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  1. Hi I just bought a welder/cutter just like this one. Iv been looking for any info on it and haven't found any I came across this tread to see one not as complete as mine but the only information I know is that the person I bought if from said "a friend of mine rang me up and said he had a welder/cutter and was it any use and he took yeah I will have it" also his mate worked at the research & department group at Scammell and that's were it come from. Here are some pictures of mine .
  2. shawn

    What MV do you own?

    Scammell explorer mk2 & a Scammell constructor tractor unit
  3. Hi I would like to know if any one knows what type of wood that was originally used for the rear boxes as the wood on my explorer has started to get a little rotten and needs replacing. Thanks shawn
  4. Hi thought It would be good to post it on here as most of you know a thing on two about explorer and there wicked ways so does any one know what type of wood was originally used for the rear boxes as I need to replace some of the wood as half of its rotten and some of its can be reused hope someone can answer my question. Thanks shawn
  5. After a good day playing around we cleaned the front of the truck and had her running. But we have a problem with the parking brake it has a air leak on the unit it's self but don't know why ???? But we did not get round to cleaning the back of the truck today because we needed some lunch.
  6. Hi everyone..Here are 3 pictures Of my constructor i have not seen her for a number of years due to other projects / issues ,so this is what she looks like now and I hope to to bring her home in the near future. Earlier in the thread my friend John did mention that I owned the constructor he was right I have owned it for many years now approximate 14. She was in excellent condition but the last few years in storage have taken its toll on her being outside.
  7. hi everybody i have managed to get a little further with the meadows pump system, but i have another problem. The alternator drive coupling , which is about 5 inches long ,vulcanized rubber at both ends , one of the ends which is vulcanized to the shaft has perished . I was just wondering does anyone know where i could get a replacement ? it was on the meadows petrol engine before i did the conversion to diesel. i dont think im able to take a picture, but when the rain stops i will try and see if i can get to it and take a pic. any help/suggestions gratefully recieved thanks shawn
  8. Hi Nickit is a little difficult for me to send e-mails I have specialise software which enables me to send e-mails and other software which enables me to read so that's why I don't do many e-mails . I will talk to you on the phone, we'll send you a private e-mail with my telephone number on.shawn
  9. Hi Nickthought you might like that , I know a little more about your scammell your conversion was gone before mine I remember it now. Spoke to the bloke who did it a couple of times if I remember right it then went into museum he got something else not sure what, he had problems with his pomp. I think that my friend John helped him with the pump problem. Speak to you soons shawn
  10. hi to everyone, i am back from angelsey and have taken some photos of my scammell explorer and her conversion for anyone that is interested.. pic 1 my explorer pic 2 & 3 fuel pump pic 4 conversion pipe pic 5 brass plate on side of pump shawn
  11. thank you for the address of the Anglesey Scammell we will try to find it tomorrow. I am just hoping the other half allows me to do this tomorrow, she's already seen one Scammell today so I will keep you posted thanks shawn
  12. thank you for letting me come and see your scammell today. I will check my fuel pump when I get home, it was extremely interesting seeing the difference between your pump and my pump. It seems like a better idea the system which is on your Scammell I wish mine was just as easy. Anyway we will get to the bottom of this I'm sure thank you for your help today. Once again thanks very much shawn.
  13. yes would love to, ive asked my other half's permission lol hope you dont mind it could be a bit of a family thing( 2 boys), we got friends that have just arrived on a camp site in porthmadog and will visit them as well. drop me a private message with address and post code, we got the satnav with us , and let us know what part of the day is best , i presume you work .. cheers shawn
  14. hi everyone im in angelsey and just had a message where the scammell on angelsey may be, but we dont know exactley where it is ??? " There is an RAF Constructor at a farm on the southeast corner of Anglessey - farmer's name is Jones but I cannot remember the name of the farm, it is right on the beach only 1/2 mile or so from the s.e. coastal point. It is the ex TRS unit from Porth, steel body cut at back to accomodate ex Explorer wooden lockers." can anyone help any further ? we are leaving on saturday this week and hope to try and find it , we drove around angelsey last friday looking for the bloody thing !!!!!!!!!!!!! cheers shawn
  15. hi mike yes i remember some kind of deal on ebay, was it a manual that you copied ? my original question still stands !!!! have you got a S26 ?? does my memeory serve me right have you got/had a crusader ? did you connect me via the griffin trust scammell.( the bloody gear box nearly killed me on that, the bearings were siezed)then put a meadows into it , but due to illness i havnt played for a number of years .Im just trying to sort myself out to start playing again . cheers shawn
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