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  1. Making my first visit on Saturday - if these photos are indicative of the effort put into the show by the organisers...it will be a great day.
  2. I read it today and wondered if I went to the same event as the author. I know the magazine has to make the best of it....but need to retain credibility too
  3. I am considering selling my C60s Wrecker. Owned it for 5 years. Lots of history, new clutch. Lots more photos. Located in Surrey.
  4. Went yesterday. Took no vehicles again this year. No one can control the weather, but many traders packing up by lunchtime. Even the one of the largest living history displays was being dismantled at 2pm. For anyone who has seen the show change, all appeared very "flat". Did enough public pay to see the "spectacle" to keep it going?
  5. Very good. Great to see another Water trailer restored. One of only a handful in the world (that we know of!)
  6. Worth a look: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WW2-British-Dashwood-20cwt-1-ton-GS-trailer-for-restoration-Military-Vehicle-QL/233256271219?hash=item364f283d73:g:KPEAAOSwsExcXZIS
  7. Hi Pete, I have this original Sept 1943 Chrysler Corporation of Canada "Operating and Spare Parts Manual 200 Gal. Water Tank Mounted on Dodge T222 4x2 Chassis". Do you have one? If you are interested please pm me.
  8. Valve spring compressor, with range of heads for different sized valves
  9. Anthony, I've already given you a copy of the original EMER for the Trailer,@-Wheeled, Lightweight, Type "Electrical Repair" which lists all the major and minor pieces of kit. It included Grinding Wheel dressers, three types of "Extractors" (Pullers) and right down to the number and size of twist drills carried. Do you need another copy?
  10. Looks good. Very few of these in the world...and two reside within a couple of miles of each other!
  11. until

    We'll be there with selection of Canadian WWII vehicles. Best MV show in the Sussex/Kent....by far
  12. I'll enjoy watching this restoration. This superb Dodge was at the Dieppe commemorations last summer
  13. Go on Richard...wouldn't that look good on your truck! Imagine the comments .....until you prove it is a real period cam scheme
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