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  1. Swivel or tyres. Tyres will get a flat spot if the truck has been standing a long time. Over inflate and test again...
  2. New scammer, same thing 'if you still need the part I still have it' franksparesltd@gmail.com ...feel free to spam this one or any of the others back!
  3. Update: A new scammer.... here is the typical reply to the wanted ad - all fake! Jim Romero <jimsautomotiveltd@gmail.com> Hello, I am emailing with respect to your advert. Please let me know if you are still in need of the above and I'll get back to you. What's your phone #? Many thanks, Jims Vintage Auto Shop Jims Romero Huntsville, AL 35810 USA. All a scam. I just hope nobody gets caught out!
  4. Just had another email same as the first two: jimsautomotiveltd@gmail.com What a bunch of losers
  5. Just an update. The US bank have identified the 'scam artist' as they call him from the person whose account he had been using and US Law Enforcement are going to monitor him and act. A good result
  6. His name was John Homles. homlesjohn72@gmail.com Bank name: red stone Account name: Karen Romero Account number: 51004757301 Routing number: 262275835 Bank address:3501 memorial pkwy nw, Huntsville, Al 35810 The other one was from: steve.baileyspares@gmail.com Same scam same day
  7. This happens a lot, it just shows you can't be too careful. The thing I have always done is go 'technical' I had one of the NZ Oil and Gas ones last year and strung him along with faults in the jeep I had for sale, like 'I'm being honest in saying it has an issue with the heat exchanger the air conditioning light shows a defective disconbobulator' the reply was just a 'no problem' with repeated purchase instructions for him to pay by escrow. They really are just Scum
  8. Having placed a wanted ad for a Willys engine I received two replies on Friday both from 'Texas' asking if I was still looking as they had engines. One went quiet when I asked for photos, the second I have strung along asking if the jeep engine had two cam covers, a front distributor and a chamfered inlet (whatever that is!) and he replied each time YES and repeatedly asked for a bank transfer and 'would ship straight away'. The second one also sent a plausible description of the engine which I found was lifted from a 2010 ad on HMVF. So no one gets conned in the future make sure the seller has the item, as neither of these two had, and try asking strange technical questions and when they reply yes to anything they are SCAMMERS. It is clear this forum is watched and used by these fraudsters. So, 'John' and 'Steve' **** off you miserable b*****rds Mods please put this post where it will get maximum attention Thanks
  9. I'm looking for an MB engine pre MB105000 to go with the age of the jeep. Anything considered and very good price paid. Even just a block would be fine.
  10. I think you are right on the paint- its was a very thorough professional job and got into every corner so that means it was to a specification and supervised. On thebasis the Rootes work was a rebuild/overhaul (we don't know to what extent- but enough to put a plate on!) thet must have been painted then. I think your finding the blue over green etc is conclusive that it was post war, not a bare metal job but top spec. That also accounts as one reason for why some (Norway etc) Dodges are so rust free- they have the extra paint protection. The blue paint is behind the Rootes plate and so on the basis they were unlikely to have been painted blue between 1945 and 1955 it must have been doneby Rootes. That's a theory- but does anyone have a Norwegian etc Dodge or one with a Rootes plate that is NOT blue??? - that would test it. Apart from questions why blue? ( I have a mate who says that no Allied nations weren't allowed any camouflage colours after the war), there's the question what level of rebuild, and also where did they come from ie as distinct from those that ended up in France as fire tenders etc - or were they also Rootes but painted red and used more??? We need a Rootes worker!!!! Or a historian. It wasn't that long ago so someone will know.
  11. Very interesting. Is the plate 1953 or 5?. Could you put a photo up? I wonder if anyone has the definitive list of where vehicles went- I am certainly aware of ww2 jeeps being 'released from the Greek reserve' in the early 90's. As regards the blue- it doesnt appear to be over green, if it is its well done! It seems to be a feature of a number of Dodges as well as various used parts for sale- its as if it was the original colour on a lot of Dodges??
  12. Thats what I think its boiling down to...the Dodges seem to be in similar good condition too, so the rebuild was probably a full one and the trucks then put into store in Norway- mine has done very little mileage since- in 1995 it was 3000 miles. The other local Rootes Dodge has a later left rear side with larger fuel filler, pressed hooks etc so maybe they sustained damage in WW2. I wonder what the criteria was for bringing them back, rebuilding and sending to Norway. I will look into the Rootes archive suggested by Melchy. Does anyone know where and when they were sold by Norway?? What level of rebuild would be likely? Both mine and the local one have the dark blue paint left in places. Whats that all about?? More questions - sorry!! Al
  13. Degsy - Funny old thing the English language!!! Thanks
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