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  1. paul connor

    Goodbye Piggy :(

    Oh yes, I forgot about that part, after 70yrs they remove your minibus D1 entitlement and C1 >7.5 tonnes categories I believe?
  2. paul connor

    Goodbye Piggy :(

    Wow! I knew you had a few spares squirrelled away, but not that much!
  3. paul connor

    Goodbye Piggy :(

    I have had a fair share of that with a Pig in the past also. ".. of course, it's based on a Land Rover chassis" "That's a Saracen, I drove those in Northern Ireland" "No, Sir, it isn't, it's a Humber Pig" I replied "What do you know?!" I was aggressively told! So I just moved away. I even had one with my neighbour recently, who is a know-it-all! "Of course it's only 2 wheel drive" He states while tapping the wings of my vehicle and doors. "No, it has three axles and they all have drive, hence the driveshafts" I reply about my GMC 353 "I'm a mechanical engineer, I used to drive these" "Kindly do not touch my vehicle and please go away" That seemed to end the situation. I don't mind being a captive audience at a show, but loading my truck at my home I could do without being told what something is when I clearly own it. I guess any vehicle brings the silly comments. Even my Land Rover gets called a Jeep more times that Land Rover!
  4. paul connor

    Goodbye Piggy :(

    A sad day. It only seems like a few years ago you kindly took the time out of your weekend to show me how to service a Pig. That must be around 2002 now I think about it - wow! You also manager to talk an over enthusiastic younger me out of purchasing the very same Pig, as I wanted to weld all the armour back on to remake the MK2 look. I'm still hooked on Pigs and I shall one day, when I have the suitable space, have another. My Pig somehow lives on through my Land Rover 110, I guess as the money from the Pig went into that. The 110 has been off the road now for over a year, but is nearly rebuilt and ready to provide more service. I guess what I am trying to say is the longer you have a vehicle the harder it is to part with it. Paul
  5. paul connor


    Hi Chris, Welcome to HMVF. I do not personally take vehicles to Tankfest, mostly due to work commitments, and lacking a tank and only having lighter vehicles. I am interested in the fact you visit the Canadian archive. Do you go there often, and if so would you be able to do a few cursory searches for me this side of the pond? I am trying to locate Canadian forces movements in the UK during the 1940's and I have reference to certain things being kept in the Canadian archive that are ommited from the UK natioanl archive. It would fill a few gaps in my research. Only if you have time of course, but would be a great help. Kind regards Paul
  6. Thanks for the reply, Neil. I hope all is well by the way, sure we will catch up at WP show for a chat. Good to get some idea of clarification. I'm not sure where I heard that the 6 way switch was an issue, I think it was in regard to MOT and export licences somewhere in the past, but you know how ridiculous information spreads like wildfire. The end goal will be to register both in Germany, as I intend to move there as soon as I can in the future. I am hoping the Merlin reports for both vehicles will suffice for registering both vehicles, as the trailer will be classed as a vehicle, but that is another day, I guess. So the idea of the SPIRE licence is to show that the vehicle has been cast and not stolen I guess? Are these free to apply for and just a simple application stating rough dates I shall be travelling and to where? Thanks Paul
  7. Good morning everyone, Can anyone shed some light on a few topics - namely the use of my Land Rover 110 (1989) and Sankey MK2 trailer through France, Belgium, Netherlands, and Germany. It is my understanding that to take the 110 to France I need an export licence, as some parts of the vehicle do not have 'EU' friendly components, such as; NATO Hitch, convoy lights, brake-away cable on the trailer and reverse over-ride button. With the trailer, I guess if I was to get the history card showing the details, clearly display the plates so they match, then add a break-away cable it would be compliant? As I am aware many countries such as Germany require an MOT for trailers, but guess I am bound by UK law on many accounts. The 110 is also confusing in regard to the Dixon Bate tow hitch. Is this hitch legal to use in these places, as I am guessing most NATO vehicles have them? Although I understand Military have different legal obligations to adhere with and indemnities. Furthermore, is my convoy light switch really such an issue as I am led to believe, and if so do I really require an export licence to pass through these places? I would like to stay legal, and be prepared, rather than look as if I am flaunting the law with ignorance. Thanks in advance Paul
  8. Another excellent show. My thanks to everyone who attended, displayed and brought along an interesting array of vehicles. Good stuff! Thanks to Peter Hibbs for the www.pillbox.org.uk pictures and bringing a full size Type 24 Mock Pillbox
  9. paul connor

    W & P Blatant Spamming

    I am also getting annoyed with the daily updates about nothing arriving in my inbox. They are flaunting and ignoring the new data protection regulations now in force, I have not been asked once if I would like to continue to receiving this spam. I really do think that since this new group have taken over WP it is run in a very amateur way. The website is awful and confusing, the home page still has a guide to 2017 show on the main drop-bars, and nothing is straight forward. I think this will be my last year at the show. I will not go into the usual gripes and complaints, but toilets, lack of marshals, no enforcement and illegal driving are certainly high on the list. As well as stalls closing early, people leaving and the civilian cars, vans and marquees in the middle of great displays. I guess it all died a death when Rex stepped down. Now it seems to be a money spinner with no real substance.
  10. paul connor

    Having some fun.

    Mention your son/brother/relative lives in Rome. Ask for them to meet him! That'll throw him!
  11. paul connor

    Having some fun.

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/redsquash-uk/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= It would appear on the above link to the Seller, that they have the most varied stock of items for sale. I hope it isn't an innocent persons account that has been somehow hacked, as the feedback trail has been inactive for 6 months?
  12. paul connor

    Having some fun.

    The current username is "Redsquash-uk" with a user rating of 574 at 100%! I guess you can fake or hack anything these days. So far I can see the AEC Militant, Series 3 Lightweight, Willy MB and a replica Willys. They are using stock picture from 'Google Images'. I think we should all try and have some fun with the scammer and bombard them with useless questions! "Does it come in blue?" "What make is the AEC Militant?" "I can come and pay in cash now, is that okay?" Paul
  13. paul connor

    Having some fun.

    I do keep seeing this. There are also many other vehicles appearing and being cancelled by a similar seller. It always states "GB, UK" as a location. I have reported around 10 of these myself as it would be all to easy for the unfamiliar on eBay to get caught out. I wonder what they will reply? Paul
  14. It is close to the 'last call!' for bookings. We are still happy to accept anything related to the Home Front period (1939-1945). Also, we are always happy to book in Living History or Re-enactment groups or individuals. Vehicles both civilian and military, tractors, engines, or steam! Drop me a line via HMVF or the contact details above. See you all on the 16th and 17th of June! Paul
  15. paul connor

    Panzer 2 turret

    I have been following this thread with great enthusiasm. Your skill in fabrication and engineering is inspiring. You certainly should try the 'YouTube' route, I am sure many companies would sponsor your work and want to be associated. I have seen various channels grow and become sponsored from the likes of Land Rover parts dealers, to the tool manufactures themselves providing tools for a quick 'plug' of their goods; it may cut your costs and become very beneficial. I cannot wait to see the finished product, and hopefully someday at a show! Keep up the great work. Regards Paul