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  1. are you sure it isnt the head gasket which is common, the water pumps can fail if you dont grease them...but that's rare...flush the whole system first...radiators can be re=cored easily enough...
  2. three more trees to go, it looks like we have aother two dead ones so we will get those out too, massive trees interesting that they have died....one i was thinking would be in the way has gone and died for us so that will be okay, the two other ones the tree surgeon asked us to take down its close to power lines...will get that done by the insured boys, my method of controlled downing is cutting the tree part way through attaching a very long rope and pulling it down with a truck... As long as there is space anyway... and the other three are sadly too close to items of interest, fences and the power lines already mentioned so cherry picker needed....we will then have good access to the site and once we get the next planning permission we will level the ground pack hardcore and build some simple sheds for our first pass at running the museum...its not what I want but planning is such a palaver I am taking it in stages.. in three years i will have the buildings I want...however some of the plans may have to stay outside for a bit longer....
  3. the Type V111 torpedo was the first burner engine built by the british in 1925 and was effectively a diesel engine not a petrol engine like the BRDM2..it generated about 322 bhp..see below... Britain held a technological lead in torpedo development for much of the period between the World Wars, but they were overtaken by the Japanese with their use of pure oxygen. However, the British remained ahead of all other nations. This success was mainly due to the adoption of the Brotherhood burner-cycle engine. The burner-cycle engine was in effect a semi-diesel. Typically, air pressurized to about 840 lbs./in2 (59 kg/cm2) was heated to about 1,800ºF (1,000ºC) by burning a small amount of atomized kerosene-type fuel. This hot air/gas mixture was then fed into the engine via poppet valves and more fuel was injected into each cylinder a little before TDC (Top Dead Center). The spontaneous ignition of this mixture powered the engine. not sure where you think the BRDM2 fits in...but i ask has loads of what tell me more...pm me please...
  4. SO I have just acquired a dummy warhead for a Type V111 torpedo...along with the motor...it will make a fitting display to recognise the part they played in the Falklands war...excited about this...also in the running for a Cold War East German patrol boat, still in East German colours...and with aloads of paraphernalia...very exciting times...
  5. if it has a one piece screen it is likely to have been fitted from a zil 130...are you sure yours is a zil 131...what engine do you have in it any chance of a picture...including engine etc...the chassis numbers were painted on the step...not stamped on the chassis. there should be a chassis number on a plate on the passenger door side by the seat...you will usually find 2 holes there where it has been removed...why they were removed I have no idea...getting it registered will not be easy you have to prove duties have been paid for them...if you do not know its supply or when it cam e here they can be tricky, I cannot remember the time factor now but if its over 25 years I think the VAT does not apply...I cant remember the detail now so forgive me if I am wrong about this...if you send me some photos I can determine the age better...if it has a plate stating 1977 that may be the date it was refurbished or it could be the age...they were first produced from about 1965/66, production finished in the 90's
  6. good item for the museum...post war perfect. i have to go to farols to look at a unimog next week perhaps i could get it then...
  7. I hope so...but even if no one shows I will enjoy it myself...and I plan to spend the next 20 years building the collection...I am independent of work these days so can now spend my hours writing up books and studying the cold war past present and future... its very very exciting at last...just saving up a few pennies now to buy a Phantom and Mig 21 for the museum...loads to do ready for the 1st May next year which is my target date...
  8. tony I am not known for giving up...and I am going to open my museum...
  9. okay good news two planning permissions accepted one lost but we have another go at that one with the museum application itself...but it means we could actually open the museum 28 days a year within the next few months but I am not going to do that I am going for the permission. its getting very exciting...
  10. Mike your a star I will try that, where is the thermal switch located...
  11. Hi Mike. Ok we don’t seem to have any problems with air oil or the csb lock and our temp gauge is working ok but the overheat light keeps coming on after a few minutes. The engine does not overheat but and the stop light simply never goes out. Are we right in thinking it’s connected to the temp sensor if the gauge still works but it keeps telling us it’s overheating. the stop light never goes off even before the overheat light comes on. Is the thermal switch you mention activated by the temp sensor or by its own sensor. Do you know where we can get this sensor from. Is it located in the dash or on the engine. Could we have two faults.
  12. so we have the stop light on and after 3 or four minutes driving the overheat light comes on...the system is fully cold thermostat has not yet opened... we have a tiny leak we are having real trouble with curing...but this fault has appeared after that leak stated a long time ago...] has anyone seen anything similar of have any idea what it might be, I am assuming we have a heater sensor and wonder if that goes open circuit the stop light engages, or is the stop light caused by something else, certainty she is reaching air pressure and there seems nothing wrong on that side of things... very annoying at the moment just before her MOT...
  13. i have to go today...are you about perhaps I could pop in and say hello..have sent PM with number
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