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  1. Hi I've got one you can have if you still need one. Give me a call on 077791489079 cheers Gary
  2. Hi mate have just read your thread, if you still need a answer about the winch pm with a number to call you on ,cheers Gary
  3. Hi Richard, your right, mind blank l'am afraid lve even brought sae140 to put in my explorer diff,
  4. Hi Does anyone know the whereabouts of a new meadows 630pc engine for a Scamell explorer or a good take out that can be heard running before purchase .
  5. Hi Neil, to answer to your question, all the lubricating nipples take OC600 (EP140) but due to the adance in grease technology everyone probably uses grease . The following do take grease Generator spindle bearings (XG271) Starter motor spindle bearings Water pump bearings (LG280) All other moving parts (linkages,door locks, hinges) are just oil can lubricated This list is almost identical on Scammells too, all the above is taken from the D152 and R152 EMER for both vehicles
  6. Neil , l live 6 miles down the road from sible and and will be happy to supply a second or third set of eyes as l've owned a knocker for 15 years and have done nearly everything you can do in that time. a ford cargo part number TDE2P Timax ltd fits nicely as a silencer and a WB6M bend Timax ltd puts the smoke out the side.
  7. Hi Rob, If you still want to take the hub off, send me a pm with your email address and i will scan the relavent pages in the emer and send it to you .
  8. Cheers for that Richard. Did the snow-flyr have a fuel trailer behind it? because the fuel comsumption must have been horrendous!! :shocked: Only the MoD could afford to run one . Like you say, would have sounded great .
  9. Sorry, it apparently was attached to a generator, and looks the same as a 630 PC in the Explorer, carbs, sump, everything, and has a tiny radiater to cool it. I don't know what a one way roller clutch looks like to be able to tell the difference,( Don't tell me, it only turns one way !! ) :??? what i have is full of fluid and turns both ways - thats all i know about it
  10. In answer to both replies: The fluid flywheel was bolted to a shaft with a massive ten belt pulley on the end of it. I never saw the generator, only an exciter motor that was bolted to it. I can't see why the seller wouldn't tell me the truth. I was only wondering what this engine would have been used in as I'm going to put in my Explorer - it sounds and runs lovely !!
  11. Hi all, I've just brought a Meadows 630 PJ engine. It was a stand-by engine for a generator in a printing works and was brought by them at auction in the 70's. It has a few differences from a nomal 630 PC engine that i can see, these being: diffent oil filters, cab gas adapters, fluid flywheel and governor settings - as it is set to start and run at 1800. All of the above are painted in egg shell blue/green, as brought from auction. This engine was brand new, as there is no rebuild plate. It has done 213 hours, on starting it runs and revs without the nomal Meadows cough. My question is this what did the MoD use a 6 cylinder petrol engine with fluid fly wheel in, and are there any other internal differences compared with a 630 PC engine ?
  12. The Antar and some of the tyres were sold to Dave Hardy a couple of years ago. He's always after bits to help restore it if anyone knows of any being broken up.
  13. Its the same size and works just as badly!
  14. Hi mate I've never run with the side covers on as the heat melts the plug leads and gives me vapour locks.
  15. Cheers for the tips guys I'II try putting the thermostats back in, your other suggestion about the exhaust manifold and exhaust valve passageways could also be worth a look [ deep joy ] On a lighter note Bernard you've been driving that L10 powered scammell too long and have forgot that a meadows dies in the first 100 yards of any hill climb.
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