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  1. My 1942 Fordson RCAF tractor is blue . There was no other color on it from new , sorry guys NO green ,NO brown . I saw a picture of the bomb trolley it pulled and it was blue also . George
  2. I am in the process of getting a bomb Trolly for my 1942 RAF Fordson tractor .Does anyone have a manual that I could get pictures from ,or trolly parts .Any help is much appreciated .George
  3. I could find you one .here in western Canada as a last resort .I need the bumper for my M2A1 nd pto .I don't want to sound rude ,but I couldn't think of what a toulson would be .Most of the winches were Braden ,Garwood and Tulsa . My son is working in Tulsa Oklahoma USA in the oil patch .I think that is where the name came from .The winch is rated at 10,000 lbs George
  4. I have been around heavy hauling most of my life and have been a big collecter . In Canada you won't see many big things from the war . After the war they were too big to ship back so you lucky collecters have them now to play with .I have two DT969"s I am parting one out .I gave my friend the cab to put on his DT 981 , the onlyone I know in Canada that can be restored .The other one is now a tri axel with different horspower . My DT's ,one has the Diamond T emblem on the rad and the other doesn't . The one I am parting out moved buildings in Edmonton till it was wor out . The one I am restoring has a five window cab that the Ca army put on them .and has 19000 miles on it . When I was a young fellow dad bought a 3 ton DT and we hauld elcolyte ( in 45 gallon barrels ) to mix with Normanwells NWT crude oil , 1000 miles one way for the air planes in Northern Canada and Alaska ect: My last job in the north was with the icroad truckers, _60 C
  5. I was offered one like this with a good cab .no engine .There is a 220 Cummins to go with it . which may be the way to go .considering the fuel milage. My Diamond T wrecker gets 3 miles to the gallon .I have the original manuals for this truck if you need any information about it . This one here was in the airforce and doesn't have front wheel drive or a winch .You sure have done a great job on yours .George Also this truck has 24" single tires all around
  6. I have two Diamond Ts One is a DT969 complete with Holmes 45 wrecker the other one is being strip for parts .The cab was removed to go on a DT980
  7. The canadian Army put these cabs on the DT 969s for winter work .The tops were made from aluminum so they wern't very bullet proof There is a window in the center of the back that was cut out for visability ,not original . The corner windows had plexiglas in them This is the only one left now as there was one at Vancouver that now has a canvas roof
  8. This 1942 tractor was brought to Canada after the war from the UK where it worked with the bombers .I have just painted it the original color .Gray blue George
  9. I have a RAF Fordson N 1942 Have not seen another like it . The only DT 969 wrecker with the Canadian cab and others . I was in Fredericton last year Give me a buz George
  10. Thanks for the welcome . I am not one to do much wrighting on the computer .and seem to be too busy all the time .My collection was collected in the area with the exception of the RAF Fordson .It was bought at an auction sale 300 miles from here .A fellow by the name of Stan Kick brought it to Canada after the war .In Alberta most of us know the postwar history of our vehicles .The military collecting is most interesting and does attract alot of attention George
  11. I live in Alberta Ca and have a DT969 that was on the Alaska hiway under Western Comand .It has a five window cab built by Canadians .To my knowlage it is the only one left with a cab that is original like it in Canada . The manual says 38 mile per hour and three miles to a gallon .
  12. I live in Western Canada ,.So my collection is 1941=3 Canadian vehicles .I bought a 42WLC at a auction a couple of years ago .It sold in $1000 bids .I have just about got it restored and am glad to be done with this one as the prices are out of this world .More so for the Canadian byce as there is fewer of them .Only 270 we left in Canada .I see WLAs sell as WLCs because the WLCs brings more money .The clamps for the tire pump sold for $416 US .No recession there . The Canadian soldiers like the Brithish motorcycle best as they were easier to handle . George
  13. Thanks for the welcome guys . Here is a little history .Back in the 16 th century three Catholic girls were chased out ot Northern Irland to Scotland where the oldess one married a Protesant Mckenzie,she died and he married the second one .Things didn't work out so he took the third one and went to Canada .They came to southern Ontario in 1754 where my dad grew up .than he went to western Canada to make his fourtune .So that's where I live .Now being interested in old things I became the biggest collecter in the region .As a youg boy we never saw a military vehicle during the war till they built the Alaska hiway and rarely have seen any since .There is about 200 military vehiles in Alberta owned by collecters .Most of the things have been found but ever so often something shows up My WLC was in a chicken coop for 50 years before I bought it .The military collecting is very active here to the point that one can hardly afford Geooge
  14. I started to collect things when I was a young fellow .The frist thing I collected was a 1928 Ford car from the original owner ,I still have it . I collected 350 farm machines which I put in a museum .I collected cars .Tractors heavy equiptment .Now I'm collecting MiLitary things .I only collect things that have a uinque history or one of a kind . I have a working modle of the first anphibous army tank that was used for a patent in 1917.I have the only RCAF1942 Fordson N left that hauled bombs and feul to the Lancasters and Hellifaxes .I have the only Diamond T wrecker with the five window Canadian cab left .Plus 11 other military vehicles .The more you collect the more you collect special things . The last thing I bought was a 1942 WLC and I told my wife that is the last thing I am going to buy .That was over a year ago so I am doing pretty good so far george
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