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  1. paul connor

    Very dark drab paint

    Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me what the paint code for very dark drab BS381c 337 would be in equivalent RAL European code? I cannot seem to find an equivalent to get mixed in Germany? Thanks Paul.
  2. paul connor

    The Sun newspaper - 22nd August 2018

    Where does it stop? Vikings are all the fashion nowadays - but they raped and pillaged across Britain, but that's fun I guess? Pirates are the bad guys, but Hastings has a Pirate day each year, surely that is offensive? "Backpacking" in countries that have been bombed by the west on your gap-year using the exchange rate as a tool to be treated like Royalty is offensive, but they never hawk on about that! That is a right of passage and "enlightening". I am unsure how someone how has no real idea of her lineage and her ancestry can be offended by something she has no evidence of and take it subjectively? "From Europe" where? Quite a lot of Europe was Axis forces, so maybe she will get a shock if she digs deeper! If the sight of fabric on a person, that you subjectively identify (wrongly) can cause you a panic attack, I would suggest vetting all social interaction before leaving the house. And surely fascism would be the removal and propitiation of items, such as these uniforms, not freedom of speech? I find that ironic. Don't like it, don't go. I hate boy-bands, rap music and modern rap culture but I do not call the BBC and complain when they are on the TV, I turn the channel over.
  3. paul connor

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    Yes. It is unfortunate that some people are so extremely narrow minded. I also thought many groups would eject members if they conveyed such extremist views? It is unfortunate with the current political choices towards the continent that many have interpreted this as acceptance to be openly racist and bigoted, which they somehow assume others now have to accept or tolerate.
  4. paul connor

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    He seemed to just be by himself with some bunting. Rather strange.
  5. paul connor

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    I thought I would add a concluding summary to my previous posts. Good Points: Vehicles/Displays. Turn out was pretty good, there were loads of new vehicles large and small I had never seen. Also a good supply of armour being displayed. Living history was good, with some nice details. Home Front village is expanding and I really do love it there. Great effort to all concerned. I enjoyed that the best for sure. Staff. Well after my initial run in with Mr Rude, the booking-in official, the rest seemed very helpful. I guess that one guy, who upset others, needs addressing and maybe asked to not attend in future if he has such a poor attitude. Booking in should be greeting exhibitors, as well as handing them all the programme and welcome pack, something I also did not get. Overall good, except an individual. Public. I think other than the Saturday there was a significant drop in numbers, maybe this was the weather or the lack of a full weekend for their attendance. Saturday was clearly busier, which was good and the arena was watched by a huge crowd. Music/Beer tents. Victory was very low in attendance the nights I walked up there, which was quite strange as it is usually very busy. Spitfire tent was quite good with a new stage, which is a nice touch. The music wasn't to my liking, but I wasn't there to watch bands and being into Metal I was fully aware I would not get Motörhead or Iron Maiden! But the addition of stage is good and the atmosphere there the Saturday night was good and seemed popular. Toilets. We booked our own, so I cannot really comment on that. But I didn't notice many around. So for me, showers and toilets were excellent. Gripes: Mr Rude. See above and previous posts. Bins. Where were they? Black bags left in piles all through the living history areas and stalls. This looked awful and could easily be resolved. There was a decline in the metal drums and their placement and number was insufficient. This caused people to create small piles of rubbish in areas. Not very nice, especially with the temperature. Nazi Fanatics. While I do not have an issue with displays personally, I did this year with a few things I saw. Firstly was Nazi tattoos. A man with a full Himler sleeve piece on his arm, somewhat concerning! more so with the Swastika on the other upper arm. Another was noticed with clear Swastikas on both arms and a Tottenkopf deaths head on his hands. While freedom of expression is something that we all support, the subjective connotations this presented was somewhat shocking, moreover when wearing uniform to support it! But, that is not to be controlled by show staff I guess, just rather sinister to witness, especially with a German fiancee. In the back field there was one man by himself in a civilian tent with Swastika bunting and a huge Swastika flag in the doorway of his tent. I have no idea what that was for or why? But it is unnecessary and as it has no context is offensive to many. Caravans. It was disappointing to see so many displays ruined by civilian tents, caravans, gazebos and tarpaulins, losing the 'green' feel of the show. I was very surprised so many "UN" vehicles were paraded as having history and allowed in the displays. A 2004 Land Rover discovery is not UN, and the two Citroen Berlingo vans with UN on the sides made me realise that booking in do not care what rubbish people display as long as they have paid. These vehicles and civilian displays need to be all together, not mixed with people who have made such a valid and creditable effort. Stalls. Bit lower than normal in numbers. A shame as the two stalls I actually went there for have boycotted the show, which is a shame - mail order it is then. I was a little confused with stalls selling such items as crystal skulls and healing crystals and shoe laces? I guess it will become a local market before long with a Del Boy and a suitcase selling fax machines and wind up porcelain cats that play 'how much is that doggy in the window'? 8/10. Overall a good show, but I fear the numbers were a touch lower. Great to see some old friends whom I have not seen in a few years, and great social aspect to it all More bins, clear the civilian rubbish away from displays and keep it green! That's what people come to see, and monitor the area to ensure, like it was before, rules are adhered to with displays. Paul
  6. paul connor

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    In my opinion it really is declining in numbers of exhibits and stalls. New organisers who don't care for the people who are vital to their own income - wake up! Less security, crap facilities, expensive, nothing enforced, rude staff, caravans and transit vans taking priority over displays - the list goes on. If they can charge for it, they will. Rex did a fantastic job and it is a real shame as those days are easily achieved with some thought, care, and absorbing some constructive criticism. If I had the means I would happily run the show, and I know I could do a far better job than they currently are, that's for sure!
  7. paul connor

    War & Peace Revival - 2018

    Yesterday I drove my GMC to the WP show. I intended to leave the truck with the group I am camping with, who are also Marshalls for the event, and head home to return next week. I was told I "Had" to book in so I went to the booking in office. This is where it started. I explained I was dropping the truck off, who it was with, and who I was. They found my name on the list, no problem there, but then insisted I had to take a wrist band and book in. I explained I was only there for 15 minutes to deliver the vehicle and then I was heading home for the next three days, so I would rather not take a wrist band as it will be dangerous to keep on at work, and will get defaced. "£30 Deposit then, or you can't go in!" I was greeted with. I was a touch shocked, as he could see I had the correct booking in forms and was entitled to a wrist band, but he was just very rude and insisted I could just "Disappear" into the show, when I could just take a wrist band and do that anyhow and I did intent to return for my truck! I asked what would happen when I take my wrist band off as I have to work between now and my arrival back "Then you pay £30 for a new one" I was pleasantly greeted with. He was rude, unhelpful and quite obviously didn't want to be in the trailer. He successfully made me feel small, as if I was trying to scam the show and untrustworthy, also in front of another vehicle owner as well! So I have filled my truck with £70 of fuel, driven to the show site, been greeted with a bloody rude booking in official, who has already partly ruined my experience to be honest. If I did not bring vehicles, like everyone else, there would be no WP show. I do not appreciate being treated like I am scamming the show, and the clear undertone of money-making is very evident. What happened to the friendly understanding staff Rex once employed? Do low-loader drivers all have to have a wrist band, do they have to pay? Money, that is all it is about. I do not like someone barking "£30 deposit or you cannot go in" over and over at me when I am an exhibitor! Shame on you WP show. You are run by people who do not care about Military vehicles, the hobby, or the community to which supports it. Maybe stick to shooting shows and hand WP back so somebody can run it who cares. Already while driving in I was nearly struck by a group of teenage girls in a golf cart thrashing around the site, obviously with no insurance or licensing.. once again, War and Fleece is upon us. I think this may well be my last time there. Booking in have already dragged a grey cloud over the show for me, thank you for your pleasant and warm welcoming staff after a 30 mile drive in rush hour traffic in a 1940's vehicle. I am sorry I inconvenienced them from their smart phones and coffee, next time I shall not bother.
  8. I have applied for the SPIRE licence. This was not easiest of forms to complete, wanting to know where I am heading and also have a reference from the person the other end. This is also the case for the trailer as it is still "Ex Army" kit. I have not heard back from them as yet, and it has been nearly 2 weeks now. How do others get on with this, as surely not everyone goes through this process as some may not even know their Defender or similar is Ex Army? Do I have to go through the same process and waiting time if I was to buy, for example; a WW2 vehicle and trailer it to Germany? Would I have to wait for them to process this licence before I could head through customs? It all seems a bit crazy. I understand some equipment is indeed sensitive with NBC, ECM and the such. But a Land Rover 110 isn't really of issue, surely? Paul
  9. paul connor

    GMC CCKW 353 A2 1944 'Jimmy'

    1944 GMC CCKW 353 A2 (Banjo Axle) Hard cab truck with steel load-bed. Rear wooden folding benches. Great overall condition, one of the best ‘Jimmys’ I have seen. 11 Very good tyres, mostly Firestone. This was a body off restoration around 5 years ago. Cab roof hatch with canvas cover, so could have a 50cal and gun ring installed if you have one. Engine is a French recon from the 1960’s as this truck continued in French service after the War, but the correct wartime engine. Great condition rear canvas with no leaks. Indicators sympathetically hidden in period 1940’s lights. 12v Jolly alternator conversion, with 12v fuel pump and alternator. A small amount of spares included, including a starter motor, seals, some ignition parts and gaskets. 2x large folder manuals for service and maintenance. Starts every time. Brakes are excellent. Drives very well with no wandering or usual bad points these trucks can have. Fuel – this truck will do 8-12mpg depending how driven. This truck will be available for viewing at War & Peace 2018 @ Paddock Wood, Kent from the 19th – 29th July. Located at the Kelly's Heroes group stand in Monkton field. It is stored in Uckfield, East Sussex. This really is a lovely truck. It has been reliable the last two years I have owned it, and I even know the previous 2 owners before that. It has been a Sussex truck since the 1990’s. I am only selling due to business prospects, or I would honestly keep this truck. I would consider Willys MB, Ford GPW, Dodge WC series (any) restoration projects, or a LHD Land Rover Defender as P/X or trade. Price £11500 o.v.n.o Come and have a chat... Regards Paul
  10. paul connor

    Goodbye Piggy :(

    Oh yes, I forgot about that part, after 70yrs they remove your minibus D1 entitlement and C1 >7.5 tonnes categories I believe?
  11. paul connor

    Goodbye Piggy :(

    Wow! I knew you had a few spares squirrelled away, but not that much!
  12. paul connor

    Goodbye Piggy :(

    I have had a fair share of that with a Pig in the past also. ".. of course, it's based on a Land Rover chassis" "That's a Saracen, I drove those in Northern Ireland" "No, Sir, it isn't, it's a Humber Pig" I replied "What do you know?!" I was aggressively told! So I just moved away. I even had one with my neighbour recently, who is a know-it-all! "Of course it's only 2 wheel drive" He states while tapping the wings of my vehicle and doors. "No, it has three axles and they all have drive, hence the driveshafts" I reply about my GMC 353 "I'm a mechanical engineer, I used to drive these" "Kindly do not touch my vehicle and please go away" That seemed to end the situation. I don't mind being a captive audience at a show, but loading my truck at my home I could do without being told what something is when I clearly own it. I guess any vehicle brings the silly comments. Even my Land Rover gets called a Jeep more times that Land Rover!
  13. paul connor

    Goodbye Piggy :(

    A sad day. It only seems like a few years ago you kindly took the time out of your weekend to show me how to service a Pig. That must be around 2002 now I think about it - wow! You also manager to talk an over enthusiastic younger me out of purchasing the very same Pig, as I wanted to weld all the armour back on to remake the MK2 look. I'm still hooked on Pigs and I shall one day, when I have the suitable space, have another. My Pig somehow lives on through my Land Rover 110, I guess as the money from the Pig went into that. The 110 has been off the road now for over a year, but is nearly rebuilt and ready to provide more service. I guess what I am trying to say is the longer you have a vehicle the harder it is to part with it. Paul
  14. paul connor


    Hi Chris, Welcome to HMVF. I do not personally take vehicles to Tankfest, mostly due to work commitments, and lacking a tank and only having lighter vehicles. I am interested in the fact you visit the Canadian archive. Do you go there often, and if so would you be able to do a few cursory searches for me this side of the pond? I am trying to locate Canadian forces movements in the UK during the 1940's and I have reference to certain things being kept in the Canadian archive that are ommited from the UK natioanl archive. It would fill a few gaps in my research. Only if you have time of course, but would be a great help. Kind regards Paul
  15. Thanks for the reply, Neil. I hope all is well by the way, sure we will catch up at WP show for a chat. Good to get some idea of clarification. I'm not sure where I heard that the 6 way switch was an issue, I think it was in regard to MOT and export licences somewhere in the past, but you know how ridiculous information spreads like wildfire. The end goal will be to register both in Germany, as I intend to move there as soon as I can in the future. I am hoping the Merlin reports for both vehicles will suffice for registering both vehicles, as the trailer will be classed as a vehicle, but that is another day, I guess. So the idea of the SPIRE licence is to show that the vehicle has been cast and not stolen I guess? Are these free to apply for and just a simple application stating rough dates I shall be travelling and to where? Thanks Paul