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  1. And finally the Swedish Landsverk..... Hope you all enjoy:-D
  2. Belgian FN Oufits Used by The Argentinian Military in the mid 30's
  3. And Now for some Armoured Harleys:- 2 from Denmark, 1 from Chile, 1 American and 1 Polish
  4. Armoured motorcycles seemed to fascinate a number of countries before the war but none seemed to catch on.... I wonder why?:??? I'll start with the French. This is a Gillet Armoured Unit, I love the turret
  5. This one is not a fake though - Pre-war French, 1938. Must have a turning circle of a mile.....:cool2:
  6. This is where all the Indians went to:- French Army, German Army & Russian Lend-Lease:tup::
  7. As a Biker with riding experiences spanning back to 1964 I would say that the 350 would never have been used with a sidecar during it's military life. With at least two soldiers, kit, weapons etc it would have been hard pressed to move around on the road, let alone cross country. The Norton had a dog clutch to engage the drive to the sidecar wheel, which no other bike in British service had. The only other possibility for a sidecar outfit of 350cc would be an impressed civilian bike with sidecar already attached.
  8. Nothing new under the sun and I bet the sound systems were louder too...:banana::drive:
  9. I great effort was made to ensure 'The Unknown Soldier' who lies in Westminster Abbey was 'White' as well. The bodies that were to be chosen from came from a part of the battlefield that had seen action early in the war, before 'Colonial' troops arrived in theatre. No racism here.........
  10. Here are a few vehicles that may interest you. :-D
  11. Back In the day AC made a 350cc powered invalid carriage and a mate of mine used to work in the garage where they serviced them. Being toung and stupid, he and his mate 'tuned' the loan vehicle. The next customer in left his car for service and took the loaner. He got to the main road, gave it a fist full of throttle and wheelied it into a lampost on the opposite side of the road ....... :rofl: :rofl::stop:
  12. Not very good at lorry recognition, so may be on the wrong thread. I apologise if it is and ask that somebody puts it in the appropriate place. I came across this (Night Convoy, UK 1941) while looking for bike piccies. Hope you like it....:sweat:
  13. Loads of vehicles got left in theatre and sold on for civilian use or scrap. It is a pity that some rare or famous piece of machinery got scrapped because nobody wanted it.....:cry:
  14. As a matter of Interest the motorcycle & Tank are part of the 9th Armoured Div. and the marking on the front of the bikes mudguard is a Panda, a play on the German 'Panzer'.
  15. I'm into motorcycles, but to make it interesting for those of the multi wheel/tracked persuasion I have added some pictures with background interest for you......:-D
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