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  1. Hi all, I have an 110 that I changed the steering wheel on many years ago, as I really hated the old 1980's wheel it had fitted. I fitted a smaller wheel which has served me well, but now it must go, as I have the looming German TUV test coming. Why you ask? well, the new wheel would need to be certified and have paperwork, which it does not, so I have sourced a 36 spline (correct for 1989 but newer look) steering wheel, which is the later type with the bulging middle part. Anyhow, my question is thus! This has the classic de-lamination at the top of the wheel where the plastic has separated from the metal inside so it can be twisted back and forth. Can this be repaired and has anyone undergone such a repair? I was thinking of drilling small holes and injecting glue (epoxy) or slicing the rear open and the same operation. Any ideas? As I need a standard LR wheel fitted, and the old one from HMV Belfast that was originally fitted I threw away a long time ago. Many thanks Paul
  2. Yes, its the eBay "bootsale" app. Not much to go on with the advert though!
  3. Just in case for the people that know me, I now live in Germany! in case the above made little sense.
  4. I know a few people here in Germany with armour. You are allowed to own it, and trade it, as many dealer pages will verify. Driving tanks on the road is not allowed, I discovered this changing my licence as I lost the 'H' class entitlement, as they do not have such a category. It would seem only the Bundeswehr are allowed to drive tracked vehicles on the road. The document is in reference to live equipment, not de-militarised. As for collecting, it all seems the same as the UK from what I can see, bar the EU specification on deactivated weapons. Also the sale of Reich goods is tricky, although not illegal, just illegal to show emblems from my understanding.
  5. Hi all, I always buy my paint from https://www.militaryvehiclepaint.co.uk as they always seem to get the shade I require, and paint can be very hit and miss to what you actually get , regardless of paint code. My question is this, with an enamel paint, such as Olive Drab, do you personally add hardener or just spray as is? I have success with both, I was just curious if I should always be adding hardener to these products to create a tougher more durable finish? Thank Paul
  6. XMOD are a fantastic company, I really do rate them. If you have the NSN they seem to have the parts! Keep up the good work! Paul
  7. Do you know where this truck is located? As if that bonnet number is correct I have the original one!
  8. Just did the same search. I think a few are dead links and the others take me to a repaid manual for a WC51.
  9. Oh? I could not find any prompting pdf? Can I ask which site? Thanks by the way
  10. HI everyone, Sorry to post again in this section, but there isn't really a place for wanted on HMVF that I know of? Im after a few manual, which I know exist in the USA, but I cannot locate in Europe. They are for the Dodge WC38 TM10-1154 & TM10-1155 Can anyone help? There are a few online sources that either do not reply, or do not have them available to download or buy? Thanks Paul TM 10-1154 Parts List, Truck, 1/2-Ton 4x2, Dodge (Model WC-36, WC-37,WC-38, WC-39) Set 1. TM 10-1154 Parts List, Truck, 1/2-Ton 4x2, Dodge (Model WC-36, WC-37,WC-38, WC-39) Set 2. TM 10-1155 Maintenance Manual, Truck, 1/2-Ton 4x2, Dodge (Models WC-36, WC-37, WC-38 and WC-39).
  11. I have a few feelers out in the USA now, and Belgium. I hope they come through. I wish I was as skilled in metal work as the Covell chap. He makes it look so easy! Maybe I should do a reaction video with me swearing and making a right mess of it all following his tutorial?
  12. I have one from a Dodge WC38, which I think is the same as the WC54. I shall have to check to see what side it is. It is not in very good condition, but would serve as a template or to be patched up.
  13. Hi Goanna, The actual picture was just for reference, mine is in unrestored condition. Gordon, thanks for the reply. Fills me with more hope, as I can explore more options for spares.
  14. Thanks for the reply. Do you have any experience with the fibre glass panels? I'm sceptical of how they will look on a military vehicle? There must be someone with a few in a barn/shed? Come on HMVF! We can do this...now everyone outside and check your sheds!
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