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  1. Hurrah!something on here that i know something about!!! these are tin cups from the top of Army or RAF medic waterbottles.they are larger than standard WW2 waterbottles and were supplied to medics,stretcher bearers and also kept in medical panniers.
  2. pic 1-the Ford rad/pic 2-markings on engine block/pic 3-numbers stamped into block
  3. Cheers guys, its from the philipines and supposedly WW2,and those are all the numbers that are on the registration documents from there. its doesnt have the aluminium plate on the chassis,i'm just going on what the paperwork states. it seems to be a mix of Willys and ford parts(has a Ford radiator,some parts for the top bow are F stamped etc)
  4. Hi chaps, how do i go about finding the details of a jeep from the engine and chassis numbers?the 2 pics below are on the ownership paperwork cheers, Al
  5. met him in Oosterbeek the night he did the jump onto Ginkel heath from the Dakota.really nice bloke,did a military history degree at uni i think,top man
  6. John got the pics through thanks alot,that will help to show & explain to the guy who is going to do it for me! thanks again chaps, Al
  7. if you could send a few pics please John,thanks. email is airborneAL67@aol.com nice one,again thanks for all the help guys. Al
  8. cheers again guys, i've been onto the Bensinger website & the XL seat set is the type of thing i'm looking for,$200 for the drivers seat & 2 wheelarch cutout sections.sent an email for costings to Uk so i'll wait & see.unless anyone knows if it can be found in the UK?ive tried universal supplies but he doesnt do anything like it. thanks again, Al
  9. cheers for the replies guys! i have seen that seat modification site before but wanted to compare the price of the fatty seat to buying a new/second hand seat & the pain of having to get it cut & welded etc. i shall also have a look at the steering bracket & the Besinger website if i can find it. any more info/hits,please keep it coming. thanks again, Al
  10. nobody?its a real question.i'm not trying to sell you penis extensions or viagra. i've read about the MD Juan(?) seat but cant find any info about them online.cant see any pics or info on the website either. its either that or i drive sat in the back with a complex series of poles & blocks on the pedals.....
  11. Hi Guys, any ideas where to get one of the (seems to me)fabled seats for gentlemen with the fuller figure that i've read about?(please dont say "why not lose some weight?i did & feel much better for it" like they do on G503 as i like chips more than jeeps) thanks, Al
  12. i dont suppose you have any plans to be at Detling for Military Odyssy this August do you? having a few probs with my number 4.... cheers, Al
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