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  1. Nothing at the moment. A few more negatives. But we are beavering away in this unhelpful world. I hope it’s enough.
  2. Hi Guys anyone got a spare 432 fuel tank and drivers seat...and a few other bits and pieces from the internals...mine was burnt out...
  3. paulob1

    New toys, research advice required

    they are a nice pair good purchases
  4. oh i know that but its just more excuses to limit growth development and business...
  5. should have the preliminary drawings for the museum building ready this week or next and then its getting all the ridiculous reports done, flood report, bat report tree report traffic report, all just excuses for wasting money...
  6. i think they are testing me to see how serious I am...
  7. seeing the architect tomorrow, hopefully to finalise the buildings, the council are going to issue an enforcement notice for me to remove the items from the field prior to the application going in which is a pain and makes me think I want to move elsewhere with my museum...why give it to an unresponsive and useless council so they can simply screw me around. I am sure I can find a council that will embrace my ideas. i have had the local MP give me a heads up saying he is interested but I do not want to involve him at this stage.
  8. Yes, if you want dictate them to your phone or computer send them as a file and i will write them down and use them in the reference section it is always useful.
  9. Steve, brilliant, I will investigate some of this...do you have any photos of the area/period, i can copy them and return them...
  10. And I have emailed my MP...
  11. So I started the process of generating some public interest in the Museum. I am looking for local knowledge and connections with the period, we have a thriving Polish community and am hoping many of them will have experience of the period that will make it interesting to hear their stories and maybe see pictures that can be used in the museum...memento's memorabilia etc etc. But the process is now in the open.
  12. paulob1

    a question for experienced MMLC Drops drivers

    Nick if its o the motorway then there is something wrong, mine is dead smooth on the motorways, the bouncing on the A roads when empty is normal, every truck I have driven has been the same when empty, admittedly only 4 trucks but they were all the same...on motorways though she is dead smooth. if you have a bounce at motorway speeds I would check your tyres first. perhaps you have a bad one...
  13. Just so much negativity from people in the council. They are just ignorant and mindless with little or no hope of ever being anything other than a worthless person coming to peoples homes and telling them you cant do this and you cant do that. luckily this person is not the actual planning department.
  14. i just wonder sometimes why I bother...some people have no vision
  15. paulob1

    a question for experienced MMLC Drops drivers

    Nick, I think you are being a bit of a mamby pamby, she is on steel suspension has wopping great tyres and the roads in Surrey are shite...mine bounces like a yoyo without any load on the back, and once you start bouncing your foot bounces on the accelerator and you get even more bounce as you open and close the throttle unintentionally... when driving on A roads try to keep your foot steady, not easy, and no matter how small a bump she will bounce over it and that goes through all the body. when loaded the springs are working a bit better and the bounce is much less noticeable..just to be sure she is nice and smooth on the motorway for instance, foot flat max speed 45-46 mph...