boating tends to be done by middle class people who like spending time in the country. That's why. Silly me! My old Militant had quite a bit of red diesel in it when I got, but I've always used white since. Some people have suggested that it is a Gun TRACTOR. But I think thats too much of a technicality to stand up in court. Regards Richard
  15. I certainly believe that engines smoke more when on Red Diesel, but I think this is just another way "they" can spot you using it. If you rev an engine running on white diesel hard you get black smoke from the stack but do the same running on red it's more of a white smoke. I'm geussing that it is something to do with the dye's used burning off. Red diesel also has more of a smell I think. As for red diesel being harmfull to engines....tractors run on it all the time even modern tractors costing 100's of thousands of pounds,they seem OK. The high water content is more likely to come from how it is stored "at home" I would have thought, condensation forming in the tanks which aren't topped up very often. I don't know about the other stuff. Anyfirm that does heating fuels should do Red Diesel, they'll do White too but unless you are buying it in Eddie Stobart quanities it's not going to be any cheaper than pump prices Regards Richard
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