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  1. I suspect that in this instance the fault, if any, lies not so much with the highway code as the design of the road layout. Many of these mini roundabouts are squeezed into the space ocupied by the original junction and the small size often makes it extreemly difficult for drivers to decide exactly who has presedence. There are a couple of roundabouts I encounter on a regular basis where traffic grinds to a halt because no-one can decide who should go first.
  2. Ferretfixer, thanks thats absolutely what I needed to know. I knew you guys could answer any question....
  3. I need to fit a replica .50 cal to a spring ballanced AA mount, to that end does anyone know the weight and approx center of gravity of a real one please? Thanks PT
  4. hi could you please let me know the approx dimensions and what sort of cost you were thinking of? Ta PT
  5. Cable ties direct. Aluminium buckle ties
  6. I'm trying to gauge the availability/cost of some Matador spares, specifically Front wheel bake cylinders, Radiator and cowl/grill, Dynamo, Transferbox control levers and mountings, Compressor, Regulator/control box, Front prop shaft, Any help wouold be greatly appreciated PT
  7. According to the workshop manual, Austin high speed truck, series II. If you have the the workshop manual the details are on page 9. If you want to look at my copy contact me. PT.
  8. From the Austin K9 parts list, 8F AN 1119 - Cover assembley - Brake lever.
  9. I did some work on the workshop body at Duxford some years ago and was told then that it was originally a railway wagon body that had been re-purposed at the time, I'm not sure of the veracity of this though. PT
  10. What number locktite was it Richard, sounds like a useful thing to have in the toolbox.
  11. Saw this in the flesh, nice and straight but nothing special, hugely overpriced IMO PT
  12. I have this Swittch board charging No 1 if its of any interest, missing the two regulators though. PT
  13. Glad to hear its up and running, well done. Officially two 6v batteries with a capacity of between 85 -170 Ah, I run mine from a single 12v 85Ah leisure battery. For a mains power supply I use a 240 -12v caravan transformer, dont be tempted to use a Switch mode PSU as these will trip out on overcurrent when the rotary transfomers start up. PT
  14. Both the fuel pick-up tubes on my lightweight have the gauze filters, never had a problem with them blocking up. PT
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