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    collecting ww2 stuff and i'am intrested in old motercycle's
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  1. Hi Ron, Thanks for your reply! I Will send them an e-mail
  2. Hi Ron, I would like to fit this on my 1939 SW because it Seems they use these spigot drive speedo’s on sevral WD Bikes. I’m looking for more info About the early speedo cables and How they are fitted on to the speedometer and the Angled drive.
  3. Goodevening all, a couple of months ago i picked up a triumph 3hw for restauration. This will be my 3th Triumpg retauration so i know a little bit what i can expect :). last week i've bought a (early) Smiths speedometer with spigot drive, below you can find a picture of the rear side of the speedo: . I've found a post from a few years ago on this forum with some intresting details about early speedometers and cables. Can somebody help me with some details of the early speedometer cables? and were to buy it? i've learned that this consist out of a thin axle that's rotated in a rubber hose withs is clamped on the speedometer. Thanks for watching!
  4. Here are finaly some pics of my bike before the restauration i'am still working on the engine and today i have given the frame parts the right collor, as you can see there still much to do .
  5. I have another quistion abaut my 3hw, Is it possible that some 3hw's where not equipt with exhaustvalve lifter?? My 3hw does not have one in de hole in the clinderhead between the valves is sealed with a piece of cork Thanks 4 reading Rien
  6. Thanks for you reply, i try to upload foto's but it wont work. When i finished the bike i will deffenetly upload fhoto's of my 3hw. To bad there is not much technical info to find on the internet about the 3hw. Regards from holland
  7. Hello, I have a few questions about my triumph 3hw. Does somebody know wat kind of tire size's belong to this bike? On the front weel is mounted a 3.25x19" firestone original miltary tube. And on the rear wheel a 3.50x19". Does somebody know off this is orginal or that both tubes most have the same size? The spokes of the rear wheel ar thicker than the front spokes of the frontwheel is this original or most have both wheels the same spokes. Thank you for reading!! Regards Rien
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