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  1. I read with joy of the museum in America opening up and then thought about my own collection, we have well over 100 vehicles, mostly singles some doubles and a few more than that as spares. but along with all the other items I have close to 500 artefacts that will be on display...and that is not all of it...we want to start documenting it all...Debs our new admin lady is about to start...
  2. good luck indeed, but with 140,000 square feet of covered space at least he has the room..
  3. so we have very limited scope for the 28 day opening so it will have to be a private ticket only event..watch this space we are getting something even if its getting less and less by the minute...this country is screwed up, has no respect for history and is run by idiots with no vision, totally prejudiced and would not hold up a job in the real world for more than five minutes...planning is a made up world of complexities with the sole purpose of extracting more and more money out of individuals to feed the ever growing pension burden of the council staff...
  4. the bods in the council will just have to lump it now...I am going to open...I am just getting a planning officer to make sure it is all legal and we will be away... Paul
  5. thinking about it is not a bad choice, it will give me chance to learn how to run a museum, it will give me experience of running a public event and facility, it will teach me how and what people want from the museum, it will give me time to get it right, or at least improve it...the first pass will be a bit of a learning curve so in the beginning it may be the best idea...I may actually hate doing the museum...who knows...so this was I save myself a bit of money, get something i want partially and then if it goes to plan something even better later...
  6. so the plan was to reapply for the museum and try to change the councils planning departments mind. We think that is highly unlikely and will cost another £15,000 pounds, plus for yet another refusal. So I have decided to drop all the planning work. I can open 28 days a year and that is what I will do...it wont be the place I want and the visual impact of loads of tanks plane trucks and other stuff dotted about by them will be far greater than the visual impact of the building I was planning so hopefully in a couple of years when we reapply we will have proven the need, proven the demand, proven the sustainability and then with a nice new building we can tidy up the site to make it much more amenable in the rural area...if not then it just caries on as is...
  7. 1st May 2021, this will be the museums opening weekend. Watch this space for details and the facebook page #theironcurtainmuseum
  8. currently my life is a rush and I am dropping the ball a lot, did a quiz too quickly and got it wrong, never get them wrong...just too distracted with so many things going on but yes tony I will go with your answer...
  9. Brilliant pictures re wolfgang...love the chieftain alongside...I am looking for copies of peoples memorabilia of BAOR. If anyone has photos and can copy it or me..
  10. yes Agree...its the only way forward at the moment. Once the museum is established hopefully we will see a softening of this rather pathetic attitude...
  11. you are not far from the truth here...the people who live in Beech are exactly those kinds of people, not here but happy for it to be somewhere else...the local MP wont even talk to me, wont meet me and wont engage at any level...it just shows how prejudice overpowers many of those in positions of authority... Naafi van is exactly the way I plan to go, it wont be on anywhere near the scale I wanted it to me and it will be weather dependant but the museum will now open...but there is a lot more fighting to go on with...
  12. Dont worry guys, this was expected, i have all the reasons now to address them and will put in a followup application addressing all the points and this is free of charge. I will also start the appeal. I will also be opening 28 days a year on the 1st May 2021 so its all going to happen...not quite how I wanted it to be but it will be a load of items in a field and a few containers and tents...bit of a mess but it is going to open...May bank holiday will be the official opening of the museum...i just hope as many of you can attend as possible...
  13. its very true Andy but I do feel that if your face fits you get it if it doesn't you don't. its a complete farce and the government should change the system, there is no independent adjudication and they the idiotic kids who get into planning think they are gods...and ineffect they are when it comes to your own home, they control what you can and cant do and its on their say so,,,its ridiculous...he can simply muck me about for months, as he has before, he knows an appeal will take 8 months to complete...he is a complete time waste of space and a joke. How he sleeps at night with everyone hating him I have no idea..
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