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  1. armouredfarmer

    AEC Matador parts

    I'm trying to gauge the availability/cost of some Matador spares, specifically Front wheel bake cylinders, Radiator and cowl/grill, Dynamo, Transferbox control levers and mountings, Compressor, Regulator/control box, Front prop shaft, Any help wouold be greatly appreciated PT
  2. armouredfarmer

    Austin K9 engine I.D.

    According to the workshop manual, Austin high speed truck, series II. If you have the the workshop manual the details are on page 9. If you want to look at my copy contact me. PT.
  3. armouredfarmer

    What is this off - Cover assembly brake lever

    From the Austin K9 parts list, 8F AN 1119 - Cover assembley - Brake lever.
  4. armouredfarmer

    RAF Leyland workshop lorry

    I did some work on the workshop body at Duxford some years ago and was told then that it was originally a railway wagon body that had been re-purposed at the time, I'm not sure of the veracity of this though. PT
  5. armouredfarmer

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Thanks Richard
  6. armouredfarmer

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    What number locktite was it Richard, sounds like a useful thing to have in the toolbox.
  7. armouredfarmer

    1942 Ford Jeep

    Saw this in the flesh, nice and straight but nothing special, hugely overpriced IMO PT
  8. armouredfarmer

    Loyd TS&C T69261

    I have this Swittch board charging No 1 if its of any interest, missing the two regulators though. PT
  9. armouredfarmer

    WS 19 Battery size

    Glad to hear its up and running, well done. Officially two 6v batteries with a capacity of between 85 -170 Ah, I run mine from a single 12v 85Ah leisure battery. For a mains power supply I use a 240 -12v caravan transformer, dont be tempted to use a Switch mode PSU as these will trip out on overcurrent when the rotary transfomers start up. PT
  10. armouredfarmer

    Lwt Fuel Pipe in the Fuel Tank

    Both the fuel pick-up tubes on my lightweight have the gauze filters, never had a problem with them blocking up. PT
  11. armouredfarmer

    K9 tyre pressure

    Copy of the Service schedule for all those who are interested. K9 service schedule.pdf
  12. armouredfarmer

    Valve case

    For a WS62 if memory serves me correctly. PT
  13. armouredfarmer

    K9 tyre pressure

    yes Mine was on 60 front and rear, and largely unloaded when I got it, the ride did improve when I changed the pressures but the steering got a little heavier...
  14. armouredfarmer

    K9 tyre pressure

    Well the official answer is, it depends on what version and how much you are carrying. there are 5 different tyre pressures given in the servicing schedule. A - 35psi front and rear for road, 35psi front and rear off road. B - 35 front 45 rear for road, 35 front and rear off road. C - 35 front 50 rear for road, 35 front 40 rear off road. D - 35 front 55 rear for road, 35 front 45 rear off road. E - 35 front 70 rear for road, 35 front 55 rear off road. The schedule lists 29 different versions of K9 to which the five different type pressure code apply. Common ones are Truck, G.S., 1 Ton 4x4 Austin K9 A Truck, G.S., F.F.R. 1 Ton 4x4 Austin K9, Mk 2 A Radio station, Truck mounted, 1 Ton 4x4 Austin K9 Mk2 A Radio station, Truck mounted, SRC42/C45HP, 1 Ton 4x4 Austin K9 D Radio station, Truck mounted, SRD11/R234, 1 Ton 4x4 Austin K9 C Truck, Tanker, Water, 1 ton, 200 gal., Austin K9 B I have a C42 and a WS19 fitted in mine and a lot of other kit gets carried in the back as well going to shows so I run on code D, seems to work ok. PT
  15. I have a mounting plate, removed from a WS19 variometer, that is surplus to requirements should anybody want it. The plate is flat, 6 1/2 x 4 inches, and it is stamped with the No. FV55646. The FV no. and the fact it is painted silver suggest to me that it is a mounting adaptor plate for a post war armoured vehicle. PT