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  1. they seem to be supporting me so far...but I don't trust them one bit...
  2. Radar Truck ?

    The truck seems too young to be for a mobile radar as early radars were fixed arrays, and the mast looks like it is holding a platform for maybe the mounting of a camera. The body seems like it is coach built for the purpose which makes me think BBC...does the mast look like it can go up and down...which would point to BBC unlikely to be radar but it could have been a small domed radar type, used for early fire control or aircraft location systems...
  3. Please also watch out in case Building Regulations are needed, a point which is some times forgotten, also if like another one you may need licensing.

    Past and present life I am afraid

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    2. Surveyor




      my job is building control

    3. paulob1


      where are you...I need a building regs inspector?  up your street?

    4. Surveyor


      I can advise on an independent one, I work all over the place at the moment. If you want will contact him and explain the situation if you would like?

  4. okay the plans are basically done and the application should be submitted some time early next year...I am hopeful that in 12 months the museum will be open, I will be retired and be focused on doing my museum every day of the week.. I have a few friends who have offered to donate vehicle to the museum, that is brilliant, they get free storage i get another item to display, its a win win situation. Just got to get the building up first...and then dig in
  5. Fade is coming to visit

    SO get on your bike and hit the road to Bovington, even though I think its a tad boring, you can spend a day there if you really try, on the way back you visit the Naval Air museum at Yeovilton, good half day visit, perhaps take a lunch and make it a full day...then portsmouth, see notes below, and finally go to the Imperial war museum, in London, its really good at the moment. Spend a few days in london seeing the sights...then hit the road and head for the IMW other half at Duxford. easly a full day here... then its a nice ride across country to RAF Cosford, it is a fasinating place and I COULD SPEND AT least 2 days here, and well worth the trip just to see the TSR 2 and the BAC 188... If you do Portsmouth historic dockyard you will see the warrior, the Victory and the Mary rose, what is left of her, plus plenty of history and visit the workshops, all very interesting but not really more than a days visit pushing it and reading everything you can see... Can I add a word of warning, please be very careful if you have never driven a bike on the right side of the road, the LEFT before. On a bike you have no references and you will try to ride on the wrong side of the road the right all too easily when your not thinking for a split second and then its too late... Sign posts are placed differently in the UK, basic rights aof way are different and we have round abouts, you do not have right of way when turning right on red lights as you do when turning left on some red lights in the US. Drivers will not see you so do give them time to see you, always drive with your headlight on main beam, it may annoy people but at least they see you...you can filter through traffic but be very very careful, car drivers simply dont expect bikers and so consequently change lanes without a thought... you know you have to wear a helmet but I truly recommend full leathers. Beyond these museums thee are loads of other things to see and do all depends on your interests and the time you have... might even join you at some of the locations...
  6. Zil 131 for sale

    okay selling one of my zil 131's nice runner not road registered but thats easy enough for these things. very original except for the specialist cargo body we fitted. new lift pump the other one failed after a 25 mile journey...annoying. tyres are a bit tyred...sorry could not resist... still have the lovely V8 petrol engine so she can go into London without bother. 3 seater with most things important working. so you can drive her as is or do a bit more work to get here even more tidy. recent respray done just 3 weeks ago. looks really cool contact me for photos and more details...looking for 5000, very cheap at that price..
  7. the B81 went for larger pistons and volume, bigger jets, taking power from 160 in the B80 to 240 in the B81...and yes max revs 3750, if you go over you will throw a rod, not that I have ever done that gov'nor or not...I also heard that the transfer box bearings fail at 4000 rpm but no idea how true that story is... the output of the K60 is supposed to match the revs of the B81...
  8. we are gearing up to get our first of many planning application in...its a long slow process and to be honest a little daunting because on the whim of a few people, with no vivion it could all end here...well until I find another place, its just that this place is so perfect...
  9. Yes a good sensible article. However it will go a little bit differently to that described. Cars can now do upto 500 miles on a single charge...there is no technical reason why not...as battery tech improves and it will, in the next ten years all of the options under consideration triple or quadruple battery density...so 1500 to 2000 mile ranges, even if they just double the density then we will see cars doing 1000 miles range. if you charge at home how often do you travel 1000 miles away from home or work. not often I would say... I have three electric cars...and a diesel car...(and a load more but thats not the point here ) the twizy does no more than 50 miles range, i never charged it anywhere but at home and work...work was 20 miles away...i used it to go to and from work. now sold... the zoe 1 does upto 100 miles we have only ever charged it three or four times away from home when we rather excitedly tried to go big distances in it...it works but it takes too long so is impractical for anything other than short range upto 50 miles journeys. Zoe 2 has upto 250 mile range and the real world range is 200 miles...We have traveled to the lake district 360 miles and to Lancashire 300 miles and charged just the once on the way. that is workable... My friend has a Tesla, he has just driven to Amsterdam one way 400 miles with no charge needed on the way. He can charge his Tesla with 80% of the range in about an hour... It is possible to drive long distances without the need for using the public chargers... so the number of charging stations isn't that important, charging at home and work is likely to be the more important issues initially. However as I say above if we had a car with 1000 mile range, I have just come back from Amsterdam, 750 miles round trip...if I hasd used my current electric, no matter how many charging stations there were, with just 200 mile range it would have been impractical, but if the car has 1000 mile range then bingo its easy... in all honesty driving more than 400 or 500 miles in a day isn't very common so once we have longer range cars charge points will almost be irrelevant... i know we will hear about people living in blocks of flats and all that but that's again just a process, if you have a parking space you can have a charge point, it will just take a bit of time to do this for the people without garages or car parking at their home... the reality is that they are coming and nothing anyone says is going to change it. be excited it is really cool and really cheap too if you get solar panels and charge it with them, it costs nothing to run ....
  10. Italy to ban all Nazi symbols

    fully agree, total pointless interfering hogwash...the government are making it a symbol of today again...they are typical of the idiocy of those who come into government today, they have petty pointless ideas that really mean little or nothing to real people...
  11. chieftain AVRE

    what are the flat panels on the top for?
  12. Berlin Brigade Challengers

    Military ambulances would be covered I giuess, as they are not weapons of war but are aid vehicles or whatever they call them, and so are allowed to use the red cross, ie don't shoot me I am here to save people...
  13. I have three full electric vehicles. they are the future its just fact...
  14. chieftain, is it multifuel.

    yes I keep them all mixed well with diesel so they never run on neat petrol...
  15. chieftain, is it multifuel.

    agree that john, we have a spare engine or two but this is the later engine which was not so bad reliability wise...but we will do our best to keep her running...