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  1. its very true Andy but I do feel that if your face fits you get it if it doesn't you don't. its a complete farce and the government should change the system, there is no independent adjudication and they the idiotic kids who get into planning think they are gods...and ineffect they are when it comes to your own home, they control what you can and cant do and its on their say so,,,its ridiculous...he can simply muck me about for months, as he has before, he knows an appeal will take 8 months to complete...he is a complete time waste of space and a joke. How he sleeps at night with everyone hating him I have no idea..
  2. We are close to a decision, the museum is coming to its first hurdle, the planning officer is trying to make sure I can not open the museum now or ever but we have him and he knows it. I will be able to open the museum 28 days a year, but to be honest that is not what I want, they will just be hulks sitting in the field with non of the exhibition material or videos or library or cafe or kiddy play areas, or anything that I wanted to introduce to make it a very special occasion...I am not that interested in opening a mediocre museum...I want this museum to be special...I am however looking at Florida as a possible new location, it will cost me a fortune but I can open the museum with little or no problems and not have to put up with the idiocy of a young lad who treats planning decisions as his personal right to screw people about if he doesn't like them...he is basically sitting on another application because we will not do what he wants by changing the details so he is refusing to agree it, effectively blackmailing us into accepting a reduction in site boundary so he can reduce the area I can store my goods already agreed in a previous planning application...but we are wise to his plans and we have refused so he is sitting on the application and refusing to determine it. we will have to go to appeal which will take 8 months ...it does not bode well for the museum application itself if he is going to these lengths to try and blackmail us into changing a basic planning application for a rebuilding of an existing barn...its ludicrous and there is very little anyone can do about it, the power that planners wield is immense...
  3. if you use a commercial firm it will cost significant amounts of cash, to do it I need a number of volunteers and a number of knowledgeable paid staff and some of my own team.....but transport costs will always be big crane hire a pain but all in all not too bad...
  4. I am not known for giving up once I am on a project...
  5. its completely bereft of anything only trouble...it has been stripped bare inside...
  6. this is a nice plane to have at the museum. moving it must be a bigger task than the Victor...
  7. I am looking at it, initial inspection done full survey next but to be fair its not in bad condition at all...the real issue is the planning department is doing everything it can to stop me doing the museum and whilst opening 28 days a year is possible its a bit of a pain. I can store it at my place but it will never move again if it comes to me.
  8. So we have had some more good news, the plane was stripped and wings off when they took it to marham, this means it has been apart at some stage and it looks like we are going to get some pictures of it apart, this will help immensely, it also looks like the plane has had sand bags placed in the hull not concrete so this too will make life a good deal easier...on this trip we will inspect the jacking points and other such structural features...if the jacking points are gone then we have our first major hurdle...
  9. I m off to see the handley Page Victor on monday the 9th...I am hopeful, it is ideal for the iron curtain museum and that we can win the bid..not sure of timescales as of yet but likely we need to spend a few weeks really assessing what can and cannot be removed...I am concerned about the tons of concrete in its body, there to hold it down I understand but I really don't need to be transporting a few tons of concrete if I dont have to...we may have no choice...unladen dry she weights about 40 tons...as she is I have no idea, the engines and gubbins are 10 tons and they are not there, the interior has been stripped out of must things of value I am assuming another 10 tons of equipment...so the plane is likely to be around 30 tons as is plus the concrete...of that we have no idea...very excited
  10. my estimate is 1.5 tons per set...all collected now so no panic...
  11. question is in the heading...anyone know how much they weigh...
  12. good idea, we have teamed up with the Royalsignals museum and are hoping the REME museum may support us if I can get to them at some stage...
  13. Just checked on MLU and the gentleman Chris Abraham works just down the road from you and might pop up to see you but if you give me your email address I will pass it on if you like.



  14. Jon I tried to join that site and I seem to be in some sort of stupid loop and it wont let me in... yes it would be a great idea...could you mention to someone I am trying to log in and cannot register
  15. I am not saint but if I ever did that I would never sleep for the rest of my life.....I cannot believe such things happen, even though a 106 agreement is basically a legal form of bribery...
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