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  1. 2 pounder anti tank gun.

    Thanks, yes went to Bovington and measured one in a Valentine. all made now but still looking for 2pdr parts also for the 6 pdr anti tank gun as well if anyone can help please get in contact. Thanks
  2. Lazer cut copy of cocking Lever Catch £15
  3. Sight scopes 22d and 22c as pictured, both are missing some parts. £40 the pair.
  4. 11 wireless set coupling units

    Rare ww2 11 set coupling units, nos but rusty cases on the outside £80 for all three pictured.
  5. Nos £35 each plus postage.
  6. Hi, Does anyone have access to or know where to get dimensions for the Mk1 style of barrel for the 2 pdr anti tank gun ?. I've attached a picture of the tapered and slightly flared end style of barrel. Thanks.
  7. wanted, striker mech and other parts associated with the 2 pdr anti tank gun breech mechanism, cash waiting.
  8. Front plate that goes over drivers feet £250, engine decking part £80. Delivery possible.
  9. Wanted british 10cwt airborne trailer spares

    thread hijack :-) I'm looking for a data plate for the 4.2" mortar trailer version if anyone has one ? kevin.
  10. Dorking covenanter recovery

    Yer, I've stayed at Ricks, he's the bed and breakfast man.
  11. Dorking covenanter recovery

    Anyone know if the wheels are same size as centaur or cromwell? Any pics of Suggs?.
  12. Dorking covenanter recovery

    Looking good Rick!, was Suggs there?
  13. 80 pound tent and vehicle crew shelter

    Hello, it's that a 160lb tent?, I should know as that tent pic was taken in my back garden after I put it up lol. Kevin
  14. Wanted, breech ring parts, including breech block, any condition.
  15. 8.25 X 10 tyres wanted

    Set of two tyres wanted. Good usable condition.